Driving the Business: Nexbelt CEO Gregg Hemphill
17 Apr 2023
by Todd Mrowice of AmateurGolf.com

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It’s amazing to think that an everyday item as simple as a belt had the possibility of being completely changed. Yes, it’s still intended to keep your pants up, but everything else was completely disrupted by Nexbelt and the category has never been the same.

At one point, it sounded crazy to think that a belt with no holes could exist. But here we are nearly a decade after Nexbelt burst onto the scene and thousands of consumers will never go back to the belts of yesteryear. The key to Nexbelt’s success is apparent when you look at the inside of the strap and find a plastic zipper-like strip. That strip feeds through the buckle and after a few “click, click, clicks” your Nexbelt is ratcheted into place and won’t move until you disengage it from a small button on the buckle.

You might be wondering how sizing works. It’s quite simple. Once your Nexbelt arrives all you need to do is trim it to your desired waist size and secure the buckle. Done and done.

As Nexbelt swept through the golf industry, further innovations and products followed. And we learned about the new belts, and opportunities for custom logos for group gifts and tournament prizes, from none other than CEO, Gregg Hemphill.

Nexbelt Rowland Thomas Collection
The Nexbelts that instantly caught our eyes were the new Rowland Thomas Series. The straps are embossed to replicate crocodile and alligator designs, but we were fooled because it looks like the real deal.

“The Rowland Thomas Series belts are made in the U.S.A. with Italian leathers,” said Hemphill. “It’s a really nice product.”

This series even features a Serpent Collection where the straps are embossed, by hand, to replicate snake skin.

Of course, all of Nexbelt’s familiar favorites are still available such as their leather and nylon golf belts with some fresh new colors and designs. What Hemphill mentioned, however, is another type of golf belt that has gained a loyal following (ourselves included).

“Super popular are our braided belts,” he said. “The nice thing is that you have our micro-adjustment, so it fits really great and it also has some stretch to it.”

We’re big fans of the Braided Golf Belt because they’re incredibly versatile. You can wear one in casual or formal settings and with 18 different color options, you’ll be hard-pressed to buy just one.

In addition to golf, Nexbelt does offer a wide range of dress belts that can be worn with formal attire or if you just like keeping your golf belts separate from your dress belts. In addition, Nexbelt now offers a full lineup of everyday carry (EDC) belts as well as tactical belts.

When visiting Hemphill and the Nexbelt booth in Orlando, we couldn’t help but notice some Nexbelts with buckles and straps featuring some of the best golf courses in the U.S. It turns out that Nexbelt offers custom belts for individuals, companies, and more. It’s the ultimate gift for any golf tournament as the logos are laser etched onto the buckle making for an incredible 3D look. You can even go with a custom logo printed on the belt strap.

Already own a Nexbelt? Great. Now you can head over to nexbelt.com and find the “separates” tab where you’ll find a ton of different straps and buckles that you can easily swap in and out to go with your outfits. And good news if you have a little golfing partner. Nexbelt has a great lineup of kids’ belts so the whole family can match.

One note of caution if you’re considering buying a Nexbelt. There are numerous companies out there producing a cheaper ratchet belt, but don’t waste your money. Not only are non-Nexbelts going to break quickly, but the ratchet system isn’t reliable and will come undone, leaving you with falling pants in a public setting. Not ideal.

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