Reviewed: Cobalt Q-4 Slope Laser Rangefinder
18 Oct 2023
by Todd Mrowice of

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Skepticism when purchasing golf items is sometimes warranted. Like when you’re considering buying “rescued” golf balls or anything sold on an infomercial at 2 a.m. In this era of $600 drivers and fewer weekday deals at your local muni, finding a good value in golf is still possible. In fact, I found one in the Cobalt Q-4 Slope laser rangefinder.

If you’ve owned a rangefinder or are in the market for a new one, you might wonder what the difference is between the Q-4 Slope and other models you’ll find from companies you likely know the names of. And the honest answer after I had a chance to test it is, “Not a heck of a lot.” But in that lies the beauty of why I would recommend this model to anyone who cares to ask me. You can buy from Cobalt, which is as solid of a company as you’ll find in golf from a morality standpoint, and then decide what to do with the rest of the cash you have in your pocket.

Let’s take a look at what led me from an intrigued tester to a confident investor in the Cobalt Q-4 Slope.

The Company
Cobalt is a Wyoming-based company that’s been producing laser rangefinders for over 25 years. It’s important to know that their team has been ahead of the curve in creating innovative products in this space throughout that time. Cobalt is a direct-to-consumer company, which I’ll admit, I have a soft spot for if a company knows how to do D2C right. I look at a company like Sub 70 and put them in the same category as Cobalt.

In addition to the Q-4 Slope, Cobalt also offers Q-6 and Q-6 Slope models which are a bit higher in price. They also offer a surprisingly fantastic lineup of hats, shirts, and some branded accessories. Things that are just too easy to add to the virtual shopping cart.

As a company, Cobalt comes off as having no frills with zero interest in presenting a product that doesn’t meet its high standards.

Cobalt Q-4 Slope at a Glance
Price: $295
Max Flag Distance: 450 yards
Max Distance to Trees: 1,000 yards
Slope: Yes
Vibration: Yes
Magnetic: No
Accuracy: Within 0.5 yards (up to 200 yards)
Magnification: 6x
Waterproof: Yes
Battery Life: About 2,000 range cycles

What's in the Box?
The unboxing of the Q-4 Slope was pretty standard until it wasn’t. Inside you’ll find everything you need like the unit, C2 batteries, a cleaning cloth, and the case. I was intrigued because the case wasn’t typical for rangefinders in that it didn’t have the normal zipper closure. Instead, it has an industrial-feeling bungee cord closure that reminded me of a high-end sunglasses case.

Q-4 Slope Case Interior
When I popped it open I was happy to find a super-plush lining inside of the case. Something I would expect from a unit that costs a lot more than $295. What a nice touch and a great first impression before I even hit the golf course.

On Course with the Q-4 Slope
One smart move you should make if you’re going to purchase the Cobalt Q-4 Slope is to spend an extra twenty bucks and get the bundle package which adds on a magnetic strap and a dozen Vice Pro golf balls. It’s a no-brainer from a cost standpoint, but also if you’re like me and you prefer to attach your laser to the golf cart.

At first shoot, the Cobalt Q-4 Slope feels like quality. It has an ergonomic design that never felt like it was going to slip out of my hands, despite some extra-humid weather that had settled in Chicago.

I had the slope function on, however, it can be toggled off quite easily if you’re playing in an event that does not allow slope technology. From the first use, the standout feature was the optics. Crystal clear with zero distortion even on longer yardages. I was also loving how quickly the unit locks on to the pin, which Cobalt credits to its PinSense Technology which quickly filters out anything surrounding the flag. As with any newer rangefinder, the Q-4 Slope gives you a reassuring vibration so you can be sure you have the right number.

A detail that might seem small to some folks was a big winner for me. The Q-4 Slope gives users the ability to switch between a red/black or black-only visual. For those of us who live in areas that have variable weather conditions as well as true season changes, the ability to go from one view to another is a nice touch. This, by the way, is Cobalt’s Adaptive Contrast Display.

Q-4 Slope Optic
Speaking of weather, the Q-4 Slope is also IPX7 waterproof rated, so while you probably shouldn’t go deep sea diving with it, you can rest assured that it will hold up in any rainy conditions you’ll encounter on the course.

Some shoppers might find that, like other devices in life, they want their laser rangefinder to be rechargeable. I’m the opposite. I would rather rely on an extra set of C2 batteries in my golf bag than have to remember to plug in my rangefinder ahead of my round. The Q-4 Slope is promoted to last over 2,000 cycles, which I won’t be getting to anytime soon.

When I previously mentioned direct-to-consumer brands that know how to do it right, Cobalt’s warranty is a prime example. No warranty card is needed and don’t feel the need to keep that crunchy old receipt. Cobalt’s lifetime warranty assures you that if your unit is damaged or defective, you’ll get a replacement unit of equal or better condition at no charge.

My Final Thought
Cobalt might not be a company you’re familiar with, and that’s alright. After testing and reviewing just about every laser rangefinder on the market through the years I will say that it’s a company that’s worth familiarizing yourself with. In the case of the Q-4 Slope, it’s a $295 investment that will pay for itself over time by providing you with an equal, if not better, rangefinder experience than similar handhelds that cost nearly twice as much. and Cobalt Offer
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