Golf Pride unveils reverse taper putter grips
01 Apr 2024
by Todd Mrowice of

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Putting is a finicky business. As golfers, we tend to be particular about everything from head shape to length, not to mention customization. Where the putting market has grown exponentially, however, is grips. Size, shape, weight, and even style are all at your fingertips. Leave it to one of the long-time giants of the grip industry, Golf Pride, to bring the masses something new and innovative to consider for your favorite flat stick. The new Reverse Taper series of putter grips are ready for us to roll, and they just might change some of the most particular equipment minds out there.

Beginning April 15th, Golf Pride Reverse Taper grips will be available at your favorite golf retailer, and here’s everything you need to know to get a head start.

What’s Reverse Taper?
More than likely, every putter grip you’ve ever used is either a consistent width from top to bottom or it tapers from top to bottom (fatter top, skinnier bottom). Reverse Taper, you guessed it, does the exact opposite. The butt end of the grip has the smallest width, and it gets wider at your bottom hand.

Better Question. Why Reverse Taper?
After 75 years of inspiration and extensive consumer testing, Golf Pride would probably answer, “Why not Reverse Taper?” Whether you have a traditional grip, unconventional, or you’re a left-hand low putter, Reverse Taper grips aim to alleviate some common putting miscues. 

Your top hand should be your key to stability, and with the smaller diameter on the top of the grip, that hand should have an easier time remaining anchored. Conversely, your bottom hand tends to take the brunt of your putting stroke tension, and the wider part of these grips will help scale back some of that grip pressure. When combined, you’re looking at a putting stroke that’s not only smoother but delivers better results in distance and accuracy.

A big issue that I run into with my putter is that I tend to flip my hands, especially when I’m not rolling it well, and I get a tad anxious. Pair that with the fact that my stroke has a slight arc and birdies turn into bogeys quickly. With Reverse Taper Technology, my wrists are essentially forced to stay in place which gives me an added level of control, not to mention confidence.

Available Models

When Golf Pride’s Reverse Taper putter grips hit the market, they’ll be available in three different models. All three will be available in medium and large sizes.

Round: Lends itself to any type of grip, basically universal. If you’re not sure which to choose, this is a good model to start with.

Pistol: Another popular choice and an easy one if you’re already used to rolling putts with a pistol grip. Left-hand-low players will typically go this route as it helps lock in that top hand.

Flat: While not for everyone, the flat design will be a game-changer for anyone with an unconventional grip, such as a palm grip or even a claw.

You can pre-order Reverse Taper grips today, with shipping beginning on April 15th. Price per grip is $29.99. For more information, visit

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