Cobra gets raw with new Snakebite Wedges
11 Mar 2024
by Todd Mrowice of

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Cobra Golf debuted its Snakebite lineup of wedges for 2024 and they have quickly taken over golf bag slots previously occupied by other manufacturers. With CNC-milled Snakebite Grooves and a deep array of loft and grind options, it was clear that Snakebite was the most extensive lineup of wedges ever created by Cobra. Now, the OEM has expanded further by offering Snakebite Raw models, which will rust over time to give players that oxidized style and performance they prefer.

A side-by-side comparison between a standard Snakebite wedge and a Raw model will only have one main visual difference and that’s the finish. The Snakebite Raw model lacks the shiny plating of the standard model, which is the key to how the Raw model will slowly rust over time. Cobra Golf has dubbed this the Trusty Rusty finish.

Consistent Spin
While Cobra doesn’t promote that the Trusty Rusty finish will provide the player with MORE spin, it does promote that the rust will provide a more consistent level of spin. As an amateur player who used to scoff at rusty wedges, I will fully endorse this logic. I myself play wedges with a hint of rust and feel that the consistency I get on greenside reaction is better than when I played plated wedges.

Wet Weather
As a Snakebite Raw wedge slowly rusts, its wet weather performance will increase. The lack of a finish makes it harder for moisture to stay on the clubface, so controlling those touch shots in morning dew or during a light drizzle should seem easier.

Low Glare
Out of the box, there is little glare on the Snakebite Raw. For those who hit the course when the sun is rising or setting, the sun glare coming off of a wedge can be very annoying. It’s a non-factor with this model and becomes non-existent as the patina settles in.

Snakebite Grooves
Across the entire Snakebite wedge lineup, Cobra features its Snakebite Grooves. The CNC-milled grooves are designed to increase spin because they are 11% deeper and 40% sharper than previous models.

The Cobra Snakebite Raw wedges might lack some beauty points, but they sure don’t lack options. The wedges are offered in three grind options.

Classic: A medium-width sole with a higher bounce. Neutral and steep swings can game this grind and it works well in various course conditions.

Widelow: A low bounce sole with little digging from the lead edge. Great for soft or medium turf conditions.

Versatile: It’s already in the name, but this model will suit most amateur players. It allows for opening and closing of the face and is adaptable to almost all playing conditions.

All grinds are made in right or left-handed models and come in lofts of 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, and 60 degrees. 

Standard shaft options include KBS $ Taper, KBS Tour, KBS 610, True Temper Dynamic Gold, and many more including upgraded models.

The Cobra Snakebite Raw wedge models are available now for $179 each. To learn more, visit

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