EQUIPMENT PANEL TESTED: Callaway Chrome Tour and Chrome Tour X golf balls
27 Mar 2024
by Staff

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SHARE:'s equipment panelists are serious about the equipment they play. So when we asked 50 of them to try the new Callaway Chrome Tour and Chrome Tour X balls, we knew we would get some really good feedback. Here's what they reported.



  • Feel and Control: Testers consistently praised the ball's feel, especially around the greens and on the putting surface, highlighting excellent distance control and a satisfying touch during short game play.

  • Performance in Weather: Several remarks were made about the ball performing well in cool or chilly weather, with a good feel off the club face and an impressive trajectory, exceeding some testers' expectations for distance.
  • Comparison with Other Balls: The Chrome Tour was frequently compared to other premium balls like the Titleist AVX and Pro V1, with many testers noting superior trajectory, better control on greens, and, in some cases, more distance.
  • Spin and Trajectory: Feedback on spin rates and trajectory was mixed, with some appreciating the lower trajectory and others noting a higher peak height. The ball's stopping power on wedge shots was also highlighted as a positive feature.

Best Individual Quotes:

"Despite cool weather (55 degrees) the impact felt true and the distance exceeded my expectations."

"Surprisingly, the tour X played a lot like the AVX Titleist, that I usually play. They have good consistent feel around the greens."

"Great feel and great control. The cover held up much better than the ERC Softs I played before."

"Did not go as far as my current golf ball, but in fairness, it was a chilly day. Stopping power was good on full wedge shots."

"Compared h-t-h with my normal ball Titleist left dash. Chrome Tour consistently went further, with nice trajectory and best of all held better on greens."

"I have been a ProV player for as long as I can remember. Have now played three rounds with the new Callaway Chrome Tour & it has all the attributes of a GREAT golf ball … especially wonderful 'feel' with the irons."

"This ball was very predictable, it flew on a slightly lower trajectory than my normal one, which was GREAT I have been trying to get the ball to fly lower."



  • Consistent Feel and Trajectory: Testers noted a solid trajectory and consistent feel across various clubs, recommending the Chrome Tour X to friends due to its reliability throughout the bag.
  • Distance and Spin: Many appreciated the ball's distance off the tee and its spin characteristics, especially on approach shots and around the greens. Some testers even reported being able to back up shots into the green with mid-irons, highlighting the ball's stopping power.
  • Performance on and Around the Greens: A significant focus was on the exceptional feel and control around the greens. Testers valued the ball's performance in chipping, putting, and short game shots, citing excellent distance control and feedback.
  • Comparison to Other Balls: The Chrome Tour X was favorably compared to other premium golf balls, with specific mentions of its superior spin, feel, and distance control. However, some testers noted it might not suit every golfer's game, with variations in trajectory and control compared to their usual experiences.
  • Durability and Conditions: Durability was also a point of praise, with testers noting the ball's resilience after multiple rounds in various conditions, including play at prestigious courses like Pinehurst.

Best Individual Quotes:

"Really like the distance, very consistent and nice spin into the green, even backed up a few shots into the green even with an 8 iron."

"Extremely good feel around the green and on the putting surface. Distance control around the green is exceptional. Putting the ball felt extremely nice."

"Overall, this is a great ball. First off, the feel is amazing... Great feel, spin and iron distance control."

"These are the ones for me... The shots really felt different than any ball I've used. Soft, but solid. I loved the feel more than anything."

"I have played three rounds with the Chrome Tour X golf ball. Overall impressions are very good, the ball has great feel on and around the green... very good durability, no scuff marks at all after three rounds."

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