PGA Tour's decision on green reading books no issue for amateurs
05 Nov 2021
by AmateurGolf.com Staff

Amateurs have long enjoyed many conveniences and technologies that are not allowed on professional tours. So the PGA Tour's decision to limit the use of green-reading guides like StrackaLine's "The Book" -- whether you agree with it or not -- shouldn't effect the 99.7 percent of golfers who don't play for a living.

Like using laser rangefinders and wearing shorts, amateurs enjoy a few benefits that professionals do not, and at AmateurGolf.com we're all for making the game easier. And we're especially fond of consistency in the application of rules like when the USGA reviewed the use of green-reading guides not very long ago.

StrackaLine supports our website, as well as that of the Golf Coaches Association of America, U.S. Golf Challenge, and many other organizations. That's good for their business, and it's good for the competitive amateur game.

Judging by the number of AG members that have used our member promo to purchase "The Book" for their home course and those they compete and play on when they take their game on the road, the feeling is mutual. And "The Book" is much more than a greens guide - it's available with amazing yardage and hole overviews. Players that carry them have an advantage, against a game that can be really hard, especially when competing on an unfamiliar layout.

StrackaLine released the following statement by email:

The professional tours are changing green-reading materials for just professional players. This is a local rule for just professional golfers and does not affect the amateur golfers of the world. Professional players will still have books that aid them on the green.

[StrackaLine founder] Jim Stracka has personally talked to the USGA rules staff members and they have no desire to change the current rule for green-reading material. StrackaLine services over 500 NCAA teams, many high school and junior tours, thousands of golf courses, and hundreds of thousands of amateur golfers on a regular basis.

Rest assured that StrackaLine will continue to produce "The Book" that is legal for all events you play in. If anyone has any questions regarding green-reading materials, please contact Justin Porter by using the contact form or phone number on the StrackaLine.com website.

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