amateurgolf.com 2012 California Mid-Am Master & Sr.
May 05 - 06 2012
Stevinson, CA


Tournament Overview


Tournament Information: A 36-hole stroke play championship with three divisions.

Players aged 25-39 play in the Mid-Amateur Division.

Players aged 40 to 54 play in the Master Division (they may still compete for 150 NCGA points and the overall mid-Amateur Championship with the 25+ year olds)

Players age 55 and over may compete in the 150 Point Senior Division. (not eligible for other competitions, as a different set of tees will be utilized) NCGA Points and Senior Points Event- part of the amateurgolf.com Tournament Series.

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Format: Stroke Play
Categories: Men, Men Senior
Regions: Northern California, Southern California


Stevinson Ranch Golf Club Stevinson Ranch Golf Club
2700 Van Clief Rd
Stevinson, CA  95374-9619
phone: (209) 664-6450 or (877) 752-9276
url: www.stevinsonranch.com

Tournament News

17571146Matt CohnSan Francisco, CA
27775152Adam PetrocelliPacific Grove, CA
27775152Ricky StocktonSalinas, CA
47779156Joe PechotaFresno, CA
48274156John SawinPebble Beach, CA
68474158patrick burdaModesto, CA
78179160Sean BarrettSan Francisco, CA
77981160Stan MorrisonSan Francisco, CA
78278160Vincent VenardRancho Codova, CA
77882160Bret WagarMorgan Hill, CA
118481165Jerry JohnsonKlamath Falls, OR
128989178G Preston ComeySan Francisco, CA
13wdwdChris GoinAlameda, CA
1379wdwdBarry LogarFairfield, CA
13wdwdAdrian Younglakewood, CA
17279151Randy HaagOrinda, CA
28274156Steve DonnellySalinas, CA
38574159Todd BarsottiFresno, CA
37881159Tal TartagliaReedley, CA
58179160Brian SwensonDublin, CA
68675161Hank McCuskerMendocino, CA
78083163David LaRosaOakland, CA
78182163Mark Mancewhitefish, MT
98584169Paul RiceRedlands, CA
109682178Chris MateoMountain View, CA
1110184185Shu MasudaRocklin, CA
119392185Timothy YagerSan Jose, CA
1397wdwdEvan GewirtzPleasanton , CA
13wdwdTroy LaughlinPlacentia, CA
1393wdwdEric ThorsonLong Beach, CA
Senior Championship
17771148Casey BoynsMonterey, CA
27477151Jim KnollSunnyvale, CA
37874152Terry ForemanBrentwood, CA
48077157Herb JensenCarmichael , CA
48275157Peter MorenDanville, CA
68277159Mark MillerBrentwood, CA
78476160Charles RichesinLodi, CA
88181162Ron JohnsonWalnut Creek, CA
88676162Tony McBroomStockton, CA
88181162Dave StoneDanville, CA
88379162Ben WhippleMarietta, SC
128083163Greg FutchSebastopol, CA
137985164Scott AndersonDanville, CA
138975164Doug JohnsonFresno, CA
158987176John SeedSea Ranch, CA
1697wdwdJeff BurdaModesto, CA
16wdwdPaul SharpDanville, CA
18074154Korsen YuSan jose, CA
27977156Scott CarelliMenlo Park, CA
38578163Lyle CovinoBrisbane, CA
48679165Les DunstonFoster City, CA
58484168Tony SumidaTemple City, CA
69286178Al RichardsonNewark, CA
79688184Dorothy DonnellySalinas, CA
887wdwdJeff WangBurlingame, CA

Pairings for Round 2 on Saturday May 5 follow.

Tee #1 08:00 AM
Doug JohnsonFresno, CASenior Championship
Peter MorenDanville, CASenior Championship
John SeedSea Ranch, CASenior Championship
Tee #1 08:10 AM
Tony McBroomStockton, CASenior Championship
Mark MillerBrentwood, CASenior Championship
Charles RichesinLodi, CASenior Championship
Ben WhippleMarietta, SCSenior Championship
Tee #1 08:20 AM
Greg FutchSebastopol, CASenior Championship
Herb JensenCarmichael , CASenior Championship
Ron JohnsonWalnut Creek, CASenior Championship
Dave StoneDanville, CASenior Championship
Tee #1 08:30 AM
Scott AndersonDanville, CASenior Championship
Casey BoynsMonterey, CASenior Championship
Terry ForemanBrentwood, CASenior Championship
Jim KnollSunnyvale, CASenior Championship
Tee #1 08:40 AM
Dorothy DonnellySalinas, CANet
Les DunstonFoster City, CANet
Al RichardsonNewark, CANet
Tee #1 08:50 AM
Scott CarelliMenlo Park, CANet
Lyle CovinoBrisbane, CANet
Tony SumidaTemple City, CANet
Korsen YuSan jose, CANet
Tee #1 09:00 AM
Chris MateoMountain View, CAMid-Master
Tee #1 09:10 AM
G Preston ComeySan Francisco, CAMid-Amateur
Hank McCuskerMendocino, CAMid-Master
Paul RiceRedlands, CAMid-Master
Timothy YagerSan Jose, CAMid-Master
Tee #1 09:20 AM
Todd BarsottiFresno, CAMid-Master
patrick burdaModesto, CAMid-Amateur
Steve DonnellySalinas, CAMid-Master
Jerry JohnsonKlamath Falls, ORMid-Amateur
Tee #1 09:30 AM
Mark Mancewhitefish, MTMid-Master
John SawinPebble Beach, CAMid-Amateur
Brian SwensonDublin, CAMid-Master
Vincent VenardRancho Codova, CAMid-Amateur
Tee #1 09:40 AM
Sean BarrettSan Francisco, CAMid-Amateur
David LaRosaOakland, CAMid-Master
Stan MorrisonSan Francisco, CAMid-Amateur
Tee #1 09:50 AM
Joe PechotaFresno, CAMid-Amateur
Ricky StocktonSalinas, CAMid-Amateur
Tal TartagliaReedley, CAMid-Master
Bret WagarMorgan Hill, CAMid-Amateur
Tee #1 10:00 AM
Matt CohnSan Francisco, CAMid-Amateur
Randy HaagOrinda, CAMid-Master
Adam PetrocelliPacific Grove, CAMid-Amateur

Sean BarrettSan Francisco, CA
patrick burdaModesto, CA
Matt CohnSan Francisco, CA
G Preston ComeySan Francisco, CA
Chris GoinAlameda, CA
Jerry JohnsonKlamath Falls, OR
Barry LogarFairfield, CA
Stan MorrisonSan Francisco, CA
Joe PechotaFresno, CA
Adam PetrocelliPacific Grove, CA
John SawinPebble Beach, CA
Ricky StocktonSalinas, CA
Vincent VenardRancho Codova, CA
Bret WagarMorgan Hill, CA
Adrian Younglakewood, CA
Todd BarsottiFresno, CA
Steve DonnellySalinas, CA
Evan GewirtzPleasanton , CA
Randy HaagOrinda, CA
David LaRosaOakland, CA
Troy LaughlinPlacentia, CA
Mark Mancewhitefish, MT
Shu MasudaRocklin, CA
Chris MateoMountain View, CA
Hank McCuskerMendocino, CA
Paul RiceRedlands, CA
Brian SwensonDublin, CA
Tal TartagliaReedley, CA
Eric ThorsonLong Beach, CA
Timothy YagerSan Jose, CA
Senior Championship
Scott AndersonDanville, CA
Casey BoynsMonterey, CA
Jeff BurdaModesto, CA
Terry ForemanBrentwood, CA
Greg FutchSebastopol, CA
Herb JensenCarmichael , CA
Doug JohnsonFresno, CA
Ron JohnsonWalnut Creek, CA
Jim KnollSunnyvale, CA
Tony McBroomStockton, CA
Mark MillerBrentwood, CA
Peter MorenDanville, CA
Charles RichesinLodi, CA
John SeedSea Ranch, CA
Paul SharpDanville, CA
Dave StoneDanville, CA
Ben WhippleMarietta, SC
Scott CarelliMenlo Park, CA
Lyle CovinoBrisbane, CA
Dorothy DonnellySalinas, CA
Les DunstonFoster City, CA
Al RichardsonNewark, CA
Tony SumidaTemple City, CA
Jeff WangBurlingame, CA
Korsen YuSan jose, CA

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Stevinson Ranch has 20 cottages on site that are available on a first-come/first-serve basis for lodging during the California Mid-Amateur. For Reservations or Information call (877) 752-9276 or send an email to info@stevinsonranch.com

Other accommodations are:

B&B (2 rooms only but across street from GC). - $65 pn - Call Patty 209 632 8591
Los Banos: Vagabond Inn - 209 827 4677
Turlock: Holiday Inn - 209 664 9999
Turlock: Best Western - 888 988 9100

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