Mizuno JPX 825 Pro Irons review
16 Apr 2014
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The Mizuno JPX 825 Pro irons, as Mizuno describes, are a cross-over iron between their forged blades and game improvement clubs. Consider them a game improvement blade.

The JPX 825 Pros combine the soft feel of a forged iron and a certain level of game improvement and forgiveness. In addition, being 1025 Carbon Steel, they have the flexibility of being adjusted to each individual user’s specifications.


This is the fourth set of Mizuno irons that I have purchased, and the third set of clubs that I have had the brand’s custom department build for me. As I hit several of the products that were offered by Mizuno, I was drawn towards the brushed finish of the JPX Pro irons. They don’t have the glare that other forged clubs give you on a sunny day.

The JPX Pro’s are easier to hit than Mizuno’s blades yet still forgiving enough when you don’t hit it in the center of the clubface. The clubs have more weight in the sole, especially in the mid and long irons, which promotes additional height on your shots. But when you hit them, they have that same Mizuno feel that I’ve come to love.


Mizuno continues to be a leader in iron customization. My fitting process started by hitting a couple of balls with the Mizuno Shaft optimizer, a tool that measures 5 separate club characteristics, including: club head speed, tempo, shaft toe down, shaft kick angle and release factor, which describes the moment the head and shaft are released during your downswing.

Next, the fitter assembles iron head and shaft combinations that maximize the performance characteristics from your optimizer results. Once you settle on an iron head and shaft that works for you, the fitter can finalize the club recommendations by determining grip composition and size, including build-up tape if you need it.

Once I had gone through the process, I had a spec sheet with all of my custom specifications needed in my new set -- I just had to pick the set make up. I chose to order a 5-iron thru Gap Wedge.


Four business days later, I returned home to find a set of clubs at my front door, prompting me to go to the range that afternoon. I was impressed with the performance of the irons. The mid irons flew straight with a great trajectory, and the short irons were powerful and piercing.

When I compared them to my previous clubs, the JPX Pros had overall better trajectory and comparable distances. The main difference that I have noticed with these irons is that all of the clubs -- from the 5-iron to the Gap Wedge -- have a longer look than other forged clubs. I think that makes the longer irons easier to hit, but it makes the short irons look “clunky”. My only other complaint is that the irons, while forged, feel slightly harder than other forged irons—especially on off- center hits. Overall, I have enjoyed these clubs enough that I have recommended them to two of my friends, who have also been very happy with their fitting process/purchases.


The JPX 825 Pro irons retail for $900 for eight irons (with any set make-up you desire) and are available now.

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