The key to winning your club championship: Meditation?
20 Mar 2018
by Kyle Rector of AmateurGolf.com

Pause for one second… take a deep breath and let the air fill your lungs… pause for another two seconds… Now push out your breath hard and focus on how your breath sounds and how it feels coming out of your lungs…

Now go knock that three foot bender in the hole to win your first club championship.

Meditation is fast becoming the hottest trend in health & wellness. For centuries, monks have claimed the benefits of regular mindfulness practice. Now, science has found evidence supporting the idea that regular meditation can actually help to restructure the brain in ways that can lead to better concentration. Sound like something that could help a competitive amateur player? Absolutely!

CEOs, Wall Street traders, athletes, and other high stress people are finding that just a few minutes of sitting still and becoming aware of how your mind works, is actually helping them to clear mental roadblocks and be more productive for the day.

If you have not made the connection yet, being in the moment and clearing your mind of distraction is arguably one of the most important steps in hitting a great golf shot. Meditation is a way to train your brain to clear your thoughts and focus on the task at hand. In other words, forget that double bogey, and hit this next shot close and make a birdie to stay in the tournament.

How Do You Start Meditating?

Headspace screen shot
Headspace screen shot

Yes. There is an app for that. I’ve been using Headspace for the last few months. The app is very simple to use and free. You get a beginner meditation series that is an excellent way to start your meditation practice. If you get hooked like I have, there is a meditation series specific for competition. These meditations last from a minute to 30 minutes, so you will have to figure out when you can get some distraction free time to sit in silence. Most people that I talk to about meditation get their practice done in the mornings. I usually throw my headphones on just sit on my bed in a comfortable position.

Another app gaining popularity is Simple Habit. I hope to be able to review this app in the coming months.

A meditation practice is not going to replace a good range session, but you should try to carry some of these meditation skills into your range practice. Instead of hitting ball after ball to perfect your high draw, step back between shots and clear your mind with a deep slow breath. You will be able to approach each shot with a new outlook. Eventually, you should be doing this on the course between shots.

For me personally, these short meditations have helped me to understand how I react to pressure. I’m not claiming that meditation shaved a few shots off my score, but my overall confidence under high pressure shots has improved dramatically.

Is meditation for you? ABSOLUTELY! Just like Bubba Watson said… You’ll thank me later.

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