Allen Peake
Allen Peake
Macon, GA
Current Index: +1

Husband, father of 3, grandfather of 7, restaurant owner, former Georgia State Representative, now chasing my dream of competitive amateur golf.

Idle Hour Golf and Country Club

Home Course
Idle Hour Golf and Country Club
Macon, GA

Merion Golf Club - East Course

Favorite Course
Merion Golf Club - East Course
Ardmore, PA

Holes-in-one:   2
One was made at the International Four-Ball Championship in Florida around 2002; and then another one at Cuscowilla during the coronavirus pandemic in April 2020.

High school team
First Presbyterian Day School

College team
Attempted to walk on at Auburn, but just wasn't good enough.

Golf destinations wish list
Ireland, Scotland, Bandon Dunes

I am a former Georgia State Representative, serving in the State House from 2006-2018, where my advocacy became fighting for access to medical cannabis oil for Georgia citizens.

Greatest Golf Moment
Qualifying for the US Mid-AM in 2005; winning my first national senior event, the Golfweek National Senior Match Play in 2019

Tournament Results
2024Golfweek Senior AmateurT37
 Florida Azalea SeniorT30
 Jones Cup SeniorT42
 SOS Spring ClassicT27
 Plantation Senior InvitationalT6
2023SOS Founders CupT24
 Reynolds Senior Invitational33
 Golden Isles Senior InvitationalT19
 Canadian Senior AmateurT62
 North & South SeniorT44
 Golfweek Senior National Match PlayQuarterfinals
 The Hesler19
 National Senior Hall of FameT31
 Lupton Senior InvitationalT24
 Trans-Miss SeniorT19
 Jones Cup SeniorT44
 Gasparilla Senior5
 Gasparilla InvitationalT56
 SOS Spring ClassicT25
 Golfweek Senior POY ClassicT26
 Gateway Senior Invitational9
 Plantation Senior InvitationalT13
2022Golden Isles Senior Invitational14
 SOS Dale MoreyT42
 Canadian Senior AmateurT11
 Reynolds Senior Invitational6
 Golfweek Senior National Match PlayWin
 International Senior InvitationalT54
 The HeslerT13
 George C. Thomas Invitational8
 National Senior Hall of FameT2
 Chanticleer Senior InvitationalT29
 Carlton Woods Senior InvitationalT19
 SOS Senior Masters4
 Golfweek Senior AmateurT41
 Moot Thomas InvitationalT17
 Florida Azalea SeniorT12
 Jones Cup Senior2
 SOS Spring ClassicT5
 Golfweek Senior POY ClassicT11
 Plantation Senior InvitationalWinner
2021Golfweek Senior Challenge CupT18
 Ralph Bogart Tournament4
 SOS Founders CupT9
 SOS Dale MoreyT5
 Golden Isles Senior InvitationalT5
 Sunnehanna SeniorT2
 Senior Porter CupT11
 North & South SeniorT30
 Golfweek Senior National Match PlayFinal 16
 The HeslerT2
 Reynolds Senior Invitational8
 Chanticleer Senior InvitationalT17
 Lupton Senior InvitationalT10
 Lowcountry Senior Invitational3
 Trans-Miss SeniorT9
 Carlton Woods Senior InvitationalT10
 Timuquana Cup SeniorT14
 Golfweek Senior AmateurT4
 Florida Azalea Senior13
 Jones Cup SeniorT34
 SOS Spring ClassicT27
 Golfweek Senior POY ClassicT9
2020Ralph Bogart TournamentT8
 Golfweek Senior TOCT17
 SOS Founders Cup8
 Golfweek Senior Challenge CupT7
 SOS Dale MoreyT12
 Golden Isles Senior InvitationalT9
 Sunnehanna SeniorT14
 Golfweek Senior National Match PlaySemifinals
 The Hesler4
 Moot Thomas InvitationalT20
 Jones Cup SeniorT8
 SOS Spring Classic7
 Golfweek Senior POY ClassicT15
 Kingsway Senior Invitational4
 Gateway Senior Invitational6
2019Golfweek Senior TOC4
 Ralph Bogart Tournament7
 SOS Founders CupT7
 SOS Golfweek ChallengeT6
 SOS Dale MoreyT11
 Timuquana Cup Senior14
 Sunnehanna SeniorT3
 Senior Porter CupT6
 North & South Senior7
 Golfweek Senior National Match PlayWin
 The HeslerT5
 Geranium Senior InvitationalT5
 U.S. Senior Challenge7
 Chanticleer Senior Invitational4
 Trans-Miss SeniorT6
 Carlton Woods Senior Invitational4
 Golfweek Senior AmateurT3
 Florida Azalea SeniorT22
 Moot Thomas InvitationalT17
 Jones Cup SeniorT43
 Gasparilla SeniorMC
 SOS Spring ClassicT6
 Golfweek Senior POY Classic5
 Old Corkscrew SeniorT17
2018Ralph Bogart TournamentT4
 Golfweek Senior TOCT3
 Crane Cup Senior11
 SOS Dale MoreyT21
 Senior Azalea InvitationalT18
 North & South SeniorT11
 Golfweek Senior National Match PlaySemifinals
 The HeslerT6
 Geranium Senior InvitationalT3
 National Senior Hall of Fame12
 Chanticleer Senior Invitational4
 Lupton Senior InvitationalT9
 Lowcountry Senior InvitationalT4
 Trans-Miss SeniorT23
 Carlton Woods Senior Invitational12
 SOS Senior MastersT2
 Golfweek Senior AmateurT20
 Florida Azalea Senior6
 Moot Thomas Invitational3
 Golfweek Senior POY ClassicT5
 Old Corkscrew SeniorT13
2017Dixie Senior & Mid-MasterT4
 Ralph Bogart Tournament2
 SOS Dale Morey10
 Senior Porter CupT13
 Chanticleer Senior Invitational24
 Geranium Senior Invitational5
 Timuquana Cup SeniorT18
 Golfweek Senior POY Classic17
2016Dave King SeniorT9
 National Senior Hall of FameT30
 Carlton Woods Senior InvitationalT18
2019Golfweek National Senior Match Play WinnerTobacco Road, Sanford, NC
2018Senior Peach Blossom WinnerIdle Hour Country Club, Macon, GA
2005USGA Mid-Am USGAHonors Golf Club, Chattanooga, TN
DriverCallaway Epic w/Stock Steel Shaft
3 WoodCallaway Rogue w/Fujikura Steel Shaft
Irons (4-PW) PXG w/Other Steel Shaft

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