Cleveland TFi 2135 Putter Review
17 Nov 2015
by Staff

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by Stuart Goldstein - Equipment Panelist

Probably the first thing you think of when someone mentions Cleveland Golf is wedges. You might want to change that to include another important short game piece of equipment: putters. With the introduction of the new TFi 2135 putter line, Cleveland has now cemented itself as a bona fide manufacturer of innovative, stylish and functional putters that are a perfect complement to their wedges and short game prowess.

The Huntington Beach, California company is serious about the new hashtag #own125.

So what exactly is 2135 and, more importantly, what does it have to do with putters? In simple terms, the exact center of the golf ball is 21.35mm above the ground. What Cleveland has done is raise the sight line on the back of the flange to a point where it lines up to the center of the golf ball: 21.35mm high.

Golfers have different putting strokes, address positions, and club preferences. Setting up over a putt perfectly every time is nearly impossible, leading to misalignment, off-center hits and poor strokes. The TFi235 alignment aid allows one to correctly align their putter no matter your set up. With all the different variables one has to overcome to make more putts the raised alignment aid eliminates possibly the biggest one-poor alignment.

The TFi 1.0 is an offset heal and toe weighted putter based on one of the most popular styles on Tour, but with modern technologies. The raised alignment sight line jumps out at you first but in a very subtle yet positive way. But more than that it works. Really works. The raised sight line, based on science and not art, makes it very easy to line up a putt every time. It gives you that extra sense of confidence, which is key to becoming a good putter.

I have a tendency to line up my putts to the left, but with the TFi my ball starts right on my line: straight putts, left to right breaking putts, right to left breaking putts-it really is a fantastic alignment aid. Putting is a lot easier when you don’t have to worry about alignment and the TFi 2135 easily gets you on line.

Alignment isn’t the only great feature of this putter. The feel is fabulous. Now feel is very subjective-some like a soft feel others a firmer, harder feel. The TFI (True Feel Innovation) face “combines a Milled Copper Infused Face Cap over a Copolymer Insert for the ultimate in feel and consistency across the face.” What this means is the TFi produces a great feel on every roll.  Soft, but not too mushy, making it easy to judge speed on any putt. Additionally, the copper and copolymer is also visible on the corners of the putter providing, what I think, is even more of an alignment aid.

OEM’s spend a lot of time trying to create just the right sound of a club whether it be a driver, irons or most importantly a putter.  The TFi copper insert produces a very pleasing sound-not too muted and not too loud-just the right sound.

Between the great feel and the ideal sound the TFi creates fantastic feedback, particularly on off center hits. Of course, despite the innovative alignment aid, those of us who don’t play for pay do have mishits. The TFi 2135 1.0 tested comes in a plumbers’ neck hosel and weighs a standard like 345 grams. The lie angle is also standard at 70 degrees and the loft is a little stronger coming in at 3 degrees. A soft Lamkin pistol style grip, weighing 65 grams, is a nice touch. It is the little things that count, and the TFi 2135 comes in a beautiful box with a well-designed and attractive headcover.

The bottom line is the bottom line, and the TFi 2135 putter will help YOUR bottom line by helping you make more putts. The technology is real, it works. For a price of $129 you will be hard pressed to find a better putter value.

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