First Look: Odyssey Ai-ONE Cruiser Putters
08 Feb 2024
by Todd Mrowice of

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Today, Odyssey announced additions to its already extensive lineup of putters for 2024. With five new configurations, the Ai-ONE Cruiser series targets a growing demographic of golfers looking for unique setups for the most critical part of their games.

It was just this past November when Odyssey, yet again, planted its flag atop the putter market with the new Ai-ONE and Ai-ONE Milled lineups. The offerings appeal to a wide variety of players with some classic designs and a healthy serving of new technology. Now, three months later, anyone with a less-than-traditional putting setup has even more reason to check out Odyssey.

Here’s what we know about the Ai-ONE Cruiser series:

The faces on Ai-ONE Cruiser models will be consistent with the already in-line Ai-ONE and Ai-One Milled putters. The aluminum backer has contours created with artificial intelligence. That backer is molded to the updated, yet classic, White Hot Urethane insert that we all know so well. So while the face of each Ai-ONE Cruiser model will have a familiar feel, the A.I. design will take speed and accuracy to a new level.

It’s been a few years since Odyssey debuted its Stroke Lab shaft technology, which promotes a smoother and more accurate putting stroke. The latest shafts are included in the Ai-ONE Cruiser models, those being the SL 140 and SL 200, both of which are heavier steel shafts that will complement the heavier putter heads.

From a visual perspective, the Ai-ONE Cruiser putters look incredibly sleek with a navy blue PVD finish. In addition, you can customize the overall weight of your putter with removable weights in 5, 10, 15, and 20-gram options.

Odyssey Ai-ONE Cruiser Models:

#7 Cruiser
Shaking things up with a now-classic head design, Odyssey’s #7 Cruiser is going to be a popular choice from this lineup. At 38” in length, this #7 model has a 17” grip and is designed to be choked up on with your hand placement. This face-balanced model should be fairly simple to align and the 380-gram head should feel very stable throughout your stroke.

Double Wide
Another popular putter head in the Odyssey range, the Double Wide gets a lot of play on professional tours. This wider blade gets reimagined just as the #7 does. It measures 38” in length and has the same 17” grip for choking up. If you’re not into the more modern designs, the Double Wide is a more traditional option to look down at.

Jailbird Cruiser
In 2023, the Jailbird model unexpectedly took over golf equipment. Despite it being discontinued by Odyssey, Jailbird was in the hands of top finishers (and eventual winner) of the U.S. Open. Since last year, Odyssey has freed the Jailbird and now we have a Cruiser model with the same 380-gram specs as the previously mentioned #7 and Double Wide.

#7 Armlock
Going off of the overall success of the #7 model, we get another variant in the Ai-ONE Cruiser series. The #7 Arm Lock is intended to rest against your forearm. The idea is that it increases stability and cuts down on the face opening or closing at any point in your putting stroke. This model measures 42” long.

#7 CS Broomstick
Broomstick putters might not be for everybody, but this one has a shot. The #7 CS Broomstick is, yet again, the famous fanged design that is so popular from Odyssey. Standing at 48” tall, however, makes it quite different from its #7 siblings. The split broomstick grip allows players to get directly over the ball and its overall 450-gram weight might be able to turn some nay-sayers into broomstick believers.

Final Details
All five of the new Odyssey Ai-ONE Cruiser models will retail for $349.99 with pre-orders available now. For more information visit

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