Golf Lives: A Callaway Golf Docuseries
16 Oct 2017
by Pete Wlodkowski of AmateurGolf.com

It's no secret that golf is popular with two groups of celebrities -- musicians and athletes. For athletes, the attraction is obvious. Golf is a game that keeps the competitive juices flowing indefinitely. And, like the rest of us, athletes get "hooked on golf" because it's impossible to conquer. To hear an NFL legend get excited about breaking 90 is pretty cool. And that's exactly what Arian Foster talks about when he gets his new weapons after a custom fitting at the Ely Callaway Performance Center in Carlsbad, California.

For musicians, the link to golf may not be as direct, but it's pretty easy to explain. There is lots of time, and golf is respite that also taps into the right side of the brain. You can hear that come through in the way rap musician Scarface describes the game. "You can't cheat golf" comes through loud and clear.

I watched all three of the short documentaries in the Callaway "Golf Lives" series in quick succession, and if you like sports, music, and golf, I think you'll enjoy them as much as I did. Watch on YouTube, Callaway Golf's free Roku Channel.

Expect to be entertained, but don't expect to be sold products. The Callaway fitting and equipment are just part of the bigger story of "Golf Lives."

Part I
Featuring: Scarface aka Brad Jordan

Released: 10/4/16

About: We meet Scarface in LA at the studio where he’s recording his 12th album. Afterwards, we drive with him down to Callaway HQ and the Ely Callaway Performance Center for a full club fitting and tour. Throughout the day, we uncover more about his intimate relationship with golf and why he’s addicted.

Part II
Featuring: Arian Foster

Released: 10/9/17

About: We invited Arian to Callaway HQ in Carlsbad for a custom fitting at the Ely Callaway Performance Center as well as a tour and podcast session. We then followed him back to his digs in Houston where he fills us in on the passions he devotes time to after his NFL retirement.

Part III
Featuring: Scarface and Arian Foster

Released: 10/9/17

About: Arian’s clubs arrive at his home in Houston, just in time for his upcoming round with Scarface. We trail Arian to the course where he tees off with Scarface and the two Houston locals provide an entertaining 18 holes. Their dynamic on the course represents the connection, fun, and enjoyment we share playing the game.

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