First Look: Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Drivers, Fairways, Hybrids, and Irons
03 Jan 2024
by Todd Mrowice of AmateurGolf.com

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Let's rewind 12 months. With a new year upon us, Callaway debuted its Paradym collection, which had been spotted in professional bags leading up to the big announcement. It was one of the heftiest equipment drops from Callaway and one that was met with high hopes. Now, in January of 2024, we look back knowing that Paradym was worth every bit of its hype. It also left equipment gurus wondering what would come next from Callaway. The answer: Paradym Ai Smoke.

In what will be Callaway’s workhorse lineup for 2024, Paradym Ai Smoke drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, and irons will have a pre-sale date of January 12 and will land in retailers between January 26 and February 9.

“There’s always the challenge out there of what are we going to do and what’s coming next,” said Callaway Sr. Product Director, Dave Neville. “What’s going to unlock us and take us to the next level?”

So what can you expect out of these smokey new sticks from Callaway? AmateurGolf.com has all of the details, along with first-hand fitting experience from our own Pete Wlodkowski.

Ai and Appearance
As one of the earliest club manufacturers to dabble in artificial intelligence, Callaway has been able to use the advanced technology to its advantage in both design and performance. The original Paradym utilized A.I. to enhance Callaway’s famous Jailbreak Technology in addition to optimizing club faces across the entire lineup. Paradym Ai Smoke models will have a special design feature called Ai Smart Face, which will minimize your mishits by having sweet spots across the entire face. It’s a first for the industry and will likely be the hallmark of the line. This amazing process involves over 250,000 Real Player swings which generated dynamics and data that were used to develop the technology.

Appearance is everything, and the Paradym Ai Smoke doesn’t lack in this department. Its predecessor had a very sleek, dark blue canvas with gold accents. The Ai Smoke, however, carries a darker palette with pops of blue and a smoky finish.

Paradym Ai Smoke Drivers
Let’s start with the biggest dogs on the block and, likely, the clubs most amateurs will want to get after first. Callaway makes a huge jump by offering four new driver models right out of the gate. Each utilizes Ai Smart Face, and each has its own particular design to best suit the player gaming it. In addition, the 360 carbon chassis used in the original Paradym has been improved for better weight distribution. Let’s take a look at each.

Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke driver

Paradym Ai Smoke MAX
The model that paints with the broadest stroke. The Ai Smoke MAX will likely be the most purchased model of the four because it likely hits the largest audience. Players of all levels will see the Ai Smoke MAX deliver in distance and forgiveness while not tipping too far into the maximum of any category. The perimeter weighting can be adjusted and is a carry over from the original Paradym. Depending on weight placement and your swing, Callaway promotes that it can deliver up to 19 yards of shot shape correction.

Paradym Ai Smoke MAX D
The Paradym Ai Smoke MAX D model takes all of the great aspect of the previously mentioned MAX model and adds a little more attention to the player that desires a draw. If you struggle with a fade/slice, your eye will love this generously stretched profile that delivers a higher MOI to keep you in the fairway. A rear weight will also help keep the head stable through impact.

Paradym Ai Smoke MAX Fast
The name might give it away, but the Ai Smoke MAX Fast is built for speed and more speed. Perhaps you’re a senior player who’s lost a few yards or an advanced junior player that’s on the cusp of heavier clubs, this model will deliver an ideal weight. By adding an internal titanium support structure, Callaway shaved 15% from the chassis weight and redistributed it for a higher launch angle.

Paradym Ai Smoke Triple Diamond
For the better player that looks to shape tee shots, the Ai Smoke Triple Diamond driver will likely set up the best for your game. With a smaller profile at address and a neutral to fade bias, the more advanced ball striker can have a field day watching bombs fly. And for those that like to tinker, a moveable 14g weight allows for some speed and spin comparison to get you property dialed in.

All Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke driver models retail for $599.99.

“We’re really proud of what we’ve accomplished here,” said VP of R&D, Brian Williams. “We've seen a new level of performance that’s possible in terms of how we use Ai, our Machine Learning, and design process to create a longer, straighter driver.”

See how Pete did in his Paradym Ai Smoke driver fitting


Paradym Ai Smoke Fairway Woods
If you hit any of the 2023 Paradym fairway woods you’ll know that they competed with, or bested, anything on the market last year. It’s also not a stretch to say they are the best collection of fairway woods Callaway has produced in recent years. Needless to say, the new Paradym Ai Smoke family of fairway woods have a lot to live up to, but they are well-equipped to fill those shoes.

Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke fairway woods

Paradym Ai Smoke MAX
Once again the MAX model will be your “standard” version. Meant for a wide array of players, this model features 24g of weight from the original chassis repositioned. 12g low-forward for ideal launch and spin, and 12g in the rear for increased forgiveness.

Paradym Ai Smoke MAX D
As with the driver, the MAX D model is higher launching and has a draw bias to help support those that slice the golf ball. The Ai Smoke MAX D also has a bit of an upright angle to help with consistency in setup and performance. The 3W and 3HL models have an adjustable hosel to dial in launch control.

Paradym Ai Smoke MAX Fast
Lighter on all accounts, the Ai Smoke MAX Fast caters to the player looking to add distance by way of subtracting weight. With a bonded hosel and even a lighter Winn Dri Tac grip, Callaway leaves no lightweight detail out in creating this distance go-getter.

Paradym Ai Smoke Triple Diamond
The better player will gravitate to the Ai Smoke Triple Diamond as they will with the driver. This compact, deep face, fairway woods features grooves across the entire face, leading to the ability to maneuver your shots however you’d like.

All Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke fairway woods retail for $349.99.
“Similarly compelling results to our driver, these fairway woods have tested longer and straighter, with improved dispersion, higher launch, and lower spin than their Paradym counterparts,” said Williams.

Paradym Ai Smoke Hybrids
Bridging the gap from technologically sound fairway woods and your scoring clubs we find the new lineup of Paradym Ai Smoke hybrids. Again, a continuation and improvement upon the original Paradym models which were highly praised. Callaway debuts three hybrid models which sync-up appropriately with the previously mentioned equipment.

Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke hybrid

Paradym Ai Smoke Hybrid
Utilizing the same Smart Face technology that is found in the drivers and fairway woods, these are your “standard” model hybrids which will appeal to the many. Average to higher swing speeds looking to add distance but also hit greens with a little spin will find comfort in the Ai Smoke model. The overall profile is slightly large and the sole features a more pronounced camber which helps with turf interaction and clean contact.

Paradym Ai Smoke MAX Fast Hybrid
A continuation of the MAX Fast line, these models are all about adding distance and subtracting weight. The Ai Smoke MAX Fast carries a more forgiving overall shape and is designed to launch the ball high. Callaway even drops a 40g shaft in the MAX Fast models to ensure the ball gets in the air.

Paradym Ai Smoke HL Hybrid
Talk about knowing your audience. Callaway could have easily made two new hybrid models and walked away, but instead, they’ve created the Ai Smoke HL which promotes a high, easy launch with the benefit of a shallower face.

All Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke hybrids retail for $279.99.

“The Ai Smart Face is unique for each of the models and each of the loft,” said Neville. “As you get into the HL, the parameters we’re putting into the Smart Face are all about the high launch. The MAX Fast model shaping is different with the fixed hosel and flat profile.”

Paradym Ai Smoke Irons
Last year we were given two iron model in the Paradym family in the Paradym and Paradym X, the latter being the more forgiving of the pair. We’re excited to see not two, but three iron models in this second iteration. And as you can guess, they irons match all of the carbon we’ve previously talked about.

Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke irons

Paradym Ai Smoke irons
Not unlike the other clubs in the family, Callaway is promoting the Paradym Ai Smoke irons to have the most advanced club faces they’ve ever produced. The original Paradym irons were awfully hot, so that’s saying something. This “standard” type model will suit the average player with an average to higher swing speed. Featuring a contemporary design and a hollow body, the look and feel of the Paradym Ai Smoke irons is in a league of its own. In addition, a new Dynamic Sole Design allowed for better turf interaction and cleaner contact.

Paradym Ai Smoke HL
An easy continuation of the Ai Smoke HL hybrids, a combo set with these irons will make getting around the course a lot easier for many higher handicaps. The higher launch design will hit more greens whether you’re coming out of the fairway of the rough, also thanks to the same Dynamic Sole Design.

Paradym Ai Smoke MAX Fast
If you’re considering the woods, you should really check out the irons. Consistent with the other MAX Fast options in the Paradym lineup, these irons are designed to get you the most distance by shaving off weight from the head, shaft, and grip. The cavity back construction shows that a distance iron doesn’t have to be clunky in order for players to capitalize on gaining distance on approach shots.

Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke irons retail starting at $999.99.

“We wanted to really push for the same kind of breakthrough with an Ai Smart Face design and see what we could get out of an Ai-led approach on these irons,” said Williams. “And we wanted to make sure that we have a clear differentiation in our offering, clear segmentation, and really offer a product line that it’s very clear of who these products are for.

For more information on all of the new Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke equipment visit callawaygolf.com.



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