First Look: PUMA Golf PHANTOMCAT Nitro Shoes
15 Feb 2024
by Todd Mrowice of

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If you pay attention to golf shoes the way I do, you’d know PUMA Golf has seen its share of the market grow year after year. That’s to be expected when you have models such as IGNITE and ProAdapt that have challenged what we know a golf shoe to be from both comfort and aesthetic standpoints. Now, PUMA Golf has rolled out a new golf shoe that blurs the line between fun and functional with the PHANTOMCAT NITRO. Here’s’s first look and what you can expect when you take this new kick to the course.

Expectations are High
According to PUMA Golf, the PHANTOMCAT NITRO is a shoe that took years to develop due to the complex nature of its design and materials. If you’re a PUMA shoe enthusiast, you’ll know that their shoes (golf and otherwise) have a unique fit, unlike anything else you’ll try on. They typically have a modern look and don’t skimp on comfort. So the fact that the PHANTOMCAT NITRO wasn’t rushed to market should, at the very least, perk your ears.

“The PHANTOMCAT NITRO™ is our most advanced shoe to date,” said Andrew Lawson, Senior PLM Footwear, PUMA Golf. “NITRO foam and FLEXSPIKE technology give the golfer a combination of traction and comfort like never before. The feedback we’ve received from our Tour Athletes has been fantastic, and I can’t wait for golfers to try this shoe.”

On Tour

Lawson mentions the importance of feedback from PUMA Golf’s tour players. You can fully expect to see staff players like Rickie Fowler and Gary Woodland lacing up PHANTOMCAT NITRO models this season. It will also be interesting to see if any special editions are released this year, as PUMA tends to do in collaboration with Fowler.

When you flip this shoe over, you’ll instantly notice something different about the sole of the PHANTOMCAT NITRO. Soft spikes that are housed by fencing of taller spikes that’s the best way I can describe it. PUMA Golf’s name for it is Flexspike. This design was completely re-imagined by PUMA’s R&D team. The overarching goal was to create more surface contact, which ultimately leads to more stability in your swing. The better the grip, the better your weight distribution.

In recent years, PUMA has upped the comfortability factor of its golf shoes significantly. I’d argue that they make the most comfortable, complete lineup of golf shoes today. NITRO Foam, however, was not something I had seen before. The process of infusing the foam with nitrogen makes it lighter and more responsive. What that means to me is added comfort and a shoe I’d love to walk 18 while wearing. To our younger audience that has much faster swing speeds, it means more stability and rebound on tee shots.

The PHANTOMCAT NITRO is made from full-grain leather but is light enough that it will breathe in the hottest months of the year. For those who live in rainier parts of the country, you’ll be happy to know this shoe comes with a 1-year waterproof guarantee.

Colors, Pricing, Availability
The PUMA Golf PHANTOMCAT NITRO is initially being released in four colorways: white/black/green, black/silver/yellow, white/navy/red, and white/silver/gray.

Pricing is $180 and in men’s sizes 7-15. The PHANTOMCAT NITRO is available today and you can purchase or learn more at

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