Athletic meets classic. The FootJoy HyperFlex harmonizes the shoe category
16 Mar 2023
by Todd Mrowice of AmateurGolf.com

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FootJoy is widely known for creating golf shoes that are both classic and authentic, with quality that creates repeat buyers for their entire golf life. While FootJoy has created some more modern styles in the past, many of which have been successful, they went in a completely new direction in 2023 with a design that shakes up the golf shoe category.

The new HyperFlex has such a fun and modern design, if it didn’t have the famous “FJ” embossed on it, we might have thought it was produced by a different company. At first glance, we immediately knew that this shoe was the most athletically styled model our eyes had ever seen from the Massachusetts company that was founded in 1857.

We were lucky to get the full HyperFlex showcase at the 2023 PGA Merchandise Show from Patrick Trubiano, Director, Product Management at FootJoy.

“Golf is evolving and, yes, we will always love our classic heritage, but we know the golfer is an athlete and this athletic, sneaker-inspired look is something we’re going to push forward with and we’re going to do it the same way as we do the Premiere Series,” said Trubiano. “With style, innovation, and performance.”

There are four variations of the HyperFlex and we’ll detail each for you. Across the board, however, you can feel the quality of this simply from picking it up. It has curves and materials that we’ve never seen from FJ before and when we slipped them on, it was instant comfort. This isn’t your grandfather’s old saddle shoe that takes an entire summer to break in.

The standard HyperFlex has two foam durometers which lead to superior comfort. Stratofoam absorbs shock and FTF+ delivers stiffer perimeter support. When paired together, it spells comfort in every swing and every step. A thermoplastic saddle wraps your foot so it’s snug, but with a ton of flexibility. A coated knit bootie is a key factor in the breathability of the HyperFlex and some additional ankle padding allows you to walk as many holes as you’d like. This model utilizes the Fast Twist 3.0 cleat system and comes in white/blue, gray/lime, and black colorways. Retail: $170.

The next step in the HyperFlex family is the HyperFlex Carbon. Yes, the same material you hear so much about in drivers makes its way into the golf shoe category with equally great benefits. Fip the shoe over and you’ll find a carbon plate on the heel which maximizes stability and torque in your golf swing. It also adds a little flair of black styling that’s visible on the outside of the shoe, which we really liked. With the carbon model, you have white and black color options, but we’re crazy about the white/multi-version that has a subtle stripe of red and blue along the bottom. Retail: $200.

If you’re a fan of the BOA Fit System, which features dual straps and a dial you turn to tighten the shoe, you’re in luck. Both the standard HyperFlex and HyperFlex Carbon comes in BOA options and even feature some different colors. The HyperFlex BOA retails for $200 and the HyperFlex Carbon BOA retails for $230.


It’s important to note that all HyperFlex models have an Ortholite Impressions FitBed and are 100% waterproof warrantied for two years.

We’ve seen a lot of the latest and greatest golf shoes for 2023, and we’re racking our brains trying to determine if the FootJoy HyperFlex is the most innovative one out there. All signs point to yes, until FootJoy releases its 2024 model, that is.

“To have the brand to be able to speak to someone on the classic side as well as on the faster, athletic side, and to be able to do that authentically and anchored in performance; no other brand can do it like us,” said Trubiano.

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