amateurgolf.com 2010 Bay Regional Championship
August 07 - 08 2010
Berkeley, CA


Tournament Overview

The 2010 Bay Regional will again be contested at 36 holes, with no cut. All players play one round Saturday and the final round on Sunday. The entry fee has been reduced and we expect an extra-strong field this year in this 100 NCGA point event which amateurgolf.com began running in 2006.

For local players of Tilden Park - a hard copy entry form must be submitted. To download now, click here>

The Bay Regional is truly one of the most historic events in the San Francisco Bay Area. See "history" for more information and past champions.

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Format: Stroke Play
Categories: Men, Men Senior, Women
Regions: Northern California


Tilden Park Golf Course Tilden Park Golf Course
Grizzly Peak & Shasta Road
Berkeley, CA  94708
phone: (510) 848-7373
url: www.tildenparkgc.com

Tournament News

17165136Kevin WentworthArnold, CA
26970139Kyle ProloTemecula, CA
37171142ryan thomasdanville, CA
47074144Chris Moreno-HuntOakland, CA
47470144Sam SmithTurlock, CA
67571146Robbie GarciaPleasanton, CA
67373146Chad KimmelshueDurham, CA
87572147Ian AttardDanville, CA
87572147Rob DamschenAshburn, VA
87572147Todd SakamotoFresno, CA
87374147Jordan SedlockDanville, CA
127475149Alex CallejaDanville, CA
127376149Derick StrainArbuckle, CA
147476150Dennis HudachekDaly City, CA
157378151Norman HamillOakland, CA
157774151Craig KilcoyneConcord, CA
157675151Andrew Moreno-HuntLos Angeles, CA
158071151Beau WardaTurlock, CA
197577152Jason StoneMartinez, CA
207875153Steven CooneySan Francisco, CA
207776153Joseph KellyPalo Alto, CA
227778155Sean EtowAptos, CA
238178159Christopher BiornAlameda, CA
247684160Peyton SmithSan Francisco, CA
258485169Ryan WestLafayette, CA
268784171Jeff KierSacramento, CA
278192173David OlkkolaLafayette, CA
288890178Brian BerkeyBerkeley, CA
29ncncncBobby PenderLos Altos, CA
30nsnsnsBryan MoquinRedwood City, CA
30nsnsnsEddie SchoppleinSan Lorenzo, CA
30nsnsnsJon ScofieldFolsom, CA
33wdwdwdRandy HaagOrinda, CA
3370wdwdScott HardyPleasant Hill, CA
3382wdwdPomaikai ShisidoSan Francisco, CA
Senior Championship
17475149Jim WilliamsOrinda, CA
28079159Jim MillerSan Francisco, CA
39177168Christopher KellyPlymouth, MA
49183174Craig SwarthoutSan Jose, CA
17266138Matt RomigLos Gatos, CA
27170141Gerald Scott MrauleOrangevale, CA
26675141Kevin SmithMartinez, CA
47074144Kevin LoganSan Francisco, CA
57473147James MurphySan Francisco, CA
67476150Korsen YuSanta Cruz, CA
77972151Al RichardsonNewark, CA
17371144Cristina Corpussan leandro, CA
27781158Lynne CowanRocklin, CA
38377160Rachel SibbittMill Valley, CA
48085165Madison HirschFremont, CA
58581166Pamela CalderonBozeman, MT
68879167Kelsey KawaguchiLos Altos, CA
78684170Ruth VogtOakland, CA
89287179Whitney VauRedwood Valley, CA

Pairings for Round 2 on Sunday August 8 follow.

Tee #1 07:10 AM
Brian BerkeyBerkeley, CAChampionship
Jeff KierSacramento, CAChampionship
Ryan WestLafayette, CAChampionship
Tee #1 07:20 AM
Christopher BiornAlameda, CAChampionship
David OlkkolaLafayette, CAChampionship
Beau WardaTurlock, CAChampionship
Tee #1 07:30 AM
Steven CooneySan Francisco, CAChampionship
Sean EtowAptos, CAChampionship
Joseph KellyPalo Alto, CAChampionship
Craig KilcoyneConcord, CAChampionship
Tee #1 07:40 AM
Christopher KellyPlymouth, MASenior Championship
Jim MillerSan Francisco, CASenior Championship
Craig SwarthoutSan Jose, CASenior Championship
Jim WilliamsOrinda, CASenior Championship
Tee #1 07:50 AM
James MurphySan Francisco, CANet
Al RichardsonNewark, CANet
Matt RomigLos Gatos, CANet
Korsen YuSanta Cruz, CANet
Tee #1 08:00 AM
Kevin LoganSan Francisco, CANet
Gerald Scott MrauleOrangevale, CANet
Kevin SmithMartinez, CANet
Tee #1 08:10 AM
Ian AttardDanville, CAChampionship
Andrew Moreno-HuntLos Angeles, CAChampionship
Peyton SmithSan Francisco, CAChampionship
Jason StoneMartinez, CAChampionship
Tee #1 08:20 AM
Rob DamschenAshburn, VAChampionship
Robbie GarciaPleasanton, CAChampionship
Dennis HudachekDaly City, CAChampionship
Todd SakamotoFresno, CAChampionship
Tee #1 08:30 AM
Alex CallejaDanville, CAChampionship
Jordan SedlockDanville, CAChampionship
Sam SmithTurlock, CAChampionship
Tee #1 08:40 AM
Norman HamillOakland, CAChampionship
Chad KimmelshueDurham, CAChampionship
Derick StrainArbuckle, CAChampionship
ryan thomasdanville, CAChampionship
Tee #1 08:50 AM
Chris Moreno-HuntOakland, CAChampionship
Kyle ProloTemecula, CAChampionship
Kevin WentworthArnold, CAChampionship
Tee #1 09:00 AM
Pamela CalderonBozeman, MTWomen
Kelsey KawaguchiLos Altos, CAWomen
Whitney VauRedwood Valley, CAWomen
Ruth VogtOakland, CAWomen
Tee #1 09:10 AM
Cristina Corpussan leandro, CAWomen
Lynne CowanRocklin, CAWomen
Madison HirschFremont, CAWomen
Rachel SibbittMill Valley, CAWomen


Year Champion Year Champion
1938 Frank Amerio 1974 Phil Arinno
1939 Bob Daniel 1975 Doug Harker
1940 Aldo Galletti 1976 Rod Velasquez
1941 Aldo Galletti 1977 Dave Fowler
1942 Earl Fry Jr. 1978 Mark Abfalter
1943 Ralph Hall 1979 Dan Bosis
1944 Henry Suico 1980 Dana Banke
1945 Ralph Hall 1981 Gary Shemano
1946 Elmer Cites 1982 Andy Paisal
1947 Ralph Hall 1983 Joe Avalos
1948 Ralph Hall 1984 Randy Haag
1949 Robert Kicherer 1985 Dana Banke
1950 Aldo Galletti 1986 Tom Cole
1951 Byron Lewis 1987 Randy Haag
1952 Clarence Costa 1988 Steve Sear
1953 Robert Kicherer 1989 Teddy Anderson
1954 Bob George 1990 Mike Angell
1955 Elmer Cites 1991 Mike Angell
1956 Gordon Wilkes 1992 Scott Olds
1957 Al Sais Jr. 1993 Rick Reinsberg
1958 Gred Bianchi 1994 Rick Reinsberg
1959 Wally Marsh 1995
1960 Gordon Wilkes 1996 Brook Bowman
1961 Rod MacLean 1997 Tim Weiss
1962 Keith Whiting 1998 Randy Haag
1963 Jay Moorehead 1999 Randy Haag
1964 Keith Whiting 2000 Randy Haag
1965 Steve Whitman 2001 Randy Haag
1966 Phil Torres 2002 John Enright
1967 Bob Riddel 2003 Ivan Holmes
1968 Bob Riddel 2004 Doug Sager
1969 Ed Holdsworth 2005 Justin Madison
1970 Bill Paulson 2006 Chris Kilkenny
1971 Randy Tiesier 2007 Jay Bayron
1972 Randy Tiesier 2008 Antonio Asistio
1973 Phil Arinno 2009 Randy Haag
2010 Kevin Wentworth

Ian AttardDanville, CA
Brian BerkeyBerkeley, CA
Christopher BiornAlameda, CA
Alex CallejaDanville, CA
Steven CooneySan Francisco, CA
Rob DamschenAshburn, VA
Sean EtowAptos, CA
Robbie GarciaPleasanton, CA
Randy HaagOrinda, CA
Norman HamillOakland, CA
Scott HardyPleasant Hill, CA
Dennis HudachekDaly City, CA
Joseph KellyPalo Alto, CA
Jeff KierSacramento, CA
Craig KilcoyneConcord, CA
Chad KimmelshueDurham, CA
Bryan MoquinRedwood City, CA
Andrew Moreno-HuntLos Angeles, CA
Chris Moreno-HuntOakland, CA
David OlkkolaLafayette, CA
Bobby PenderLos Altos, CA
Kyle ProloTemecula, CA
Todd SakamotoFresno, CA
Eddie SchoppleinSan Lorenzo, CA
Jon ScofieldFolsom, CA
Jordan SedlockDanville, CA
Pomaikai ShisidoSan Francisco, CA
Peyton SmithSan Francisco, CA
Sam SmithTurlock, CA
Jason StoneMartinez, CA
Derick StrainArbuckle, CA
ryan thomasdanville, CA
Beau WardaTurlock, CA
Kevin WentworthArnold, CA
Ryan WestLafayette, CA
Senior Championship
Christopher KellyPlymouth, MA
Jim MillerSan Francisco, CA
Craig SwarthoutSan Jose, CA
Jim WilliamsOrinda, CA
Kevin LoganSan Francisco, CA
Gerald Scott MrauleOrangevale, CA
James MurphySan Francisco, CA
Al RichardsonNewark, CA
Matt RomigLos Gatos, CA
Kevin SmithMartinez, CA
Korsen YuSanta Cruz, CA
Pamela CalderonBozeman, MT
Cristina Corpussan leandro, CA
Lynne CowanRocklin, CA
Madison HirschFremont, CA
Kelsey KawaguchiLos Altos, CA
Rachel SibbittMill Valley, CA
Whitney VauRedwood Valley, CA
Ruth VogtOakland, CA

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AmateurGolf.com, Inc.
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Carlsbad, CA 92009
phone: 760-929-9297

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