Southwestern Men's Amateur 2024 Championship
June 12 - 15 2024
Scottsdale, AZ


Tournament Overview

Southwestern Men's Amateur 2024 Championship
72-hole stroke play championship for national-level amateurs with a handicap index of 1.4 or better. After 36 holes, the field will be cut to the low 36 and ties. The SWGA Selection Committee will select players to compete based upon exemptions, playing resume and rankings.

The SWGA reserves the right to invite amateurs of national and international reputation, as well as other amateurs "of note", to enter into the tournament. Applicants are urged to submit their entries with golf resumes of accomplishment in major tournaments and other competitive record information.

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Format: Stroke Play
Categories: Men
Regions: Southwest


Desert Mountain Golf Club Desert Mountain Golf Club
10333 E Rockaway Hills Dr
Scottsdale, AZ  85262-2901
phone: (480) 488-1362 or (800) 362-5827

Tournament News

The latest results for this tournament are posted available via the link below.
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In addition to the table results below, PDF versions of past results are available to view or download.

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1SingaporeJames LeowSingapore70063-70-69-70=272
2TXTucker AllenTolar, TX50070-71-67-67=275
T3INKeegan BronnenbergMuncie, IN40069-71-69-69=278
T3CAChristian BankeDanville, CA40063-72-70-73=278
T3ALRyan EshlemanVestavia Hills, AL40071-70-65-72=278
6AZRiley LewisPrescott, AZ30073-72-67-68=280
7CALucas CarperSan Jose, CA30073-69-69-70=281
8GuatemalaDaniel GurtnerGuatemala30069-72-70-71=282
9AZTrevor LampsonGilbert, AZ30072-70-68-73=283
10TXDavid SnyderMcAllen, TX30071-75-69-69=284
T11LANicholas ArcementThibodaux, LA20070-74-73-68=285
T11AZTony HendricksPhoenix, AZ20071-69-73-72=285
13NorwayGregory SolhaugNorway20073-72-73-68=286
14SingaporeNicklaus ChiamSingapore20070-77-71-69=287
T15CATaehoon SongBuena Park, CA20069-74-74-71=288
T15CAAndi XuSan Diego, CA20070-72-72-74=288
T15NVScott RescignoReno, NV20071-75-72-70=288
T18CAMatthew KressSaratoga, CA10070-69-77-73=289
T18TXChad SewellConroe, TX10070-69-76-74=289
T18AZTyler WooldridgePhoenix, AZ10073-71-73-72=289
T18AZHector BarnetchePhoenix, AZ10073-74-70-72=289
T18NVHazen NewmanLas Vegas, NV10069-66-77-77=289
T23AZBlake LorenzPeoria, AZ5068-73-75-74=290
T23CAKrando NishibaSan Diego, CA5077-68-77-68=290
T23IANate VanceMarshalltown, IA5074-71-77-68=290
T26INOliver MastFortville, IN5071-72-72-76=291
T26TXMichael RomeAustin, TX5073-67-74-77=291
T28ChinaKuangyu (Tony) ChenChina5068-72-77-75=292
T28COConnor JonesWestminster, CO5071-76-73-72=292
T28IDSam TiddMeridian, ID5074-69-66-83=292
T31IndiaRayhan ThomasIndia072-74-70-77=293
T31TXSebastian MossPearland, TX073-70-75-75=293
33TXBrandon HoffAustin, TX068-71-81-74=294
34TXMatthew DentonAustin, TX077-70-77-71=295
35AZShankar NatarajanPhoenix, AZ070-75-76-76=297
36CAEthan ChungEastvale, CA073-70-83-73=299
37COTyler SeverinJohnstown, CO072-74-80-75=301
38AZPierce BraunPhoenix, AZ072-75-79-78=304
39AZNate AndersonParadise Valley, AZ072-75-81-79=307

First played in 1915, the Southwestern Amateur has been played at a variety of sites throughout Arizona, California, Texas, Nevada and New Mexico on annual basis with the exception of a three- year hiatus from 1943-45 because of World War II. On four occasions the event has been played in Mexico.

Originally founded as a regional match play invitational tournament for private golf course members to compete against the nation’s best amateur players, the Southwestern Amateur has developed a stellar reputation as a high-quality competition for the nation’s top players. The tournament was changed to a stroke play event in 1966 to meet the growing demands of the tournament and the increased popularity of the game created during the Palmer-Nicklaus era.

The Southwestern Amateur has a long and distinguished list of previous champions that have gone on to great succeess on the PGA Tour and Champions Tour.


2023 Davis Bryant
2022 Davis Bryant
2021 James Leow
2020 (cancelled)
2019 Hunter Ostrom
2018 Wells Padgett
2017 Jino Sohn
2016 P.J. Samiere
2015 Dylan Healey
2014 Kyle Jones
2013 J.T. Poston
2012 Kevin Dougherty
2011 Stephan Carney
2010 Estanislao Guerrero
2009 Travis Wolf
2008 Matt Hoffenberg
2007 Aaron Weston
2006 Ben Fox
2005 Jay Choi
2004 Dustin Mills
2003 Brien Davis
2002 Nick Watney
2001 John R. Davis
2000 Robert Hamilton
1999 Ryan Palmer
1998 Russell Surber
1997 Edward Loar
1996 Scott Gibson
1995 Ryan Hietala
1994 David Lebeck
1993 Ted Purdy
1992 Scott Peterson
1991 Matt Blaugrund
1990 Mark Gilmartin
1989 Scott Frisch
1988 Scott Frisch
1987 Scott Frisch
1986 John O'Neil
1985 John O'Neil
1984 Jim Carter
1983 Jim Carter
1982 Tom Pernice, Jr.
1981 Corey Pavin
1980 Mark O'Meara
1979 Lennie Clements
1978 Mitch Mooney
1977 Jeff Kern
1976 Jay Haas
1975 Craig Stadler
1974 Stan Lee
1973 Dub Huckabee
1972 Guy Cullins
1971 Gary Sanders
1970 Bruce Ashworth
1969 Dr. Ed Updegraff
1968 Allen Miller
1967 Wayne Volimer
1966 Bill McCormick
1965 Dan Sommers
1964 Terry Dear
1963 Wayne Breck
1962 George Boutell
1961 Dr. Ed Updegraff
1960 Ralph Quiroz
1959 Jim Bernard
1958 Billy Moya
1957 Frank Redman
1956 Johnny Dawson
1955 Dr. Ed Updegraff
1954 Dr. Ed Updegraff
1953 Bill Knick
1952 Pat Rea
1951 Bob Goldwater
1950 Fred Chavez
1949 Lt. Richard Taylor
1948 Lt. Richard Taylor
1947 Vern Stewart
1946 Vic Blalack, Sr.
1945 (no tournament held)
1944 (no tournament held)
1943 (no tournament held)
1942 Bob Goldwater
1941 Blaine McNutt
1940 Vern Stewart
1939 Kim Bannister, Jr.
1938 Ralph Petty
1937 Kim Bannister, Jr.
1936 Kim Bannister, Jr.
1935 Jack Harden
1934 Vern Stewart
1933 Vern Stewart
1932 Vern Stewart
1931 Vern Stewart
1930 K.D. Harrison
1929 Dr. James Vance
1928 Kim Bannister, Sr.
1927 Bob Goldwater
1926 B.J. Ryerson
1925 F.C. Jordan
1924 Charles McArthur
1923 Dr. James Vance
1922 Dr. James Vance
1921 Dr. James Vance
1920 H.S. Corbett
1919 Kim Bannister, Sr.
1918 Kim Bannister, Sr.
1917 Dr. James Vance
1916 Dr. James Vance
1915 E.C. Robinson

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Ryan VooisLadera Ranch, CA
Charlie WylieHouston, TX

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