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April 09 - 10 2016
Seaside, CA


Tournament Overview

Challenge your game at Bayonet Black Horse, which has hosted the California State Amateur, the Champions Tour First Tee Classic, the PGA Tour's west coast qualifying events, and more.

You won't believe the makeover that is now complete at all 36 holes, which can only be said to move the resort from fantastic to truly world class.

The tournament is 36 Holes, with three Divisions:

-Championship (5.4 and under)
-Senior (8.0 and under)
-Handicap (5.5-15.0)

** NCGA Points event- part of the Tournament Series

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Format: Stroke Play
Categories: Men, Men Senior, Women
Regions: Northern California, Pacific, Southern California


Bayonet Black Horse - Black Horse Bayonet Black Horse - Black Horse
1 McClure Way
Seaside, CA  93955-7100
phone: (831) 899-7271

Tournament News

17173144Daniel Dal PoggettoPetaluma, CA
27174145Ben DoyleLa Jolla, CA
36880148William AldredBerkeley, CA
37474148Clayton MadeyBerkeley, CA
37276148brett wolvertWilsonville, OR
67377150Jeremy GombergMountain View, CA
67377150Andrew MorganLong Beach, CA
87279151Evan PetersonMoraga, CA
87477151Ben ShurVentura, CA
87477151Grady SmithSan Luis Obispo, CA
117676152Lucas LamBerkeley, CA
117676152Philip SimpsonTracy, CA
137875153Minsu LeeSan Jose, CA
147678154Eric De Los SantosStudio city, CA
158174155David StaszkoSan Jose, CA
168175156John FoleyLos Altos HIlls, CA
167680156Alexander WilsonBerkeley, CA
187979158Keelan KilpatrickBerkeley, CA
198079159John GrecoSunnyvale, CA
197782159Justin WooSan Jose, CA
217684160Stephen GriggsFoster City, CA
227982161Lawrence O'NeillSalinas, CA
238082162Tanner ChoateAcampo, CA
237884162Greg MossSanta Barbara, CA
237884162Hassan SaidSan Jose, CA
238280162Peter WoodSanta Cruz, CA
278481165C. Emerson ChambersYountville, CA
277986165Connor EstradaYuba city , CA
298285167Brandon BakerBay Point, CA
308583168Douglas BurtonSan Jose, CA
308286168Josh WillLincoln, CA
328683169Eric CondryFresno, CA
338387170Riley AdamsHidden Valley Lake, CA
348694180Connor Bovee San Luis Obispo , CA
359791188Justin PaulsSalinas , CA
368181Dominick HooverReno, NV
368181Bert LaMarCarlsbad, CA
368181Jon LarsonSanta Cruz, CA
398282Trevor HackerLos Gatos, CA
408787Brandon HarrisFontana, CA
4180wdwdJohn ScholtzSan Jose, CA
Senior Championship
17482156Jeff BrittonCarmel, CA
27789166Dave StoneDanville, CA
38586171Michael DonovanPebble Beach, CA
49186177Rusty OetingerOakhurst, CA
18077157Lyle CovinoBrisbane, CA
28177158Korsen YuSanta Cruz, CA
38191172Frank AngeloMoraga, CA

Pairings for Round 2 on Sunday April 10 follow.

B Tee #13A 08:30 AM
Riley AdamsHidden Valley Lake, CAChampionship
Douglas BurtonSan Jose, CAChampionship
C. Emerson ChambersYountville, CAChampionship
Trevor HackerLos Gatos, CAChampionship
B Tee #13B 08:30 AM
Connor Bovee San Luis Obispo , CAChampionship
Eric CondryFresno, CAChampionship
Brandon HarrisFontana, CAChampionship
Justin PaulsSalinas , CAChampionship
B Tee #14A 08:30 AM
Tanner ChoateAcampo, CAChampionship
Dominick HooverReno, NVChampionship
Bert LaMarCarlsbad, CAChampionship
Jon LarsonSanta Cruz, CAChampionship
B Tee #14B 08:30 AM
Brandon BakerBay Point, CAChampionship
John FoleyLos Altos HIlls, CAChampionship
David StaszkoSan Jose, CAChampionship
Peter WoodSanta Cruz, CAChampionship
B Tee #15A 08:30 AM
Connor EstradaYuba city , CAChampionship
John GrecoSunnyvale, CAChampionship
Lawrence O'NeillSalinas, CAChampionship
B Tee #16A 08:30 AM
Eric De Los SantosStudio city, CAChampionship
Stephen GriggsFoster City, CAChampionship
Alexander WilsonBerkeley, CAChampionship
Justin WooSan Jose, CAChampionship
B Tee #16B 08:30 AM
Keelan KilpatrickBerkeley, CAChampionship
Minsu LeeSan Jose, CAChampionship
Greg MossSanta Barbara, CAChampionship
Hassan SaidSan Jose, CAChampionship
B Tee #17A 08:30 AM
Jeremy GombergMountain View, CAChampionship
Andrew MorganLong Beach, CAChampionship
Ben ShurVentura, CAChampionship
brett wolvertWilsonville, ORChampionship
B Tee #17B 08:30 AM
Lucas LamBerkeley, CAChampionship
Clayton MadeyBerkeley, CAChampionship
Philip SimpsonTracy, CAChampionship
Grady SmithSan Luis Obispo, CAChampionship
B Tee #18A 08:30 AM
William AldredBerkeley, CAChampionship
Daniel Dal PoggettoPetaluma, CAChampionship
Ben DoyleLa Jolla, CAChampionship
Evan PetersonMoraga, CAChampionship
B Tee #1A 08:30 AM
Jeff BrittonCarmel, CASenior Championship
Michael DonovanPebble Beach, CASenior Championship
Rusty OetingerOakhurst, CASenior Championship
Dave StoneDanville, CASenior Championship
B Tee #1B 08:30 AM
Frank AngeloMoraga, CANet
Lyle CovinoBrisbane, CANet
Josh WillLincoln, CAChampionship
Korsen YuSanta Cruz, CANet

Riley AdamsHidden Valley Lake, CA
William AldredBerkeley, CA
Brandon BakerBay Point, CA
Connor Bovee San Luis Obispo , CA
Douglas BurtonSan Jose, CA
C. Emerson ChambersYountville, CA
Tanner ChoateAcampo, CA
Eric CondryFresno, CA
Daniel Dal PoggettoPetaluma, CA
Eric De Los SantosStudio city, CA
Ben DoyleLa Jolla, CA
Connor EstradaYuba city , CA
John FoleyLos Altos HIlls, CA
Jeremy GombergMountain View, CA
John GrecoSunnyvale, CA
Stephen GriggsFoster City, CA
Trevor HackerLos Gatos, CA
Brandon HarrisFontana, CA
Dominick HooverReno, NV
Keelan KilpatrickBerkeley, CA
Lucas LamBerkeley, CA
Bert LaMarCarlsbad, CA
Jon LarsonSanta Cruz, CA
Minsu LeeSan Jose, CA
Clayton MadeyBerkeley, CA
Andrew MorganLong Beach, CA
Greg MossSanta Barbara, CA
Lawrence O'NeillSalinas, CA
Justin PaulsSalinas , CA
Evan PetersonMoraga, CA
Hassan SaidSan Jose, CA
John ScholtzSan Jose, CA
Ben ShurVentura, CA
Philip SimpsonTracy, CA
Grady SmithSan Luis Obispo, CA
David StaszkoSan Jose, CA
Josh WillLincoln, CA
Alexander WilsonBerkeley, CA
brett wolvertWilsonville, OR
Justin WooSan Jose, CA
Peter WoodSanta Cruz, CA
Senior Championship
Jeff BrittonCarmel, CA
Michael DonovanPebble Beach, CA
Rusty OetingerOakhurst, CA
Dave StoneDanville, CA
Frank AngeloMoraga, CA
Lyle CovinoBrisbane, CA
Korsen YuSanta Cruz, CA

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Contact Information

Brandie Hammontree, Tournament Coordinator, Inc.
6965 El Camino Real #105-631
Carlsbad, CA 92009

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