SkyCaddie Breeze GPS Rangefinder review
05 Dec 2012
by Benjamin Larsen of

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A recent trip to Jamaica was the perfect excuse for me to get to know my SkyCaddie Breeze.

It was my first trip to the island and the courses on the agenda were completely unknown to me. Simply put, I needed the new SkyCaddie Breeze for any success on the course.

The Breeze, the latest offering from leading golf rangefinder manufacturer SkyGolf, was the perfect companion for my trip.


For fans of 'ready golf', the Breeze is, well, a breeze. A quick charge is all that's required to get the basic features available through the rangefinder. Without activating, signing up, loading, syncing or otherwise adding more tasks to your to-do list, you can simply turn on the SkyCaddie Breeze, find your course and get accurate yardage reports from tee to green.

The Breeze comes loaded with up to 30,000 courses and is ready and available to offer green distances for each. The measurements, of course, help you discover just how far you hit --- or need to hit --- each club.


Perhaps the biggest complaint with mobile applications serving as GPS rangefinders is the lag. Often times, the yardage takes up to a minute to accurately update once you're at your golf ball and preparing for your next shot.

And, as any golfer can attest, the last thing you need is to be thrown off your rhythm and questioning your true yardage.

The Breeze is constantly and quickly updating its distance measurements through the omni- directional high-performance GPS antenna. The result, of course, is accurate and clear readings whether you're still or moving --- even in a cart! --- and a quick and accurate reading once you're preparing for your next shot.

An added bonus for me was the automatic hole advance. The Breeze will automatically advance to the next hole once you've approached the green on the previous hole. This feature, of course, is even better following a three-putt...

The Breeze offers easy-to-read distances to the front, back and middle of the green.


While it shouldn't bear much of a meaning on the product's output, the sharp, sleek and Apple-like design of the SkyCaddie Breeze is an added bonus.

The breeze is lightweight, yet durable enough to withstand a bumpy ride in a cart or the rigors of walking, tossing and coming in and out of the golf bag.

Additionally, the battery life is something I noticed quckly. With my former rangefinder experience coming in the form of mobile apps, I was cautious of the battery life the Breeze would provide on a single charge. Anyone with an Android-powered GPS app knows well that you should make all your phone calls and text messages prior to your round because it's likely you won't have any battery life remaining afterwards.

The Breeze worked well, though, lasting through a lengthy 18-hole round. Plus, I still had full cell battery!


While the SkyCaddie Breeze comes out of the box with the basic function of reading distance to the green, SkyGolf upgrade options include a plethora of coverage.

Once you've activated and synced your Breeze, SkyGolf offers three separate 'packs' for purchase.

The BREEZE Feature Pack 1 includes a target list, which displays distances to hazards, carries and layups and IntelliGreen Technology, which offers golfers the exact shape of the green from their angle of approach.

The BREEZE Feature Pack 2 includes the features mentioned above along with 'QuickVue', a virtual preview of the hole shape from tee to green and an interactive feature called HoleVue with zoom technology, which measures your distance to any point on the hole.

Finally, the BREEZE Feature Pack 3 includes all of the features in Packs 1 and 2 along with Dynamic RangeVue, which helps speed up club selection and PinPoint Technology, which adds sheet positions and green zones to help dial in the exact distance to the flag.

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