Odyssey Triple Track Putter review
16 Jan 2020
by AmateurGolf.com Equipment Panel

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- Callaway photo
- Callaway photo

Listen up: if your aim is just 1 degree off on a 10-foot putt, you are aimed outside the hole. This is a major issue for most, if not all amateur golfers. Callaway knew this was a problem and employed the expertise of researchers at the St. Louis College of Optometry to perfect what they call Triple Track Technology. Through rigorous testing and R&D development, they found that golfers statistically are seeing vast improvements with their putting when using Triple Track lines.

Last year, Callaway introduced this new alignment improvement technology on their ERC Soft and Chrome Soft X golf balls. Triple Track is as simple as it sounds. It’s three lines in total, two parallel thin blue lines with a thicker red line running between them. Triple Track Technology utilizes Vernier Hyper Acuity, the same visual technology used to land planes on aircraft carriers. I’m almost certain that if three lines can help land an $80 million fighter jet on a moving ship, it can most certainly help you make a 10 footer to win your club championship.

For me, Triple Track alignment has been a huge part of my improvement on the greens over the past year. When I heard the announcement that some 2020 Odyssey Putter models would feature Triple Track, I knew that Callaway had successfully created one of the first ball/putter combos that could actually improve your putting accuracy.

Odyssey Triple Track Putters will prominently display the distinctive 3 lines to help improve alignment. Triple Track Putters will also benefit from Odyssey Stroke Lab shafts, multi-material shafts that redistributes weight to the head and grip end of the putter. This completely rebalances the putter for improved tempo and consistency in the stroke.

Odyssey Triple Track Putters will be available in stores on January 30, 2020. 2 Ball, 2 Ball Blade, Double Wide, Marxman, Ten, and Ten S will be available with Triple Track alignment. Now for 2020, we have an easy to align golf ball AND an easy to align putter that can work in unison to help improve your putting accuracy.

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