Our favorite holiday golf gift ideas for the tournament golfer who has everything
08 Dec 2023
by Todd Mrowice of AmateurGolf.com

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Whether you’re shopping for your favorite golfer or you’re looking to treat yourself for being on the “nice list” in 2023, AmateurGolf.com has you covered. This Holiday Gift Guide will help lower handicap, raise your Holiday spirit, and guide you to a prosperous 2024. We have purposefully left golf clubs off of this list, because the only way we recommend purchasing equipment is through a fitting through a golf shop or fitting specialist like Club Champion. If you know your loved one wants new gear, you could purchase a gift card from your favorite retailer or directly on the website of companies like Callaway, Titleist, Cobra Puma Golf, or Edel. All of these companies have dealer and fitter locators on their websites. Go the extra mile and purchase a complete fitting to match.

For now, here are some Editor's Choice gift ideas to get your idea lightbulb switched on.

ExPutt RG Putting Green Simulator

ExPutt RG

ACE Indoor Golf is the place that will make your golf simulator dreams a reality, no matter the budget. This ExPutt RG Putting Green Simulator is the perfect example. Practice putting on various slopes and green speeds, simulating the experience you’d get on an actual putting green but on your TV. Ideal for home or office putting, the EX500D is easy to set up and simple to use. The putting simulator has a high-speed camera and high-tech software that tracks your swing mechanics and ball movement. Unroll the golf putting mat in front of your TV, plug in the high-speed camera, and you'll be on your favorite course's green in no time.

Pride Sports Custom Golf Tees
Prices Vary

Pride Golf Tees

A personalized golf gift never goes underappreciated, especially when it’s an essential item for the golf course. Pride Sports -- the manufacturer of Softspikes and Tour Flex Pro, runs the website GolfTees.com. The site offers its wood and plastic golf tees in easy-to-customize options where you can add everything from initials to your favorite Caddyshack quote. You can even go the extra mile and put a fun logo in the cup of the golf tee. Pricing varies on quantity and imprint. The site also offers custom golf balls and other accessories.

Galway Bay Oranmore Hybrid Jacket

Galway Bay Oranmore Jacket

We could have thrown a handful of items from Galway Bay on this list, but we’ll keep it to our top overall (no easy task). The Oranmore Hybrid Jacket is the perfect jacket solution for so many players. First and foremost, it just looks cool. Who doesn’t want to add a little more style to their game? It also has Galway Bay’s hallmarks of being breathable and waterproof like no other raingear on the market. The Oranmore is also just the right amount of warm, with its block insulation through the body. It’s versatile enough for the golf course, but we also wear it as an everyday fall/spring coat. Take advantage of Galway Bay’s 35% off Black Friday sale now, or a whopping 40% for AmateurGolf.com members.

Edel SMS Irons
$249.99 per club

Edel SMS Irons

Customized irons might be a tricky purchase for someone else, but that shouldn’t stop you from gifting the experience of being fit for the new Edel SMS irons. Or, treat yourself and find out what you’re missing. These forged hollow body beauties have three weights on each iron that can be adjusted to your exact specs. Perfecting the weight of each iron will have substantial improvements across distance and accuracy, not the mention feel and confidence. The Edel SMS irons are among the best irons we’ve ever hit. For the slightly more advanced player, there is also an SMS Pro model which allows you to dial in your skillset a bit more.

StrackaLine GPS and Putt App

StrackaLine Golf and Putt App

If there’s one area of every amateur’s game that needs more attention it’s putting. Too often we skip past the practice green because it’s not as fun as trying to rip drives on the range.

The StrackaLine app, however, makes putting fun! This innovative app is the best on the market and the person receiving it will be forever grateful. The contours and details of each green, in addition to the functionality of the app, are second to none. Or, if you prefer the old-school green books, as used by thousands of amateurs and leading collegiate programs, StrackaLine has those ready for you to order as well. Any StrackaLine purchase through AmateurGolf.com gives you 20% off, so take advantage!

NexBelt Braided Belt

NexBelt Braided

Gifting someone a belt might sound boring unless it’s a NexBelt. NexBelt was founded in 2011 and have been a leader in the industry ever since. NexBelt are innovators when making the Rachet Belt and pride themselves on their quality. The belts that ratchet closed instead of using traditional holes took the industry by storm years back, and they’re only getting better. We love the braided models because they can easily be paired with a golf outfit, casualwear, and even some dressier clothes. Available in a ton of great colors, you’ll never go back to using a traditional belt after you’ve owned one of these NexBelts. Plus, you guessed it, AmateurGolf.com members receive 25% off of all purchases. $59.99

$245.00 (For the Core Model)


HackMotion is a wrist motion sensor and the ultimate swing feedback tool. HackMotion has three different options, the Core, the Plus, and the Pro. The Core is for players who want to improve clubface control and full swing consistency by optimizing wrist angles. The Plus is for players who want to work on their full game by optimizing both the full swing and the putting and will help you reach your peak performance. The Pro is for all the wrist data, the tour data, and analytics for both hands in the ultimate feature package. You can find all of HackMotion's products here. (Hint - use code amateurgolf to save 20% at checkout.)


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