Alex Vogelsong
Alex Vogelsong
Palm City, FL
Current Index: +2.2
Tournament Results
2024Seahawk IntercollegiateT15
 The Amer Ari InvitationalT36
2023Fallen Oak Collegiate InvitationalT5
 Williams Cup32
 Western Amateur48
 NCAA Division I ChampionshipT63
 NCAA Division I Southeast RegionalT13
 SEC ChampionshipT8
 Lewis Chitengwa MemorialT15
 Mossy Oak Collegiate ChampionshipT17
 General Hackler ChampionshipT10
 Tiger InvitationalT20
 Dorado Beach CollegiateT37
 Jones CupT69
2022Isleworth Collegiate InvitationalT5
 Marquette IntercollegiateT24
 Maui Jim IntercollegiateT31
 Western Amateur54
 Trans-Miss ChampionshipT4
 Florida State AmateurWinner
 NCAA Division I ChampionshipT57
 NCAA Division I Central RegionalT23
 SEC ChampionshipT18
 Mossy Oak Collegiate ChampionshipT20
 Hootie at Bulls BayT7
 General Hackler ChampionshipT9
 Tiger InvitationalT7
 Nexus Collegiate ClassicT32
2021Orlando International AmateurT22
 Isleworth Collegiate InvitationalT13
 Maui Jim IntercollegiateT37
 Dogwood InvitationalT21
 NCAA Division I Central RegionalT21
 SEC ChampionshipT33
 Country Club of Birmingham Collegiate InvitationalT6
 Hootie at Bulls BayT8
 Tiger InvitationalT20
 Florida Gators InvitationalT48
 New Year's InvitationalT6
2020Jerry Pate Intercollegiate15
 Vanderbilt Legends CollegiateT31
 Blessings CollegiateT46
 Southeastern AmateurT26
 Tiger InvitationalT3
 Wyoming Desert IntercollegiateT28
 The Amer Ari InvitationalT44
2019South Beach InternationalT66
 Kiawah Classic at Turtle Point3
 Isleworth Collegiate InvitationalT60
 Jerry Pate IntercollegiateT22
 Inverness IntercollegiateT11
 Terra Cotta InvitationalWinner
 Jones CupT27
2018U.S. Amateur Final QualifyingQualifier

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