Ingrid Lindblad
Ingrid Lindblad

Tournament Results
2024Moon Golf InvitationalT2
 Puerto Rico Women's Classic2
2023Women's World Amateur Team24
 Illini Invitational at MedinahT1
 Mason Rudolph Women's ChampionshipT5
 Cougar ClassicT1
 AIG Women's British OpenMC
 European Ladies Amateur3
 Ladies British AmateurSemifinals
 NCAA Division I Women's ChampionshipT5
 NCAA Women's Southeast RegionalT9
 SEC Women's ChampionshipT4
 Clemson Women's InvitationalT1
 Darius Rucker IntercollegiateT11
 Moon Golf InvitationalT5
 Nexus Women's Collegiate ClassicT10
2022Battle at the BeachWinner
 Stephens CupT8
 Mason Rudolph Women's ChampionshipT7
 Women's World Amateur TeamT4
 AIG Women's British OpenMC
 Ladies British AmateurFinal 16
 U.S. Women's OpenT11
 NCAA Division I Women's ChampionshipT3
 NCAA Women's West Regional5
 SEC Women's ChampionshipWinner
 Augusta National Women's Amateur (ANWA)T2
 Clemson Women's InvitationalWinner
 Clover CupWinner
 Darius Rucker IntercollegiateT27
 Moon Golf InvitationalWinner
2021The Ally at Old WaverlyT6
 Stephens CupWinner
 Illini Invitational at MedinahT3
 ANNIKA IntercollegiateT10
 AIG Women's British OpenMC
 European Ladies AmateurWinner
 SEC Women's Championship2
 LSU Tiger Golf ClassicWinner
 Augusta National Women's Amateur (ANWA)T3
 Liz Murphey Collegiate ClassicWinner
 Gamecock IntercollegiateT3
 ICON Invitational7
 Moon Golf Invitational9
2020U.S. Women's OpenT30
 Liz Murphey Collegiate ClassicT7
 The Ally at Old WaverlyT3
 Blessings Women's Intercollegiate2
 Darius Rucker IntercollegiateT23
 Florida State Match-UpWinner
 IJGA Collegiate Invitational2
2019Battle at the BeachT5
 Magnolia InvitationalWinner
 Evie Odom Invitational4
 Mercedes Benz IntercollegiateT11
 AIG Women's British OpenMC
 Ladies British AmateurFinal 64
 Trophée EsmondSemifinals
 Copa S.M. La ReinaQuarterfinals
2018Trophée EsmondFinal 16
2016Rothschild TrophyT9

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