Equipment Review: Foresight Sports QuadMAX resets the standard for the field
06 Feb 2024
by Todd Mrowice of

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It’s not always easy being the top dog, especially in the golf industry. And even more so in the technology sector of the golf industry. Every year, more companies jockey to knock you off of your perch with products that go beyond the limits of what we know about data capture technology. 

Foresight Sports is a top dog. They have been ever since debuting the GC2 launch monitor back in 2011. Then, in 2017, they struck gold again with the GCQuad. Both units changed the launch monitor game for the masses by offering portable technology and were pioneer products when it came to club data.

Well, 2024 is “one of those years” for Foresight with the release of the new QuadMAX. With substantial improvements over its GCQuad predecessor the QuadMAX was one of the most anticipated products in golf heading into this year. It’s also a clear sign that Foresight has no intention of yielding to its competition.

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“We have to keep innovating every year,” said Foresight CTO, Paulo Merlotti. “We have to listen to the market and what the market wants.”

Let’s take a look at what Merlotti and his team built based on that market.

QuadMAX Overview
The design of the GCQuad was innovative because of an advanced four-camera Quadrascopic capture that not only read golf ball and club data more accurately but also relayed the data faster. Launch monitor enthusiasts will be happy to know that Foresight is not changing that in the QuadMAX. At 10,000 frames per second, the QuadMAX is equipped with the fastest and most accurate cameras for data capture.

The unit connects with ethernet or WiFi and has an obtainable hitting area of 18” x 14”. The QuadMAX captures both golf ball and golf club data.

Ball data: Launch angle, side spin, ball speed, total spin, carry, and spin axis.

Club data: club head speed, smash factor, club path, angle of attack, loft/lie, face angle, impact location, and closure rate.

What’s New

In addition to what’s listed above, the QuadMAX is loaded with new technology that takes this unit above and beyond. On the golf ball data side, you will now have access to apex, descent angle, and ball offline data points. All three will be critical parts in many club fittings done while using the QuadMAX.

While the size of the QuadMAX is the same as GCQuad (12.5” x 7” x 4”), the QuadMAX cut weight but added battery life. The unit weighs 6.3 lbs, which is a 15% reduction, and has a 7-9 hour battery life, which is a 15% increase. A wider, ergonomic handle is also part of the QuadMAX upgrades.

“We noticed that more people are taking the product to the range or the course,” said Merlotti. “One feedback was that it’s a little cumbersome to carry from hole to hole. So this (QuadMAX) is a lighter product.”

The biggest improvement, however, is the display on the unit along with how it transfers to the palm of your hands. Long gone are the buttons that operated the GCQuad. With QuadMAX, users will have a responsive touchscreen that has a bright backlight in case you’re using it on cloudy days or at nighttime. Beyond that, users can now cherry-pick what data they want to see displayed on the QuadMAX by using MyTiles. This new software comes in the form of an app that you simply download on your smartphone. From there, you can get as simple or as robust as you would prefer with how much data you’re fed.

MyTiles was a direct response to golf instructors asking Foresight for a more customizable process to help students on a one-to-one basis. And to Metlotti’s point, they sure do listen to the market for improvements.

Another one of the big additions to QuadMAX is the new speed training mode which allows users to increase their swing speed using a training aid or even just a golf club. Surely an aspect of the QuadMAX that Foresight couldn’t have imagined just a few years ago, but the increased emphasis on speed training over the past few years makes this a welcomed addition to an already stellar product.

The QuadMAX and you
Let’s be honest. There isn’t a single person reading this that wouldn’t benefit from owning a Foresight QuadMAX. The golf ball and golf club data alone gives amateurs and even professionals a tremendous advantage. If you’re not in the market to purchase this $20,000 slice of tech heaven, never fear. As the QuadMAX enters the market, golfers across the world will have the opportunity to experience this awesome unit by way of lessons, club fittings, practice hitting bays, demo days, and so much more. We hope you get to experience QuadMAX for yourself so you can see what all of the fuss is about.

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