Edel Array putters and fitting system review
18 Jan 2024
by Todd Mrowice of AmateurGolf.com

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Array F-1
Array F-1

Historically, Edel Golf hasn’t been afraid to bring new putter fitting practices to market. Whether it's been in small boutiques or large golf retailers, Edel has been consistent in trying to optimize the way we stroke the flat stick. It’s because of that history that Edel’s new putter lineup was one of my most anticipated equipment drops of 2024. Now that I’ve had a chance to learn, see, touch, and feel Edel’s new Array lineup, I’m not only jazzed about my own short game but I’m waiting to hear the round of applause from consumers.

With four fresh new faces, the Edel Array line is the strongest collection of putters from the manufacturer since the company’s inception in 1996. I was thrilled to get to know each model and am even more thrilled with the one that’s ended up in my bag. Let’s take a look at the Edel Array putters, options, and what my build looks like.

About Edel Golf
For those that don’t know the backstory of Edel Golf, here’s the Cliff’s Notes. David Edel founded the company back in 1996. Putters were actually the first pieces of equipment manufactured, along with a revolutionary new way of fitting. Over time, Edel continued to bring new concepts to market and eventually struck the right chords with some of the best players in the world, namely Bryson DeChambeau.

In 2023, Edel Golf was purchased by Doug Coors. The name should sound familiar based on his family’s involvement in the beer industry. But Coors brought with him a background in engineering physics and manufacturing that has allowed Edel Golf to thrive in his early going of ownership.

Edel Array Overview
The new Array putters were designed for total customization, no matter what your handicap or putting skill level may be. The idea is that each Array putter is built based on your tendencies. Good, bad, or otherwise, we all have our own tendencies on the putting green, and the details to follow will show you why Edel has found it critically important to tailor the putter to the player and not the other way around. All models are machine milled from 1025 carbon steel and cost $400.

There are four head designs in the new Edel Array putter line. My guess is that Edel could have added numerous other designs but went with four that would hit the hardest with consumers. Job well done, in my opinion. The four options range from classic to modern.

Array B-1
Array B-1: The only blade in the Array line, slightly wider than your traditional blade. 

Array F-1: A modern mallet design that’s highlighted by two wings at the back of the head.

Array F-2: Edel’s play on a popular Fang-style design. 

Array F-3: A modern, deeper mallet design that should appeal to many players.


Once you’ve settled on a head that you like, alignment is one of the biggest steps in the fitting process. If you’ve ever fallen in love with a putter but wished you could change the top alignment, this will be music to your ears.

During a fitting you are able to swap out different alignment plates in order to customize exactly what your eyes prefer. For the Array B-1, you have the choice of a single line of a single dot. For the three mallets, however, you can choose from blank, single line, double line, triple line, three dots, or even a “T” alignment.

You can find a fitting here.

If you purchase a mallet the alignment plates remain interchangeable, but are fixed in place with screws.

Here’s where our techy golf fans will begin to geek out. Getting the ball rolling, literally, is an essential part of putting. The right hosel position plays a huge part in eliminating the golf ball from skipping off of the face. The Edel Array interchangeable hosel will pair with your putter head, length, weight, and lie to perfect how your putter squares-up at impact.

The four hosel options are: single bend, slant, short plumber, long plumber.

Head Weight
In addition to the set weight of each individual putter head you’re able to choose different sole weights which are 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 grams. 

Length, Lie, and Hand
All of the Edel Array models can be custom cut from 33”- 36”, however, if you’re being fit in-person there’s likely a little more wiggle room as opposed to ordering from Edel’s site.

No matter the model, each can be left at standard lie or can be adjusted up or down two degrees.

Lefty’s rejoice! All three mallet options are available in right or left-handed. The B-1 blade is the only one that’s strictly for righties as of now.

The standard grip options on the new Edel Array putters is one of my favorite aspects. Again, this is where being custom fitted in-person pays dividends because you’ll be able to try all four of the models presented by Edel. The standard Edel Dual Layer grips are available as flat standard, flat slim, round standard, and round slim. And if that’s not enough, there are numerous SuperStroke grips available if you’re tied to one in particular.

You can find the grip for you here.

My Edel Array Setup

Array F-3
When all was said and done, this is the Edel Array model that wound up in my bag.
Head: Array F-3
Alignment: Three dots
Hosel: Short plumber
Weights: 15g
Length: 34”
Lie: Standard
Grip: Dual Layer flat standard

The head design struck me immediately. Other manufacturers have something similar, but this model is pleasantly different. It’s a modern, new-age design but doesn’t go too far out of the box. It’s a really solid, face-balanced design that accommodates my slight arc.

I bounced between the “T” shape and three dots. Honestly, any of the alignment plates looked good on the F-3, but the dots made the most putts drop!

I had zero skipping with the short plumber neck/hosel setup and I felt it kept me on my line throughout my entire stroke and paired perfectly with my standard lie and 34” length.

As much as I liked the feeling of the 25-gram weights on shorter putts, lag putts weren’t as consistent. I decided to go to the middle of the road and plug-in the 15g.

I was pleasantly surprised by the feeling of every Dual Layer grip. Ultimately I felt the most control with the flat standard, which has a paddle-like front. I also don’t have the biggest hands so going to anything larger probably would have caught-up with me in accuracy.

Final Word
I was happy to see that the Edel Array line exceeded my expectations. I had mentioned previously that it was one of my most anticipated equipment drops of 2024 and Edel Golf did not disappoint. As far as customized putters go, these just might take the cake for getting spec’d out to your heart’s content. Array carries on a longstanding tradition of innovation from Edel, and any amateur player should consider checking them out. You’ll like the results.

For more information or to find an Edel Array fitter visit edelgolf.com.


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