AmateurGolf.com 2017 Wine Country Cup presented by Callaway Golf
February 25 - 26 2017
Novato, CA


Tournament Overview

A 36-hole medal play event with scratch, senior scratch, and handicap divisions. The host club, StoneTree, is one of Northern California's top courses. It has recently become a private club managed by Bay Clubs.

Definitely a "Spouse-Friendly Event" - Players from outside of the immediate Bay Area are encouraged to bring a spouse/significant other and enjoy a weekend in Wine Country.

Special hotel rate available; click the "lodging" button for more information.

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Format: Stroke Play
Categories: Men, Men Senior, Women
Regions: Northern California


Bay Clubs StoneTree Golf Club Bay Clubs StoneTree Golf Club
9 Stonetree Ln
Novato, CA  94945-3541
phone: (415) 209-6090
url: www.bayclubs.com/stonetree

Tournament News

16974143Connor BlickAlamo, CA
27569144Alex ParkVancouver, Canada
38071151Daniel Dal PoggettoPetaluma, CA
37576151Maxwell FerrariFramingham, MA
37477151Jaskaran SihotaDublin, CA
37576151Dylan VanderVeerNewport Beach, CA
77975154Robert ThomasKentfield, CA
87284156Ben SoicherMill Valley, CA
97879157Matthew AndersonDanville, CA
107781158Lucas LamBerkeley, CA
117585160Grant FairbairnOrinda, CA
127784161Chad SolterLarkspur, CA
137785162Joe LaHorgueKentfield, CA
138280162Todd SchneiderMill Valley, CA
158086166Ricardo RonquilloLos Gatos, CA
168685171Joseph GerardiClovis, CA
178686172Roderick Kenney IIVallejo, CA
179181172Christopher KuesterSan Francisco, CA
198688174Peter WoodSanta Cruz, CA
208986175Christopher HughesSAN rafeal, CA
219591186Philip SmithConcord, CA
2210087187Al VargaWalnut Creek, CA
23wdwdwdJeremy GombergMountain View, CA
2379wdwdKeith RodriguezSan Francisco, CA
2378wdwdKevin Tarango San Francisco , CA
Senior Championship
17374147Chris HylandSan Francisco, CA
27979158Sherman HaggertyEl Dorado Hills, CA
27979158Barry SoicherMill Valley, CA
48180161Mark MillerBrentwood, CA
48180161Tyrone WillinghamLos Gatos, CA
68478162Mark LaneGreenbrae, CA
68082162Dennis MartinOakland, CA
88580165Roy GulickSan Rafael, CA
98878166John GiffinPetaluma, CA
98383166Tony Wilmersan mateo, CA
118780167Mike ParnowSonoma, CA
128882170Malcolm FairbairnOrinda, CA
138588173Estok MentonUkiah, CA
148491175Allen SuzukiSan Francisco, CA
158296178Jorgen Michael JensenCampbell, CA
16969138Lynes Downing, Jr.Novato, CA
27175146Jim FarmerNovato, CA
37375148Doug NickelsSan Rafael, CA
37474148spencer shortsan francisco, CA
57872150Phillip GreenCorte Madera, CA
66983152Calvin KnopPleasanton, CA
67676152nick mahoneynovato, CA
87579154Sheila HintonAnderson, SC
98176157Jerry GoffNovato, CA
97978157Colin ParkerFairfax, CA
117187158Jesse WhitePetaluma, CA
127981160joseph amadeaSan Francisco, CA
1373dqdqMark ChapmanLarkspur, CA
1475wdwdTom DillonNovato, CA
1485wdwdChris NorlanderNovato, CA

Pairings for Round 2 on Sunday February 26 follow.

Tee #1 08:00 AM
joseph amadeaSan Francisco, CANet
Jerry GoffNovato, CANet
Tee #1 08:10 AM
Phillip GreenCorte Madera, CANet
nick mahoneynovato, CANet
Colin ParkerFairfax, CANet
Tee #1 08:20 AM
Sheila HintonAnderson, SCNet
Doug NickelsSan Rafael, CANet
spencer shortsan francisco, CANet
Tee #1 08:30 AM
Lynes Downing, Jr.Novato, CANet
Jim FarmerNovato, CANet
Calvin KnopPleasanton, CANet
Jesse WhitePetaluma, CANet
Tee #1 08:40 AM
Malcolm FairbairnOrinda, CASenior Championship
John GiffinPetaluma, CASenior Championship
Mike ParnowSonoma, CASenior Championship
Tee #1 08:50 AM
Roy GulickSan Rafael, CASenior Championship
Mark LaneGreenbrae, CASenior Championship
Estok MentonUkiah, CASenior Championship
Allen SuzukiSan Francisco, CASenior Championship
Tee #1 09:00 AM
Jorgen Michael JensenCampbell, CASenior Championship
Mark MillerBrentwood, CASenior Championship
Tyrone WillinghamLos Gatos, CASenior Championship
Tony Wilmersan mateo, CASenior Championship
Tee #1 09:10 AM
Sherman HaggertyEl Dorado Hills, CASenior Championship
Chris HylandSan Francisco, CASenior Championship
Dennis MartinOakland, CASenior Championship
Barry SoicherMill Valley, CASenior Championship
Tee #1 09:20 AM
Christopher KuesterSan Francisco, CAChampionship
Philip SmithConcord, CAChampionship
Al VargaWalnut Creek, CAChampionship
Tee #1 09:30 AM
Joseph GerardiClovis, CAChampionship
Christopher HughesSAN rafeal, CAChampionship
Roderick Kenney IIVallejo, CAChampionship
Tee #1 09:40 AM
Ricardo RonquilloLos Gatos, CAChampionship
Todd SchneiderMill Valley, CAChampionship
Peter WoodSanta Cruz, CAChampionship
Tee #1 09:50 AM
Daniel Dal PoggettoPetaluma, CAChampionship
Robert ThomasKentfield, CAChampionship
Tee #1 10:00 AM
Matthew AndersonDanville, CAChampionship
Lucas LamBerkeley, CAChampionship
Chad SolterLarkspur, CAChampionship
Tee #1 10:10 AM
Maxwell FerrariFramingham, MAChampionship
Joe LaHorgueKentfield, CAChampionship
Alex ParkVancouver, CanadaChampionship
Dylan VanderVeerNewport Beach, CAChampionship
Tee #1 10:20 AM
Connor BlickAlamo, CAChampionship
Grant FairbairnOrinda, CAChampionship
Jaskaran SihotaDublin, CAChampionship
Ben SoicherMill Valley, CAChampionship

Matthew AndersonDanville, CA
Connor BlickAlamo, CA
Daniel Dal PoggettoPetaluma, CA
Grant FairbairnOrinda, CA
Maxwell FerrariFramingham, MA
Joseph GerardiClovis, CA
Jeremy GombergMountain View, CA
Christopher HughesSAN rafeal, CA
Roderick Kenney IIVallejo, CA
Christopher KuesterSan Francisco, CA
Joe LaHorgueKentfield, CA
Lucas LamBerkeley, CA
Alex ParkVancouver, Canada
Keith RodriguezSan Francisco, CA
Ricardo RonquilloLos Gatos, CA
Todd SchneiderMill Valley, CA
Jaskaran SihotaDublin, CA
Philip SmithConcord, CA
Ben SoicherMill Valley, CA
Chad SolterLarkspur, CA
Kevin Tarango San Francisco , CA
Robert ThomasKentfield, CA
Dylan VanderVeerNewport Beach, CA
Al VargaWalnut Creek, CA
Peter WoodSanta Cruz, CA
Senior Championship
Malcolm FairbairnOrinda, CA
John GiffinPetaluma, CA
Roy GulickSan Rafael, CA
Sherman HaggertyEl Dorado Hills, CA
Chris HylandSan Francisco, CA
Jorgen Michael JensenCampbell, CA
Mark LaneGreenbrae, CA
Dennis MartinOakland, CA
Estok MentonUkiah, CA
Mark MillerBrentwood, CA
Mike ParnowSonoma, CA
Barry SoicherMill Valley, CA
Allen SuzukiSan Francisco, CA
Tyrone WillinghamLos Gatos, CA
Tony Wilmersan mateo, CA
joseph amadeaSan Francisco, CA
Mark ChapmanLarkspur, CA
Tom DillonNovato, CA
Lynes Downing, Jr.Novato, CA
Jim FarmerNovato, CA
Jerry GoffNovato, CA
Phillip GreenCorte Madera, CA
Sheila HintonAnderson, SC
Calvin KnopPleasanton, CA
nick mahoneynovato, CA
Doug NickelsSan Rafael, CA
Chris NorlanderNovato, CA
Colin ParkerFairfax, CA
spencer shortsan francisco, CA
Jesse WhitePetaluma, CA

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