PUMA Phantomcat Nitro Golf Shoes: Detailed Review
06 Jun 2024
by AmateurGolf.com Equipment Panel

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The list of AmateurGolf.com sponsors continues to grow. And with that growth has come more opportunities for the AmateurGolf.com Equipment Panel. We recently sent 20 golfers on that panel the new PUMA Phantomcat Nitro golf shoes for review.

The shoes have impressed our AmateurGolf.com Equipment Panel with their blend of performance, comfort, and style. Below is a detailed review, organized by key features and backed up by individual comments from our reviewers, along with their names and hometowns.


The Phantomcat Nitro shoes are praised for their overall performance on the golf course, providing stability and confidence across various conditions.

- "Solid shoes provide a stable base and ankle support. Absolutely would recommend." – Kyle R., Scottsdale, Ariz.
- "The PhantomCAT NITRO™ Golf Shoes from Puma have become my favorite choice for the course. They not only look good but also offer great stability and support." – Kyle R., Scottsdale, Ariz.
- "Easily the most stable shoe I've ever worn, the thing that really stood out is the traction in the new spike and sole design." – Blaire M., San Diego, Calif.
- "The Phantomcat Nitro is everything you need out of a golf shoe; Stability in variable conditions, waterproofing, comfort while walking, and a sleek design." – Cameron S., Dover, Ohio.
- "Overall, these shoes provided much greater traction than my previous and gave me the confidence to swing freely in adverse conditions." – Blake W., Denver, Colo.
- "The shoes, even with a unique traction system, felt the same as any other spiked golf shoe I’ve used in the past, which is a very good thing." – John F., Ventura, Calif.


Reviewers appreciated the immediate comfort of the Phantomcat Nitro shoes, noting they were comfortable from the first wear without needing a break-in period.

- "They were immediately comfortable and provided the traction and support I needed." – Patrick S., Columbia, SC
- "Right out of the box these shoes were very comfortable. Toe box was wide enough and I was able to get the right fit." – Davis B., Louisville, Kentucky
- "The shoes look great and were totally comfortable for the first round without breaking them in." – Rodd R., San Ramon, Calif.
- "I have worn them twice. They were super comfortable, right out of the box." – Ed D., Concord, N.C.


The unique FLEXSPIKE technology was a standout feature, offering excellent grip and stability in various conditions, which was repeatedly highlighted by our reviewers.

- "Great traction and very comfortable." – Scott M., Shelby, NC
- "The PUMA Phantomcat Nitro shoes were great. All around incredible and were a pleasure to wear. The shoes look amazing and everyone I played with commented on    how great they looked." – Tyler C., West Babylon, New York
- "My feet did not twist as much as my current shoe and I felt more solid throughout the swing." – Davis B., Louisville, Kentucky
- "The traction provided by these shoes is unparalleled; you feel completely anchored to the ground." – Preston H., Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif.
- "The unique double spikes and sole tread pattern provide superb traction in wet and dry conditions." – Pete W., San Diego, Calif.


The stylish appearance of the Phantomcat Nitro shoes was a common theme, with many reviewers praising their look and the thought put into the design details.

- "The Puma Phantomcat Nitro is a unique and stylish golf shoe that offers great performance on the course." – Lawson W., Tampa, Florida
- "The white/black/green colorway is flashy but not obnoxious, and the 'enjoy golf' etched in the bottom of the shoe is a nice touch." – Cameron S., Dover, Ohio
- "The clean white appearance of the Puma Phantomcat Nitro golf shoe is striking straight out of the box." – Preston H., Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif.
- "I love the look and design. I prefer shoes like this that are not traditional spikes." – Eric D., Edmond, Oklahoma


The shoes provide excellent support and are well-suited for golfers with different needs, including those with wider feet.

- "They provide plenty of support, especially in the inside midsection, which I really like." – Pete W., San Diego, Calif.
- "These shoes are very comfortable, offering arch support and plenty of room for those with wider feet." – Lawson W., Tampa, Florida
- "The wide toe box and overall comfort make them ideal for long days on the course." – Kyle R., Scottsdale, Ariz.


Many reviewers noted the shoes' waterproof capabilities and durability, making them a reliable choice for various weather conditions.

- "I played in the rain and my feet didn’t get wet, so that was nice, but even more importantly, I had superb grip all day." – Connor P., Mauldin, S.C.
- "Despite the challenging conditions, these shoes not only kept my feet dry but were comfortable and provided great traction." – Randall C., Trophy Club, Texas
- "Walking 18 holes was comfortable!" – Joseph K., Sacramento, Calif.


The PUMA Phantomcat Nitro golf shoes are highly recommended by our panel for their comfort, stability, traction, and style. These shoes provide a perfect blend of performance and aesthetics, making them a top choice for golfers looking to upgrade their footwear.

By summarizing the feedback from individual reviewers and organizing it by key features, we've provided a comprehensive overview of what makes the PUMA Phantomcat Nitro golf shoes stand out. Whether it's their immediate comfort, exceptional traction, or stylish design, these shoes offer everything a golfer needs for a great game.

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