Paul Schlachter
Paul Schlachter
Bridgeville, PA

Tournament Results
2022SOS John Kline19
 SOS Spring ClassicT6
 Gateway Senior Invitational18
 Plantation Senior Invitational19
2021Golfweek Senior TOC21
 SOS Dale Morey62
 Senior Azalea Invitational23
 Lupton Senior InvitationalT22
 SOS John KlineT7
 Heron Creek SeniorT10
 Gateway Senior InvitationalT12
2020SOS Super Senior ChampionshipT22
 Sunnehanna Senior4
 Dave King Senior2
 Kingsway Senior InvitationalWinner
 Gateway Senior InvitationalT3
 Old Corkscrew Senior8
2019SOS Dale MoreyT26
 Senior Porter Cup17
 Golfweek Senior POY Classic6
 Kingsway Senior InvitationalWinner
 Gateway Senior InvitationalT8
2016Sunnehanna Senior6
 Senior Porter Cup3
 The Hesler7
 Kingsway Senior Invitational4
 Gateway Senior InvitationalT16
2015Golfweek Senior TOC6
 SOS Dale MoreyT9
 Sunnehanna SeniorT4
 Senior Porter Cup15
 The HeslerWinner
 SOS Senior MastersT19
 Golfweek Senior AmateurT3
 Kingsway Senior Invitational6
 Gateway Senior InvitationalT3
 Old Corkscrew SeniorT8
2014SOS Fall ClassicT15
 Sunnehanna SeniorT4
 Senior Porter Cup7
 Golfweek Senior National Match PlayQuarterfinals
 Dave King SeniorWinner
 The HeslerWinner
 National Senior Hall of Fame5
 Lupton Senior InvitationalT11
2013SOS Dale MoreyT33
 Lowcountry Senior InvitationalT2
 Sunnehanna Senior3
 Senior Porter CupT2
 U.S. Senior AmateurFinal 32
 The HeslerT3
 National Senior Hall of FameT4
 Kingsway Senior InvitationalT1
 Gateway Senior Invitational4
 Dave King SeniorWinner
2012Sunnehanna SeniorT2
 Senior Porter Cup4
 The HeslerT8
 National Senior Hall of Fame4
2011SOS Dale MoreyT4
 Senior Azalea InvitationalT13
 Dave King SeniorWinner
 The HeslerT8
 National Senior Hall of Fame2
 Gateway Senior Invitational2
 Old Corkscrew SeniorT7
 Riverwood Senior Invitational17
2010SOS Dale MoreyT7
 Sunnehanna SeniorT9
 Geranium Senior InvitationalT8
 Golfweek Senior POY ClassicT13
 Kingsway Senior InvitationalT12
 Riverwood Senior Invitational10
 Gateway Senior InvitationalT4
2009U.S. Senior AmateurFinal 64
 Dave King SeniorT9
 Gateway Senior Invitational2
 Kingsway Senior InvitationalT4
 Riverwood Senior Invitational2
2008Riverwood Senior InvitationalT9
 Gateway Senior Invitational2
 Golfweek Senior POY Classic8
 Kingsway Senior InvitationalT11
 SOS Senior MastersT7
 Golfweek Senior AmateurT11
 National Senior Hall of Fame3
 Senior Porter CupT8
 Sunnehanna SeniorT2
 Dave King SeniorT7
 SOS Dale Morey3
2007Gateway Senior InvitationalWinner
 Kingsway Senior Invitational3
 Golfweek Senior POY ClassicT2
 Inverness Senior & Mid-AmateurWinner
 Lupton Memorial Invitational4
 SOS Senior MastersWinner
 National Senior Hall of FameT5
 Golfweek Senior AmateurT13
 Senior Azalea InvitationalT9
 Sunnehanna SeniorT9
 Ralph Bogart TournamentT12
 SOS Dale MoreyT7
2006U.S. Senior AmateurFinal 16
 Sunnehanna Senior2
 Kingsway Senior InvitationalT26
 Lupton Memorial InvitationalT17
 Golfweek Senior AmateurT4

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