WATCH: Getting fit for Paradym Ai Smoke Irons
03 Jan 2024
by Justin Golba of

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With the launch of the Paradym Smoke Ai Irons,'s founder, Pete Wlodkowski, met with Gerrit Pon, an R&D analyst with Callaway Golf, to learn about the changes and get fitted for a new set.

"I am definitely seeing the trajectory just looking at it," Wlodkowski said after hitting the irons.

After hitting some balls on the range and getting his numbers, Wlodkowski and Pon talked about what he saw and felt and the difference between the two models. The standard, the HL model, and the MAX Fast.

"The bigger iron is the HL, which stands for high launch, and it keeps a wide sole, the center of gravity low, and helps launch the ball higher, and the specifications are different," Pon said. "In the past, they would have an iron that was easier to launch and more compact, but the specs were the same." 

And if you want a more traditional look? The standard model will work best for you.

"It is a distance iron for sure," Pon said.


The sound and feel were another focus for Callaway as they were creating the new iron.

"We put a lot of work into how the clubs sound and feel," Pon said. "Obviously, you are trying to get a performance, and sometimes the fact that the face is going to flex and move to increase the ball speed is like hitting a tuning fork. it is going to create a pitch, speed, and duration that isn't what we are used to out of golf clubs historically." 

Pon added, "We use microspheres to put inside the club heads to make them sound appealing and traditional while not hindering the performance on speed."

Here is the full video with Pete and Gerrit Pon.

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