Alphard Duo Integrated Push Cart and Golf Bag Review
31 Dec 2014
by Pete Wlodkowski of AmateurGolf.com

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I'm really impressed by the Alpha Duo golf cart.

I've been using a push cart for many years, and haven't given the "process" much thought. The cart is separate from the bag - that's just the way it's always been. Alphard rethinks that philosophy with their integrated Duo cart, available in several models. Here is a breakdown of my first encounter, from assembly to the first round of golf.


The Alphard Duo arrives in a sturdy cardboard box, with all mechanisms safely wrapped. Indeed, the hardest part of assembly was removing the protective coverings! Once that was done (less than five minutes, being careful not to rip the bag with my razor knife) I was able to pop open the Alphard Duo without even glancing at the instruction manual. I like that. The only time I stumbled for a minute was when attaching the large wheels, before I realized that all I needed to do was give their "hubcap" a push to engage the opening and slip them on the axel.

Folding and unfolding is a two step process that couldn't be easier. The wheel base pops in and locks with the push of a button, and the handle comes up with a quick release lever which is quickly locked in once you have it in position. Another lever allows for extension of the handle to adjust for your height and personal preference. It has a built in hill break.


Something about the Alphard's integrated construction causes it to have a really nice curb appeal -- gone are the plastic cradles at the top and bottom. Hidden from site, but very important, is an extruded aluminum rail that runs up the underside of the Duo, providing support and attachment of the wheel base, and another important function which I will describe below. The bag itself is really attractive -- mine is a really nice deep blue color with quality zippers, and pockets in all the right places. There's even a cooler pocket for your favorite cold beverages.


The big question is a two part one. Why would you want to purchase an integrated cart/bag and what happens when the bag material wears out or becomes faded? I thought you would never ask. In the first instance, convenience is a big one. Because the Alphard Duo has individual sleeves for each club, when it's placed in your car the clubs don't tend to rattle around (same on the course). But more importantly, the last minute fumbling of putting a separate cart into your car (or forgetting it altogether) is eliminated. I would guess that I've spent an extra five minutes getting things settled with a separate bag and cart before and after each round, and hey - that could cause me to miss my tee time! At home, the storage space required is half of what a separate bag and cart take up. Simply stand the Alphard Duo in a corner or place it in your club rack, and you've eliminated the need for a separate storage area for the cart itself.

Here's one more cool thing that could save your wrist. Have you ever ridden in a cart and pulled your cart behind you while the driver took you to your ball or back to the clubhouse after a shotgun start? Of course you have, and you know that it's a dangerous game for you, your wrist, and your clubs and bag. With the Alphard Duo, the aluminum rail I described earlier has a very important function. Simply loosen the wheel attach mechanism and slide the wheel base off, and you've converted the Alphard Duo into a riding bag. Just put the wheels in the storage compartment or leave them in your car if you know you are riding that day.

That answers the question of why you might be interested in going the route of an integrated cart and bag. But how about the replacement of the bag itself? Alphard has constructed it to come apart so that a new "skin" can be snapped on to the frame. It's not something you'll need to do often, but you could prepare for the day you do by ordering an extra, or even switch out from time to time as your color tastes change.


I enjoyed my first round pushing the Alphard Duo. It's light and nimble, and the wheel base provides a nice amount of shock absorption. It was kind of fun getting positive comments from the guys at the club -- I showed each person that asked how easy it was to breakdown and put back together. I think the ideal candidate for the purchase of an Alphard Duo is someone who does a combination of walking and riding, and who likes to keep things simple. Taking up 30% less space in the trunk of your car or at home is a good thing as well; if you live in a condo or have limited storage space the Duo could be your answer.

The Alphard Duo is available at www.alphardgolf.com in three models, Lite ($279.95); Deluxe ($349.95); and Evolution ($379.95).

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