Charlie Woods faces unique distractions during pre-qualifier
23 Feb 2024
by Justin Golba of

Charlie Woods (Golfweek/USA Today Photo)
Charlie Woods (Golfweek/USA Today Photo)

Charlie Woods has had to deal with more media attention and fan attention than most kids his age for obvious reasons. The same rang true for the 15-year-old at a pre-qualifying round for the Cognizant Classic in the Palm Beaches held at Lost Lake Golf Club.

According to Emilee Smarr of the Palm Beach Post, there were a few fans who made the round more frustrating than it should have been. 

Normally, pre-qualifiers do not have a gallery outside of possible family and friends, but the news of Charlie Woods playing in the tournament brought more people to the course than normal, and it was hard for officials to keep them from getting too close with no ropes to distinguish when too close was too close to the players. 

According to the Palm Beach Post, one of the fans was overheard saying, "Who are you? The fire marshal?" to a tournament official trying to keep the patrons on the cart path and off the course. 

In between the No. 12 green and No. 13 tee, a fan even approached Woods and tried to get him to sign a copy of "How I Play Golf," written by Tiger Woods. An official stepped in between them, and she made her frustration known, even as Woods was teeing off.

Also, according to the Palm Beach Post, one grandmother even pulled their granddaughter out of school in hopes of getting the attention of Woods and more than 50 spectators were following the group.  

Woods shot a 16-over 86, punctuated by a 12 on Hole No. 7. He did follow up the 12 with six straight tears, getting back on track, but the damage was already done.

Tiger was not in attendance, as Woods was accompanied by his mother, Elin Nordegren.

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