Light in weight but heavy in distance: Cobra Golf's New AIR-X
18 Oct 2023
by Todd Mrowice of AmateurGolf.com

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If you’re in the market for golf clubs that are lightweight without sacrificing the latest technology, you’re in luck. Cobra Golf dropped a fall launch on the golf industry with the release of its new AIR-X lineup. This collection of drivers, fairways woods, hybrids, and irons is aimed at producing more speed and distance for swing speeds that are on the slower side.

This new iteration of AIR-X takes many of the great design points of the original lineup that debuted in 2022 and adds some extra splashes of weight technology and optimization to the heads of each model. Cobra is notorious for having a good sense of what type of players buy their equipment, so it’s not a shock to see that each piece of the AIR-X line is less expensive than its flagship Aerojet and KING genres of clubs.

Let’s take a look at the different AIR-X clubs to see if they’ll be a good fit for your game.

AIR-X Driver

Cobra AIR-X Driver
The Cobra AIR-X driver comes in two models; a Straight Neck (SN) and an Offset.

The SN is your traditional style of driver in that it has no offset and is also a fixed head (non-adjustable). It's available in lofts of 9.5 and 10.5 degrees, right and left-handed. It has a sleek, matte black finish with a familiar pair of raised lines on the crown which have become a bit of a staple on Cobra drivers.

The perimeter weighting is optimized to complement the lightweight feel and give it a draw bias. The face insert is known as Cobra’s H.O.T. Face Technology, which promotes straighter and longer drives, even on your off-center points of contact. The AIR-X SN comes with a Cobra-branded 60g shaft but also has the option of lighter shafts from UST and Mitsubishi, including the popular Tensei shaft.

The AIR-X Offset has an added level of forgiveness with its Slice Prevention Technology, which is the offset at the neck you’ll notice right away. It will certainly be next-level for you if you’re the person who fights the right side of the golf course.

All of the great aspects of the SN model are carried into the Offset. There is one more loft option available in the Offset with an 11.5-degree head.

Pricing on both Cobra AIR-X driver models is $349.

Cobra AIR-X Fairway Wood

Cobra AIR-X Fairway Wood
Cobra did a fantastic job with the 2022 AIR-X fairway woods complementing the drivers, and it looks like they’ve done it again in 2023. With weighting set down at the hosel, you’ll likely see a draw bias no matter what loft you choose.

The AIR-X fairway woods have weaker lofts than you’re probably used to seeing, but that just means they’ll get up in the air more easily. The lightweight construction and face technology should take care of the distance. Available in 3 (16), 5 (19), and 7 (22) options, all models include Cobra’s Ultralite shaft which has a high launch and low kick point.

Pricing on the Cobra AIR-X fairway woods is $229 each.

Cobra AIR-X Hybrid

Cobra AIR-X Hybrid
If you’ve tested any of Cobra’s hybrids in recent years you’ll know how much the OEM has stepped up its game in this category. Cobra hybrids are among the most advanced in golf, and they go a long way. So the same R&D team that’s creating its KING TEC and Aerojet hybrids is also designing the AIR-X.

For being offset, game improvement type hybrids, the AIR-X models aren’t large and clunky. Which is awfully refreshing to see. They share the same H.O.T. Face tech noted in all models listed above. Heel weighting should also produce a draw ball flight, which is not always the easiest feat when putting hybrids in play.

The same Cobra-branded Ultralite shaft is available in 55g for all hybrid models. For lofts, you can choose from 3 (19), 4 (21), 5 (24), 6 (27), and 7 (30).

All Cobra AIR-X hybrid models run $199.

Cobra AIR-X Irons

Cobra AIR-X Irons
Reasonably priced irons that will ACTUALLY improve your game in the year 2023? Yes, it’s possible. And stop me if you’ve heard this before, but they have draw-bias weight and will help slower swing speeds get the most out of their approach shots.

The AIR-X irons are obviously game-improvement irons just by looking at them. They’re going to provide the player with a confidence boost with not only the shape but also the offset on each head. What I like the most about the irons is that Cobra could have taken the easy route and called these “irons for seniors” by only offering them with graphite shafts (which is an option). Instead, there is a Cobra FST Ultralite steel shaft option, which opens the AIR-X irons up to audiences such as beginners as well as juniors and ladies with faster swing speeds.

You can pick between 4-PW or 5-GW set makeups, with steel running $699 and graphite at $799. Also at the $799 price point is a combo set if you’d like to purchase the irons with those sneaky-good hybrids at the top of the bag.

But Wait, There’s Even More AIR-X
In addition to everything listed above, the new Cobra AIR-X lineup is also offered in women’s as well as men’s or women’s complete sets that include a milled blade-style putter. For more information on Cobra Golf and the all-new AIR-X line, visit Cobra Golf here .

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