FootJoy’s new StaSof glove is a modern classic
10 Sep 2023
by Todd Mrowice of

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When you look at the game of golf as a whole, just about everything has changed. From club technology to course design, and even the way we book tee times. Change is inevitable and golf is perhaps the golden example of that in sports. This is why we love to come across something, no matter how big or small, that has withstood the test of time and comes from our earlier days on the golf course. The FootJoy StaSof glove is one such item that, yes, has evolved over time, but the feeling is still the same.
Since 1983, the StaSof has been the top glove among professional and amateur golfers. Why? Because it’s reliable, tried and true, and just can’t be replicated. The StaSof is truly a modern classic in the world of golf.

At the 2023 PGA Merchandise Show, we had the pleasure of chatting with Senior Product Manager of FJ Gloves, DJ Zabkar. He gave us the inside scoop on what makes the latest StaSof so darn good. Watch our full video here

“StaSof has been known for decades for its performance, durable Cabretta leather, and for being soft, thin, as well as its moisture management properties,” said Zabkar. “The new StaSof starts off with a brand new, super soft, premium Cabretta leather. In addition, we took some inspiration from our PureTouch glove.”

FootJoy StaSof Glove (palm view)
Let’s go over all of the important details of the 2023 FJ StaSof glove and why you should care about them.

An FJ StaSof glove just feels right. That premium Cabretta leather is familiar and consistent each and every round you play. With some other gloves, detailing such as stitching or even the closure can feel bulky. The StaSof feels good enough to remind you it’s there but never gets in the way.

The 2023 FJ StaSof features APL Leather which gives you a consistent fit and grip each round. There’s nothing worse than pulling your glove out and finding that it’s stiff and crunchy. That’s never the case with a StaSof glove. Whether you live in the humidity of Florida or the dry desert of Arizona, this glove withstands it all.

Too often, golf gloves can be a nuisance on those hot days on the course. How can you make a complete and committed golf swing when your hand is screaming for help? FootJoy places PowerNet meshing in strategic areas of its StaSof glove so you’ll always find it to be comfortable and purposeful thanks to the added breathability.

When you think about it, a golf glove goes on a wild ride throughout a round. It comes out of the bag, comes on and off constantly, goes in and out of your back pocket, and ultimately ends up back in your golf bag. For those reasons, the Velcro closure on many golf gloves can start to get beat up. The StaSof has an angled ComforTab Velcro closure that is snug and never pops open.

FootJoy accommodates different hand sizes better than any glove manufacturer in the game. No matter your size, they’ve got it. Whether you’re standard or cadet, right or left-handed, there’s a StaSof for you from small to 3XL.

“We want the new StaSof to be the best feeling, best fitting, softest StaSof ever,” said Zabkar.

At $26, the FootJoy StaSof is one of the best deals in the game. A premium glove at an honest price, and it just so happens to be the No. 1 glove in golf.

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