Seeking performance: Why Fujikura Ventus shafts are used by the world's best golfers
14 Apr 2023
by Todd Mrowice of AmateurGolf.com

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To those that don’t work in the golf industry, the city of Carlsbad, California has a bit of a mythical presence. You know that the industry has a strong history there and that many manufacturers still call Carlsbad home, but how about we pull back the curtain and show some of the amazing things happening there? We’re doing that at AmateurGolf.com and Pete Wlodkowski is your tour guide for our 2023 Carlsbad Golf Tour. At each stop, he highlights an innovative company that is a part of the thriving golf industry.

First up on our 2023 Carlsbad Golf Tour is one of the most successful shaft manufacturers in the game, Fujikura Composites America. The key year for Fujikura came in 1994 when the company expanded from Japan and began providing U.S. OEMs with its products and providing premium aftermarket shafts. The U.S. market quickly got a taste of what was possible with Fujikura.

Along the way, Fujikura hit it big in 1998 with the release of its Speeder model which was the top driver, wood, and hybrid shaft on the PGA Tour. Since that time, immensely popular lineups have included Motore, Vista Pro, Axiom, and Atmos, while sustaining the success of the Speeder.

In 2019, however, Fujikura launched the Ventus line which changed the game. Its VeloCore Technology heightened ball speed and tightened dispersion, unlike anything on the market. Then, in 2022, the Ventus line was expanded to the Ventus TR. With a premium tow carbon fabric to stiffen torque in the mid/handle section, enhanced stability, and better consistency, performance from the brand has never been better.

We went into our experience with three drivers to see which would produce the best results when combined with Fujikura technology. Product and Brand Manager, Spencer Reynolds, greeted us and provided a behind-the-scenes look at the company.

When Reynolds opened a giant refrigerator, we expected to see a variety of meats but instead found rolls of graphite sheets which is the very beginning of the journey. The sheets are laid out, cut, cured, and are then ready to get wrapped.

Enso: Not your average golf studio
From there, Reynolds led us to where the magic happens. Fujikura’s fitting studio with its Enso Analytics System, a 10-camera motion capture system that analyzes every detail of how a shaft performs from its flex to how it bends and performs in every area.

“This is how every single Fujikura shaft is validated,” said Reynolds. “We look at everything from the details of performance to how it’s laid out to how it’s designed, feel, launch, spin, weight, flex, everything runs through here.”

Speaking of validated, the Ventus lineup from Fujikura continues to receive accolades from across the industry. Whether as an Editor’s Choice from My Golf Spy or a Member’s Choice from Golf WRX, Ventus continues to be an ideal choice for pros and amateurs. Variations include a mid-high launch (red), mid-launch (blue), and low launch (black), there’s a model for you. Not to mention the previously noted Ventus TR, which adds three additional models with simplified bend profiles and the advanced technology we got to see first-hand in Carlsbad.

If golf shafts seem like a confusing component, you’re not entirely wrong. There’s a reason, however, why having the right shaft in your clubs is critically overlooked by the average player. Thankfully, you can head over to fujikuragolf.com and check out such resources as a Fuji Fit Shaft Selector as well as a complete Shaft Profile Guide to get you on the right track. We highly recommend being properly fit at a certified Fujikura retailer, if you can’t make your way to the Carlsbad location, of course. It's easy to find one -- just type in your zip code and address using Fujikura's dealer locator.

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