Cade Breitenstine
Akron, OH

Tournament Results
2023Quail Valley CollegiateT42
 Fighting Irish ClassicT21
 Windon Memorial79
 Gopher Invitational5
 U.S. Amateur QualifyingQualifier
 Porter CupT12
 Sunnehanna AmateurT42
 MAC Championship3
 Robert Kepler IntercollegiateT10
 Boilermaker InvitationalT17
 Hootie at Bulls BayT37
 General Hackler ChampionshipT8
 Mobile Bay IntercollegiateT9
2022Williams CupT41
 Bank of Tennessee IntercollegiateT44
 Windon Memorial7
 Gopher InvitationalT49
 Fighting Irish ClassicT45
 U.S. Amateur QualifyingMedalist
 Sunnehanna AmateurT33
 NCAA Division I Central RegionalT52
 MAC ChampionshipT12
 Robert Kepler IntercollegiateT15
 The Aggie InvitationalT25
 Hootie at Bulls BayT59
 General Hackler ChampionshipT48
 Coral Creek Club InvitationalT42
 Mobile Bay IntercollegiateT59
 Jones CupT77
2021Quail Valley CollegiateT6
 Purdue Fall InvitationalT3
 Fighting Irish ClassicT21
 Windon MemorialT21
 Gopher InvitationalT13
 Ohio AmateurT4
 Porter CupT5
 Trans-Miss ChampionshipT40
 Sunnehanna AmateurT34
 NCAA Division I East RegionalT19
 U.S. Open Local QualifyingQualifier
 MAC ChampionshipT15
 Robert Kepler IntercollegiateWinner
 Boilermaker Invitational3
 Hootie at Bulls Bay3
 General Hackler ChampionshipT11
 Border OlympicsT19
 Mobile Bay IntercollegiateT21
2020GCAA Amateur Series - Raleigh7
 Golfweek Purdue AmateurT10
 GCAA Amateur Series - South Bend13
 General Hackler ChampionshipT18
 Seminole IntercollegiateT44
2019Royal Oaks IntercollegiateT27
 Fighting Irish ClassicT9
 Inverness IntercollegiateT11
 Maui Jim IntercollegiateT44
 Gopher InvitationalT67

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