Lamkin UTx Wrap Grip Review
03 Jul 2015
by AmateurGolf.com Staff

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by Johnathan Beau - AmateurGolf.com Player Staff

I have tried almost every kind of grip out there: standard non-cord, cord, combination, tacky. You name it and I have probably tried it. The new Lamkin UTx Wrap is unlike any grip I have put on my clubs.

For the last year, I have gone away from cord grips because they have torn my hands up. I used to exclusively play Lamkin Crossline Cord, which are probably the gnarly-est cord grips out there. Your hands will not slip with those bad boys. But hitting a bunch of balls would make my hands hurt and callus- up. Then I changed to Sticky 2.1 Iomic Grips, which were great. They felt great, and were really tacky, although were a tad squishy and did not last very long.

I recently changed to the Lamkin UTx grips, which I thought were unbelievable; cord, but not too harsh and still tacky and sturdy. However, there was still a degree of squishy-ness, especially because I build up my grips: 3 wraps under the left hand, 4 wraps under the right.

I have the round UTx grips on my irons (read a separate review here), but put the UTX Wraps on my woods and the difference is pretty noticeable. The product used is the same, but the Wraps seemed to be more stable, perhaps because the butt diameter of the graphite wood shafts is a bit bigger. (I'm going to try the mid-size version of these grips on my irons to see if that helps, but it's a small issue as you likely won't be building up your grips like I do!)

The UTx Wrap model is a slightly thinner than the standard UTX, which makes the Wrap fit a little bit better and stay more solid.

What I loved: The sound I hear when my glove would comes off the grip. Imagine the weakest type of Velcro; giving that feeling that the grip isn’t going anywhere, but it’s still gives you freedom. By no means was my hand completely glued to the club, however.

Some Minor Gotchas: The grips were somewhat difficult to put on, at least normally. When I put grips on, (and I have been doing this myself for many years -- I can usually slip them on swiftly without much adjustment. The UTX grips required a little different technique -- I slide the grip on slowly initially, then move it firmly with two hands, making sure to keep the grip stable. Also, with some of the grips, the cord would slightly "warp" the grip, which could be fixed with a little push with a thumb on the warped area.

Price: $6.99 a grip. Not too pricey, but still a little more than your standard stock grip.

Rating: 9.8/10 - These grips are really good.

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