Amateur Golf Podcast: founder Pete Wlodkowski built it, and they came
20 Mar 2023
by Sean Melia of

Pete Wlodkowski
Pete Wlodkowski

Pete Wlodkowski started 23 years ago. He joins the podcast on this particular episode to talk about a project he’s working on for our YouTube channel. He wants to showcase the Carlsbad area in Southern California because it is the mecca for golf club manufacturing. Nearly every major brand has a foothold in Carlsbad.

In the first episode of the Carlsbad golf tour, Pete visits Fujikura and learns about how they make shafts, he was also lucky enough to test out some driver shafts in their testing center. Pete shares the goals of this video series and the unique experiences that each manufacturer provides its visitors and the golfing public.

On club fitting and ways to take advantage of technology

At this point in the golf business, ideas are evolutionary not so much revolutionary. It's difficult to pass some of the standards that are out there. And the average handicap is starting to get better. Look at all the influx of golfers in the world that have come into the game after the pandemic. They want to play and score. But not everybody can afford a $3,000 bag of golf clubs. So for those that can't, they can go back in time three years, and still get fitted and know their specs and then buy a set of clubs. I remember the day we used to just take grandpa's clubs and cut them down.

On helping people find careers in golf

One of the goals was to show people a way to get a career in the golf business. We'll talk about that with some of the people at the biggest companies, and how do they hire, what do they look for. I mean, they can't do it all through hiring former college golfers; there's some of that, but what do they look for? How do you get a job if you're a golfer to get into the golf business?

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