Robert Funk
Robert Funk
Canyon Lake, CA
Current Index: +1.3

2017 U.S. Senior Open, Low Amateur; 2017 Kelly Cup, runner-up. Five- time qualifier for the U.S. Mid-Amateur. Former winner of the Trans- Miss Amateur (2006) and two-time winner of the Southern California Mid-Amateur (2006, 2013).

Bear Creek Golf Club

Home Course
Bear Creek Golf Club
Murrieta, CA

Pine Valley Golf Club

Favorite Course
Pine Valley Golf Club
Pine Valley, NJ

Holes-in-one:   5
Recreation Park, Costa Mesa GC, Bear Creek GC, The Crane Cup, Bakersfield CC

High school team
Alhambra High, Martinez (1 Tournament)

Tournament Results
2024Carlton Woods Senior InvitationalT9
 Lupton Senior Invitational46
 Trans-Miss SeniorT27
 Coleman Senior Invitational29
 Golfweek Senior Division National Championship5
 Jones Cup SeniorT23
2023California Senior AmateurT9
 Ojai Senior CupT2
 Reynolds Senior InvitationalT2
 International Senior InvitationalT47
 NCGA SeniorT5
 Canadian Senior Amateur11
 North & South SeniorT17
 British Senior AmateurT36
 Friendship CupWinner
 SCGA Senior AmateurT14
 Trans-Miss SeniorT15
 Coleman Senior InvitationalT14
 Golfweek Senior AmateurT40
 Golfweek Senior Division National ChampionshipT4
 Jones Cup SeniorT28
2022Ojai Senior CupT5
 NCGA SeniorT17
 Canadian Senior Amateur4
 U.S. Senior AmateurFinal 64
 North & South SeniorT45
 SCGA Senior Amateur3
 U.S. Senior OpenMC
 U.S. Senior Open QualifyingMedalist
 Trans-Miss SeniorT16
 Carlton Woods Senior InvitationalWinner
 Kelly CupT2
 SCGA Mid-Amateur36
 Golfweek Senior AmateurWinner
 Morrison CupT3
 Jones Cup SeniorT11
2021SOS Founders Cup2
 California Senior AmateurT3
 Ojai Senior CupT2
 North & South Senior5
 NCGA Stroke PlayT4
 U.S. Senior OpenMC
 George C. Thomas InvitationalT18
 U.S. Senior Open QualifyingMedalist
 SCGA Senior AmateurT5
 Trans-Miss SeniorT24
 Carlton Woods Senior InvitationalT13
 SCGA Mid-AmateurT6
 Golfweek Senior AmateurT12
 Jones Cup SeniorT27
 SOS Spring ClassicT18
2020California Senior AmateurWinner
 North & South SeniorT4
 The Hesler3
 Jones Cup SeniorT20
 SOS Spring ClassicT3
2019SOS Founders Cup2
 California Senior AmateurT9
 Canadian Senior Amateur6
 Senior Porter Cup4
 British Senior AmateurT55
 Monterey City Amateur3
 George C. Thomas Invitational7
 Trans-Miss SeniorT4
 SCGA Mid-AmateurT18
 Golfweek Senior AmateurT3
 Jones Cup SeniorT2
2018Stocker CupT32
 Senior Porter CupT4
 U.S. Senior AmateurFinal 32
 British Senior AmateurT27
 U.S. Senior Open60
 George C. Thomas InvitationalT5
 Coleman InvitationalT35
2017Crane CupT18
 Stocker CupT18
 Crump CupFinal 16
 U.S. Senior OpenT54
 U.S. Senior Open QualifyingQualifier
 SCGA Mid-Amateur9
 Kelly Cup2
2016Crane CupT14
 SCGA Mid-AmateurT13
 Kelly CupT3
 Southern California Open58
2015Southern California Match PlayFinal 16
 California State OpenT52
2014SCGA Mid-AmateurT15
 Kelly CupT8
 Inland Empire AmateurT3
2013Southern California Match PlayQuarterfinals
 Carlton Woods InvitationalT3
 SCGA Mid-AmateurWinner
2012Stocker CupT14
 San Clemente CityT5
 George C. Thomas InvitationalT15
 Carlton Woods Invitational4
 SCGA Mid-AmateurT15
 Crane CupWinner
2011Stocker CupT11
 San Clemente City2
 Carlton Woods InvitationalT12
 SCGA Mid-AmateurT7
2010U.S. Mid-Amateur QualifyingQualifier
 California AmateurFinal 32
 SCGA Mid-AmateurT7
2009SCGA Tournament of Club ChampionsT9
 Stocker Cup13
 San Clemente CityT10
 U.S. Mid-AmateurFinal 32
 Crump CupFinal 16
 U.S. Mid-Amateur QualifyingQualifier
 Southern California Match PlayFinal 16
 SCGA Amateur17
 Trans-Miss ChampionshipQuarterfinals
 SCGA Mid-AmateurT13
 Scratch Players Mid-Am and SeniorFinal 16
2008Stocker CupT11
 U.S. Mid-Amateur QualifyingQualifier
 Kelly CupT10
 amateurgolf.com California Mid Am + Master & Senior9
 SCGA Mid-AmateurT20
 Pasadena City ChampionshipT6
 Southern California Match PlayFinal 16
2008California Mid-Amateur Masters4th
 Champions CupT-5
 SCGA FourballT-2
 SCGA Foursomes T-8
 SCGA Tournament of Club Champions3rd
2007California State Amateur (SCGA Team Member)First Round match play
 California State FairT 27
 Kelly CupT 6
 SCGA AmateurT34
 SCGA FoursomesChampions
 SCGA Mid AmateurNot DFL
 Scratch PlayersT 54
 Scratch Players Mid-AmateurMedalist & Semi-Finalist in Match-Play
 Sunnehanna AmateurT58
 Trans MississippiThird Round
 USGA Mid-Am USGAT70th
2006British Mid-AmateurContestant
 California Mid-Amateur3rd
 California State Amateur32nd, First round of Match Play
 Carlton Woods Invitational6th
 Kelly Cup7th Place
 Links Championship 2 Man Team@ Bandon DunesChampions
 SCGA 4-BallChampions
 SCGA Mid-AmateurChampion
 Trans-Miss AmateurChampion
2005British Mid-AmContestant
 Kelly CupContestant
 SCGA 4-Ball6th
 SCGA Mid-Amateur19th
 Trans-Mississippi 4-ball4th
 Trans-Mississippi AmateurMedalist, 3rd round Match Play
2004Azalea InvitationalContestant
 British AmatuerContestant
 British Mid-AmMatch Play first round
 California AmateurContestant
 Champions Cup Invitational9th
 Kelly CupContestant
 Santa Barbara County Amateur2nd
 SCGA 4-Ball4th
 SCGA AmateurContestant
 SCGA Mid-AmateurContestant
 Stocker Cup30th
 Trans-Mississippi Amateur2nd, Quarter Finalist
2003British Mid-AmContestant
 Kelly CupContestant
 Santa Barbara County Amateur2nd
 SCGA AmateurContestant
 SCGA Mid-Amateur12th
 Stocker Cup21rst
 Trans-Mississippi 4-ball1rst
2002British AmatuerMatch Play first round
 British Mid-AmContestant
 California AmateurContestant
 Kelly Cup3rd
 Santa Barbara County Amateur1rst
 SCGA Mid-AmateurContestant
 Scratch Players Amateur49th
 Scratch Players Mid-Am7th
 Stocker Cup16th
2001British Mid-AmMatch Play first round
 Scratch Players Mid-Am10th
 Scratch Players Mid-AmContestant
2000Goff Cup1 rst
 SCGA AmateurContestant
 SCGA Mid-AmateurContestant
 USGA Mid-Am USGAMedalist in regional Qualifying
1999SCGA AmateurContestant
 SCGA Mid-AmateurContestant
1998SCGA AmateurContestant
 SCGA Mid-AmateurContestant
1997SCGA AmateurContestant
 SCGA Mid-AmateurContestant
1996SCGA AmateurContestant

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