Golf Buddy Voice 2 Review
27 Apr 2016
by Pete Wlodkowski of AmateurGolf.com

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The full Golf Buddy line; the Voice 2 shown bottom right">
"How would you like to buy a watch?"
The full Golf Buddy line; the Voice 2 shown bottom right

Golf Buddy has the most complete line of distance measuring devices in the business. And since day one, they have been subscription free, and I like that. As a matter of fact, I’ve got a GPS watch from a competing company sitting in a drawer somewhere because I just don’t want to be bothered with renewing another online account (and I’m not interested in annual fees).

I recently got a Golf Buddy Voice 2, and decided to take it for a test drive at the gorgeous La Costa Resort in Carlsbad. The device is so light and compact that it can be clipped just about anywhere, even a hat brim. For me, it just felt right on the belt, just above my right leg where it wouldn’t interfere with my swing or getting in and out of my pocket.

The sturdy clip slid over my belt perfectly, and I knew that it wasn’t coming loose all day. (As a matter of fact, I forgot to take it off after the round and didn’t realize I had it on until I got into my house and it told me it was “searching for satellite.”)

At the beginning of my round, I heard that same message when I powered the unit on, and because I forgot to turn the Golf Buddy Voice 2 on until I had started my round, I was delayed by a hole before I started getting yardages. No big deal – next time I play I’ll remember to turn the unit on when I’m warming up.

Once I started getting yardages, by voice, I was thrilled with not looking at a screen. I just touched the large button, got my yardage from a friendly female voice, and was on my way. My playing partner got a kick out of the process, and helped me verify the accuracy of the Golf Buddy system. (It’s accurate within a yard.)

As I got more confident with Golf Buddy Voice, I started to hit the button a second time, giving me front and back yardages. I found that to be extremely helpful. At this point, you might be thinking “my yardage watch/device/phone app does all that, what do I need this for?”

Indeed, it’s going to come down to personal preference. But I found the Golf Buddy Voice 2 to be unobtrusive, and FUN to use on the course. And I got a big reminder of the benefit of having something attached to your body on the 15th hole, when my friend couldn’t find his range finder. He drove back to the 14th tee, where he knew he left it, but still couldn’t find it. After resigning himself to a lost and found search (range finders seldom get returned) a maintenance guy drove up to us and returned it.

He had picked it up on the 14th tee prior to my friend figuring out he lost it. Through that two-hole process, my Golf Buddy Voice was happily giving me yardages, front center and back. And I’m going to give all the credit to technology, but I played par golf and made a bunch of birdies. As a fairly regular laser user, it’s a nice change of pace to get “front-middle-back” yardages, and I think I picked the right club more often because of it.

There are several other features in the Golf Buddy Voice 2, including the ability to “mark” a spot and then figure out how far you were from another spot, for example from the tee to the landing zone in a fairway. If you play a course a lot this could be very useful. For me, that’s probably going deeper than I need to, but in playing around with it I could tell that it was easy to use.

The company maps out courses, with thousands pre- installed on this tiny device. If you’re tired of losing lasers, want to simplify the game, and have fun in the process, I highly recommend Golf Buddy Voice 2. And the company offers just about every other variant of distance measuring device, from GPS watches (with an attractive ladies model) to a tradition laser. Check them out at www.golfbuddy.com.

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