EyeLine Golf Short Game Targets Review
02 Feb 2017
by Pete Wlodkowski of

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I'm all for investing in the latest golf clubs, especially if you haven't upgraded your woods, irons, or wedges in a while. With so many performance features in the new clubs, it's hard to argue against the benefit of changing things up every few years, if not more frequently. And that's especially true of wedges.

Did you know that some Tour pros change wedges several times a season?

But, as we all know, none of this new equipment will do any good without technique. Which (dare I use the word) trumps just about any technological advantage your playing partners may have on you. Recently, I've been experimenting with the best short game gadgets, and found that one of the best is, indeed, one of the simplest to buy and understand.

I'm talking about EyeLine Golf's Short Game Targets, a set of three well-made rubber rings in different colors that allow you to put some purpose to your practice.

Talk to any short game specialist, and they will tell you that visualization is one of the keys to executing any shot around the green. If you think of where you want to land the ball on the green, and how you want it to roll towards the cup, your body is more likely to allow you to hit the right shot. Too often in practice, I found myself wasting time around the green because I didn't have a shot or landing point in mind. I started focusing on the short swing and the contact, and paid the price when it came time to execute on the course.

So I purchased a set of three ($29.95) at This Colorado-based company makes far and away the best short game tools on the market -- everything from putting mirrors to "balls of steel" to promote solid contact and accelearation in putting (you've gotta try them too). The set consists of (3) 15-inch circles in different colors: Red, Yellow, and Green. They are bright, easy to see, but I might suggest that the green (even though it contrasts with the color of a putting green) would be better if it was in white or some other bright color. Small thing though, for the most part these handy circular objects are the best.

Placing them around the green I found I could do a couple of things -- chip to the first one and set the second one up as a landing zone. If the shot has break, even better. Because by placing the landing disc on the perfect line I really got into the groove of my "spot" and adjusted my setup and shot accordingly. I am getting better, and the Short Game Targets are helping.

Another cool thing - the green I practice on can get crowded at 5pm and by not needing the hole I could practice effectively without having to worry about others around me. And it looks like I know what I'm doing -- that alone inspires confidence. Eyeline Golf - thanks for being one of the good companies in golf that makes a quality product, with a purpose, at a reasonable price.

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