The Only Green: The World's Best Indoor Putting Green Review
07 Jul 2015
by Pete Wlodkowski of

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SHARE: moved into a new office in Carlsbad, California, and before we even installed the furniture and computers our small team decided we needed our own indoor putting green. (Hey, we're a golf company after all!)

Months earlier, a group we work with in Arizona, called "The Golf Tank" told us about a company they had acquired called The Only Green. They manufacturer greens in a number of different sizes, for indoor use. The thing they all have in common is the quality/workmanship and an intangible I'll just refer to as the "well thought out" factor.

We're not talking about a green that comes rolled up in a box, hanging from a display rack at your local golf retailer. The Only Green is a piece of furniture, trimmed out in a number of different finish options that fit in any decor. And I would say that it's even better suited to a home entertainment room than it is an office like ours, because you could really groove your stroke while watching golf, sports, or the news on your flat screen TV.

The Only Green is raised high enough to hold a hole, so that you get the proper feel and satisfaction of seeing your ball roll out, especially when using one of the most amazing features of The Only Green -- adjustable break. By implementing a flexible sub- surface below the putting green, and levers on each side that lock into multiple levels, you can set up a variety of breaks, from gentle to the "left-to- right snapper" that bedevils many right handed players. Add to that a downhill or uphill feature and you've reduced the boredom of flat putts, while realistically simulating what your stroke will feel like on the course.

As for the green itself, not only is it top drawer in quality, it will stay that way for a long time since it's not subject to harsh outdoor conditions that can plague outdoor greens after several short years. (Just look at a few, plus the maintenance required to keep them clean, and you'll see what I mean.)

There are all sorts of games you can play with The Only Green, which comes with a set of numbers and wall mounted scoreboard to match your green's wooden trim. Whether you use it for family entertainment, or as a practice tool, it's going to lower your score.

All you have to do is get a headset, return your phone calls, and let your friends and family tell you what's up while you stroke putt after putt into the back of the cup. If you're anywhere near Palomar Airport in Carlsbad, come by the office, roll a few with us, and find out why PGA Tour player Pat Perez (an Only Green customer) said, "I was hooked in 5 minutes."

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