Equipment Drop: Odyssey’s New Ai-ONE and Ai-ONE Milled Putters
01 Nov 2023
by Todd Mrowice of AmateurGolf.com

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At all levels of golf, putters are typically the least likely to be changed out of one’s bag. If you don’t believe that, look no further than the reigning Masters Champion and frequent holder of OWGR spot numero uno, Jon Rahm. If there’s something more consistent than “Rahmbo’s” game, it’s the flat stick he carries; an Odyssey Rossie S. His “OG” model has rolled in big money putts repeatedly. However, back in September, it took almost no time at all for keen eyes to see Rahm had put a new Rossie putter in play ahead of the Ryder Cup. His prototype model had golf equipment junkies ready for an impending equipment drop from Odyssey.

Today is the day we finally get to showcase the shiny new models from Odyssey with not one, but two lineups to fit a wide range of golfers. The Odyssey Ai-ONE and Ai-ONE Milled models have landed and it doesn’t take much digging to see that Odyssey has gone to a new stratosphere when it comes to R&D.

Odyssey takes a page out of its parent company’s playbook at Callaway. After the immensely successful Paradym equipment release, it wasn’t hard to imagine that Odyssey would see some of that technology start to infuse its putters. Now, we have a slew of models from Odyssey that heavily relied on A.I. to help amateurs and professionals reach peak performance on the green.

Let’s take a look at the new Odyssey Ai-ONE and Ai-ONE Milled putters to see what would be the best fit for your stroke.

Odyssey Ai-ONE Overview
Many putter manufacturers have gone the route of having all models with milled faces. Perhaps the perception is that inserts don’t perform as well. In any case, when a company has the most popular insert ever made as Odyssey has with the White Hot insert, you trust they know how to do it the right way. In fact, Odyssey boasts that the insert in the new Ai-ONE models is the most advanced insert ever created.

Odyssey Ai-ONE 7

Odyssey relied on Artificial Intelligence and super-computing technologies to develop a multi-material insert that not only feels great but also minimizes distance loss on off-center hits. The back of the insert is made from aluminum while the contact area is what Odyssey promotes as White Hot Urethane. The idea is that you have a sweet spot across the entire putter face as opposed to relying on finding the middle on each stroke, not unlike the current design of any driver or iron. Odyssey notes that on those misses, no matter the distance, you can expect your putt to finish 21% closer to the hole.

The shaft is a lightweight Stroke Lab 90 shaft that has 20-30 grams of counterbalanced weight in the butt end, depending on which grip you choose. All Ai-ONE models come in a navy blue PVD finish which should take away any glare issues that you run into with higher polished putters. And for further customization, each putter is available with 5, 10, 15, and 20-gram weight options so you can spec yours out to your liking.

Available Models
There will be two waves of the Ai-ONE, both with models that should be recognizable. One notable missing from the launch is the #9, which appears to be a casualty to other more popular mallets.

Odyssey Ai-ONE Rossie

November: #1, Double Wide DB, Rossie S (played by Rahm), #7 S (played by Sam Burns), and #7 CH.

February: #2, Double Wide CH, Rossie DB, #7 DB, 2-Ball DB & CH, Jailbird Mini CH & DB.

All Odyssey Ai-ONE models will run $299.99.

First Look
It always impresses me when Odyssey makes “oldies but goodies” new again. I thought they did a great job taking models like the #1 and #2 recently and adopting the Tri-Hot technology to them. Now, looking at the Ai-ONE I get that same feeling like I’m looking at them for the first time.

The blue PVD finish is very dark but on sunnier days you’ll clearly be able to tell they’re blue. Which I like because it takes me back to 2004 when Callaway still produced putters under the Callaway brand and it had some sweet Tour Blue models that remain all-time favorites for me.

I’ve always been a huge fan of the Stroke Lab innovations that Odyssey debuted a few generations ago, and I’m happy to see that technology continues to evolve. That, in addition to the weighting options, appeals to me in a big way because I have to feel the head of the putter and can’t rely solely on top weight.

It’s also no surprise here that Odyssey is capitalizing on the unexpected rebirth of its Jailbird model by offering it in two versions. Aside from the Rossie S, those are the models I am most excited about getting in my bag.

Odyssey Ai-ONE Milled Overview
With every yin, you must have a yang. While Odyssey knows how to produce putters with inserts, they’re also pretty darn good at milling faces as well. Going back to 2016, Odyssey released a Milled Collection which is still a favorite in many golf bags, not to mention the myriad of Toulon Design putters that have been incredible in recent years.

Odyssey Ai-ONE Milled collection

Now, to clarify, the Ai-ONE Milled models do have an insert, but the insert is also milled. Following me? The body of the putter head is 100% milled stainless steel, while the milled inset is made from titanium. The combination of materials carries the same premise as the Ai-ONE in that it’s all about accuracy, proximity to the hole after misses, and feel. Odyssey promotes that the new Ai-ONE Milled is “the new face of milled design putters.”

Aesthetically, the same navy blue PVD finish shows up in the Ai-ONE Milled putters. However, the milled titanium insert has a copper/gold coloring that really pops.

The same Stroke Lab 90 shaft is available in these models as are the interchangeable weights in 5, 10, 15, and 20 grams.

Available Models
Ai-ONE Rossie: One T, Two T, Three T (S), Six T, Seven T DB & CH, Eight T, Eleven TAll Ai-ONE Milled models are available now.

Odyssey Ai-ONE Milled face

All Ai-ONE Milled models will run $449.99.

First Look
Strictly from a design standpoint, the Ai-ONE Milled models are love at first sight for me. Why? Because it clearly plays off of the Callaway Paradym in that they have a dark navy/copper color scheme that I think looks fantastic. It’s not too flashy, and has a business approach, but still looks fun and sleek.

I love that models like the Three and Eleven are carried over into this milled line. For me, there are dozens of milled blade putters out there to test. These Odyssey mallets, however, set up to the ball so easily and I really enjoy looking down at them from a confidence perspective. I think the 100% milled face is truly going to let these models shine and give the average buyer more reason to consider those particular head shapes.

Again, big fan of the Stroke Lab technology that has existed for some time. For the Ai-ONE Milled putters it seems like a natural fit to slide in a super high-tech shaft and have it guide a responsive, soft putter face.

Final Thought
This one-two punch from Odyssey really sets the tone for putters going into 2024. But there’s a reason when you go to your local club retailer that Odyssey has the longest run of products, and it’s not just because they produce the most models. It’s because they appeal to the widest range of players. The addition of the Ai-ONE and Ai-ONE Milled is only going to draw more attention and give more accolades to the top putter brand in the game. It’s hard getting to that top position in the market, but it’s even harder to stay there. Odyssey is clearly doing a lot right these days.

For more information on the new Ai-ONE and Ai-ONE Milled putters visit Odyssey Golf.

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