Top 3 golf podcasts for your next commute
10 Jan 2019
by Kyle Rector of

With so many golf podcasts on the airwaves right now, there has truly never been a better time to add one to your routine. That said, how do you find one that you’ll enjoy? Whether you are looking for instruction, comedy, course architecture, travel, equipment or PGA Tour gossip, we have done the work to recommend a series of golf podcasts for a variety of interests. All you have to do is hit “Subscribe.”

Top 3 Golf Podcasts
Top 3 Golf Podcasts
Cameron McCormick and Corey Lundberg of Altus Performance provide a window into the success of their major-winning clients (Jordan Spieth, Anna Nordqvist, So Yeon Ryu, etc.), who join them on the show. McCormick and Lundberg also engage with other high performers from a variety of domains to uncover how the most successful players among us earn their edge. What separates the highest performers from the average ones? What are the behaviors, mindsets and tactics that have shaped the best in the world and how can you develop those traits, too? Episode topics range from High Caliber Characteristics to Separating Skills to Edge Earning Actions, all of which can help you pursue your goals.

Top 3 Golf Podcasts
Top 3 Golf Podcasts
Meet Erik Anders Lang, a guy who has “worn a bunch of hats in this life from waiting tables, photography, doc filmmaking, hosting Adventures In Golf (PGA TOUR / Skratch TV) and now - a podcast!” Anders Lang’s show is a little bit stream of consciousness, with the host pontificating on life, golf and travel. “We’ll go behind the scenes of AIG, have interesting guests on and answer your questions from my DMs (@erikanderslang) and anything else that comes up,” Anders Lang notes. The variety is certain to keep you entertained and fill out your golf knowledge on lots of subjects.

Top 3 Golf Podcasts
Top 3 Golf Podcasts
Perhaps the deepest of our top picks, the Fried Egg is detailed enough for listeners with an above-average interest in the finer points of golf, but still appealing for the player who just likes the game. Topics include professional golf, golf course architecture and amateur golf, with guests ranging from PGA Tour winners to the world's greatest architects to great amateur players.


Join host Cordie Walker for this audio documentary style podcast diving into all things golf. Instead of looking at common beliefs or what worked for one person 20 years ago, the conversation revolves around research and trying to explain complicated issues in a very understandable and practical manner.

"Fore Play" is a weekly podcast by common golfers, for common golfers. Trent, Riggs and their wide variety of guests talk about everything golf like normal folks sitting at a bar watching coverage, venting about the game's difficulties, and weighing in on pro gossip. Your classic golf addicts, the "Fore Play" crew brings a young, unique voice to the rapidly-evolving game, discussing freely and openly everything golf. There's nothing like it.

No Gimmes focuses on providing an outlet for people who love golf to share their experiences in the game. Through varied discussions with professionals, No Gimmes searches for nuggets of information you can take with you to your golf game or practice session to help you become the best player you can be.

Longtime podcast personality Joe House and veteran golf correspondent Geoff Shackelford break down the biggest golf stories, interview some of the biggest personalities in the game, and even help you allocate some capital. Step inside the ShackHouse!

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