First Look: Callaway’s 2024 Fairway Golf Bags
29 Feb 2024
by Todd Mrowice of

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Callaway fairway bag
Callaway fairway bag

It’s not easy to admit you have a problem, but here’s my moment of vulnerability. Hello, my name is Todd, and I’m a sucker for golf bags. Phew! I feel better.

I’m an equipment junkie. I own way too many pairs of golf shoes. But I LOVE golf bags. There’s something about a quality club carrier that gets my golf juices going. Carry bags, staff bags, many pockets, no pockets, bright, muted, you name it, I’ve owned it. There are a lot of companies that do golf bags well, but far fewer that do golf bags right. I have always looped Callaway into that first category. After checking out the 2024 lineup of Callaway Fairway bags, however, I’ve bumped these chevron-stamped bags up to my shortlist of golf bags all players should consider.

Five Models, Endless Options
Callaway didn’t hold back with its offerings this year. An incredibly strong “starting five” covers a ton of ground. Whether you need something simple, like the Par 3 Stand Bag, or a bag that’s ready for anything, like the Fairway 14, I’m confident Callaway has your needs covered.

New Tech
Just like equipment, golf bags in 2024 have some serious tech advances. Here are a few new highlights that separate the Callaway Fairway lineup from the pack.

Shaft Shield: These soft, rubber dividers separate your golf clubs and reduce the amount of noise your bag makes as you move.

Lowrider 2.0: Available on the Fairway 14 and Fairway + models, this design allows for cart integration no matter if you use a riding cart or a push cart.

Flex Pod Base: This base ensures stability no matter where you put it down. The legs deploy faster with zero second guessing.

Anamatic Straps: If you’re a carrier, you’ll love these straps which are anatomic-shaped and automatic adjusting.

2024 Callaway Fairway Models

Fairway 14

If versatility is what you’re in search of, the Callaway Fairway 14 is your bag. It’s going to be the largest of all the bags we discuss here, but compared to the market, it actually doesn’t strike me as overly bulky, given all of its features.

First and foremost, it’s the only Callaway bag with a 14-way divider, so each club has its own holster. The putter well is generous for oversized grips and this bag is compatible with any cart, whether you choose to push or ride. It has the Lowrider 2.0, Flex Pod Base, and Anamatic Straps that we previously mentioned. It’s truly the ultimate bag as long as you have the need for the extra capacity. It has 10 pockets and is one of two models with a cart strap pass-thru, which is a huge plus to me. The Fairway 14 is available in 12 colors, but I really dig it in charcoal, which is basically a heathered gray color.

Fairway +
The Fairway + is a bag that any golfer can get around with. It’s a nice step down in size from the Fairway 14 without sacrificing a lot of the benefits. You’ll still get the cart strap pass-thru on top of all of the other new tech features, but it weighs a pound less than the Fairway 14.

The Fairway + also has 10 pockets, but the big differentiator is that it has a 5-way divider on top. So if you’re not in need of individual club dividers, this might be the better option for you. Still a great riding or walking bag and has a bunch of color combinations available. My personal favorite is the green/gray combo which gives off some nice earthy tones.

Fairway C
A golf bag this light (4 lbs) shouldn’t be as functional as it is. I’m a big fan of the Fairway C because it allows people like me to have a bag that can do a quick range session or it packs easily into a travel bag for golf trips. It goes anywhere.

The 4-way divider on top is more than sufficient, although I will say the Fairway + is my favorite in that department. The Fairway C is so light but it still has eight pockets, which is great for those of us that have a rangefinder, sunscreen, an extra glove, and so on. With this model you’ll sacrifice the Lowrider 2.0 and cart strap pass-thru, but if you’re considering this model you likely don’t have those as priorities. You do gain additional colorways with the Fairway C, of which you can sign me up for the black/gray camouflage design which is emblazoned with a tactical star and scripting on the side.

Fairway C HD
Take all of the great attributes of the Fairway C and make it water-resistant. Now you have the Fairway C HD, which anyone that lives in midwestern or northeastern states should consider. Water-resistant golf bags tend to be on the heavy side due to materials, but the Fairway C HD is only 5 lbs and you gain an additional pocket over the standard Fairway C giving you 9 total.

The material that the Fairway C HD is made from feels nothing like a water-resistant bag I’ve had before. It’s durable and can clearly stand up to the elements. It’s also completely seam-sealed, so you’ll never have to worry about the contents of your bag getting damaged. You’re also not limited on colors, of which I prefer the red/white/navy combo that has a faint houndstooth design to it that looks very sleek.

Par 3
The 2024 Par 3 bag from Callaway probably isn’t your everyday golf bag, but it certainly could be if you pack light and enjoy walking. It has a 3-way divider on top and has Anamatic double straps which makes it a breeze to carry 18 holes or more. It could easily just be your Sunday bag to take to the range. If I’m taking my son to the local par-3 course, this is the bag that I’m taking which makes its name that much more appropriate. Minimalists rejoice, as the Par 3 might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Next Steps
Be sure to head over to to check out the new lineup of Fairway golf bags. Ranging in price from $170 to $280, surely you’ll be able to find a bag that fits your needs for this season.

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