Lamkin Wrap-Tech Grip Review: A wrap grip for wrap and non-wrap players
06 Feb 2015
by Pete Wlodkowski of AmateurGolf.com

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Lamkin's new Wrap-Tech grips feel so good that you may want to forget about the concept of "wrap vs. round" -- especially if you're a player that hasn't picked up a wrap-style grip in a while.

I fall into that "round-only" category as of late, but years ago every grip I installed was wrap-style. So it was interesting to install some Wrap-Techs, because it didn't take me more than a shot or two to realize that my preconceptions about wrap-style grips could be thrown out the window. The goal of a grip is to provide you not only a firm grasp of the club, but provide key feedback at various points in the swing, the most important being at impact. Wrap-Tech provides that important feedback through an alternating "double helix" pattern of smooth and rough textures that are very effective in promoting a "just-right" grip pressure. The wrap pattern allows that to happen while reducing torque at the same time. I love the combination.

In dry conditions, the alternating textures provide super-tacky hand/club contact on the glove and non-glove hands. (And, as Lamkin mentions on their website, Wrap-Tech is particularly well-suited for players who don't wear a glove.) In wet conditions, which I have been able to play in more than once lately, I found that the marriage of the Wrap-Tech and cloth rain gloves (which I always recommend having in your bag) was as good or better than with any grip I've ever played.

At address, the logo is hidden on both sides

Let me give you an example.

In one January round, I hit a drive off the 18th tee that was less than perfect, but I did at least find the fairway. At 200 yards out, I didn't want to swing anything hard -- and I seldom use a long iron from that distance anyway -- so I pulled out a hybrid that has a Wrap-Tech installed. For most of the day, I had been using a cloth grip on my left hand, but not on my right because the rain wasn't that heavy. But for this shot, I reached into the bag, put the right glove on, and took a couple of practice swings. What I experienced was a sense of quiet in my hands as the rough alternating wrap grabbed the cloth gloves almost like velcro. The result was that when I got to the top of my backswing I experienced no slippage, without having to do the dreaded "rain grab" that generally results in a fat shot. I hit the green, managed to finish with a par, and promptly headed to the clubhouse to dry off.


  • The Wrap-Tech is constructed from Lamkin's patented ACE material, which provides excellent control and shock absorption
  • Standard size comes in black with white, blue, or red trim -- weight is 52g
  • Mid-size comes in black with white trim -- weight is 63g
  • Oversized comes in black with white trim -- weight is 78g
  • All Wrap-Tech models have a core size of .580
  • Prices start at $4.99 per grip


Wrap-Tech grips come with the logo on both sides, and are meant to be installed that way. It's something different, so it's worth a mention to your club fitter if he or she hasn't worked with them before. See the photo to the above right that shows the address position, and the photo below that shows the "side view."

Lamkin Wrap-Tech, side view showing logo


Lamkin's Wrap-Tech, at just $4.99 each, represents an excellent value. But that's just a bonus. If you're looking for an all-weather grip that is easy on the hands, you should give them a try. Click the logo below to visit the Lamkin Grips website now.

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