Sun Mountain 3.5 Deluxe (AGC members-only edition) Review
11 Jun 2013
by Pete Wlodkowski of AmateurGolf.com

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For the past few years, I have been carrying a golf bag barely big enough to fit all 14 of my clubs. I figured it was worth downsizing the bag to keep the overall weight to a minimum. Boy was I wrong. Sun Mountain has a bag that provides the perfect combination of features and ample space in a lightweight bag.

Sun Mountain's 3.5 Deluxe carry bag is a double-strapped wonder packed with so many "wow, they thought of that too?" features that I quickly forgot that the 3.5 refers to pounds, and that's about as light a golf bag as you'll find.

Here are a few of the niceties that made amateurgolf.com go exclusive with Sun Mountain for our logo bags, which we have just made available to members of our Player Staff, and which are available on a limited basis to our loyal website members.
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I've never had a bag that was so easy to adjust to a perfect balance point for my body type. The strap system stays put once it's set to the right length, and padding on the back of the bag feels soft and natural.

A generous long side pocket fits a full rain suit with room to spare. Keep it empty, and it stays tight to the bag. To me it's the best of both worlds. (Even if I rode a cart every time I played, I would still be fine with the 3.5 Deluxe and probably enjoy not lugging a bigger bag to and from the car.) A small lined tee/accessory pocket is easy to get to while walking, as are the ball and glove pockets which surround the bottom of the bag. A convenient pen holder is a nice touch, as is the round plastic ring that I use to clip my range finder, but which can be used as a towel holder as well. (The main function it was designed for.)

I should have probably listed this first, because this is what really floors me about the 3.5 Deluxe. Four well thought out openings don't "over-sort" a set of 14 clubs -- they provide just the right amount of space and separation. They are fully isolated from each other with heavy duty nylon sleeves, making it easy to slide clubs in and out -- and protecting graphite shafts -- no matter how you choose to organize each section. Both the top and bottom assemblies are heavy duty (as is the nylon constructed bag itself) and the zippers feel "built to last."

This one is genius. Rather than just putting the nylon strap of a golf cart inside the rubber carry handle on the bag – which in addition to covering the zippers can lead to a lot of jiggling, particularly on older carts – the 3.5 Deluxe provides a sleeve to effortlessly thread the nylon cart strap through, bringing the bag closer to the cart and providing full access to the zippers where you store important stuff like balls and tees. I’m not suggesting that you avoid the “good walk spoiled” but let’s face it, riding is part of golf and there is no reason to carry a bag that wilts like a flower in Texas heat the minute it’s strapped onto a golf cart.

To order an amateurgolf.com logo (members of amateurgolf.com only please) Sun Mountain 3.5 Deluxe bag, click here.

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