Titleist Players 4 and Players 4 StaDry Golf Bag Review
15 Mar 2021
by AmateurGolf.com Equipment Panel

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By Mike Regan - AmateurGolf.com Equipment Panel

If you use the AmateurGolf.com website, you know that we are fortunate to count Titleist as one of our longtime sponsors. They make many of the sections you rely on, including the Tournament Finder, Rankings, and Majors of Amateur Golf pages possible.

The iconic Titleist brand transcends the golf ball and club categories. When you see someone wearing a Titleist cap, you know he or she is a golfer. Titleist's scripted branding is unmistakable, especially on golf bags.

Titleist is a leader in the golf world. Whether you play at a local muni or private country club, Titleist is a beacon for top quality and performance. The thing that I like the most about Titleist? The brand talks to real golfers, takes their advice, and innovates their products accordingly.

If you know golf bags, you know that Titleist has some of the best around. If you know a little bit more about Titleist golf bags, you know that Players 4 Stand Bags are the best of what they have to offer. Today, we’re honing in on two specific models, the Players 4 Stand Bag and the Players 4 StaDry Stand Bag. They both share many features, so we will look at the basics first, then break out what makes the StaDry so good at, well, keeping your clubs and valuables dry while you get soaked (unless of course you have a FootJoy rain suit.)

The Value of a Good Bag

Golf clubs are expensive. When you buy golf clubs you want them to last for years on end. Eventually, grooves wear down and grips need replacing more than a few times. These are acceptable reasons for buying new golf clubs. Believing new clubs will fix all your problems is also an acceptable reason (the rationale is different, but hey, we get it). Having to replace your clubs due to damage sustained while carrying or transporting them is completely unacceptable. We invest thousands in our clubs—spend a couple hundred more and get a bag that will protect them. If you do not, you'll be stuck buying new clubs for all the wrong reasons.

Why a Titleist Players Stand Bag?

In recent years (the last decade or two), improvements to golf bag design and materials have blurred the lines between walking and riding bags. In many cases, the difference is hardly noticeable. Titleist Players series golf bags are designed as walking bags, but also fit comfortably on carts. One bag, many options for when you hit the links. The Titleist Players golf bag lineup is a perfect option for those who regularly rotate between the two means of getting around the course.

There are still outliers like Tour Bags that unless you’re on a Tour are downright cruel to make a caddie carry. On the flip side, Sunday bags have made a recent resurgence, but are too small for anything but a casual round at a pitch and putt course. With those, you’re forced to sacrifice the number of clubs you carry as well as extra supplies you might end up needing. Having one of these alternatives as your only option restricts you. Having a 2021 Titleist Players stand bag gives you options.

Let's take a look at some of the features and benefits of these beautiful bags, available in a number of head-turning colorways:

Easy on the Shoulders

This is a carry golf bag—you need to be able to carry it comfortably. While previous versions weren’t too tough on the shoulders, golfers that Titleist talked to thought it could get a little better. The 2021 version of the Players 4 golf bag got a major upgrade with a new premium double strap.

Support on the shoulders, support down the middle of the back. Walking 36 in a day feels like 18. Walking 9 feels like going to the range. As long as your legs (and swing) can hold up, the limit to number of holes you can play in a day is restricted only by daylight.

One thing that really stands out to me about this feature is that it attaches to the bag via buckles. This is a bag that will last multiple years, but also designed for players that play a lot of rounds per year. As such, the shoulder straps are often the first piece to go on a bag. Don’t replace the bag, replace the straps. A win-win situation.

Staying Hydrated

Even after COVID protocols are removed and water gets put back out on courses, you still need an easy to access drink pouch so that you can keep it moving. The Players 4 delivers on this front.

With a flexible top closure and ample room for larger drinks, your choice for staying hydrated will stay safe and secure. Whether you carry a Hydroflask to keep your drink cold, Gatorade for the electrolytes or the classic bottle of water, the pouch is perfectly placed between an accessories and ball pouch making it accessible at all times.

Given that golf is played during the Summer when it’s warm out, an easy to access external drink pouch is a necessity, especially for a walking bag. When you’re playing the last 5 holes in a close match (with your buddies or a bit more serious), having a good sized and easy to access drink pouch could be the difference between being able to dig deep on the last few holes and not having enough left in the tank. Again, The Players 4 and Players 4 StaDry has you covered.

Full Length Dividers

On the Players 4 and Players 4 StaDry stands bags, there are four dividers that separate your clubs. While some other golf bags only separate clubs at the top, these dividers are full length and go a long way in preventing clubs from sticking out or not going back in smoothly. Whether you’re a walker or rider, this is a key feature in keeping your clubs secure and preventing any damage.

Magnetic Accessories and Rangefinder Pocket

Titleist added a rangefinder pocket to their Players 4 golf bags a few years ago, but received some criticism from golfers who did not feel the pocket was secure enough to carry one of the most expensive golf accessories there is.

If you do not want to lose your rangefinder, and let’s be honest that’s all of us, you need a safe place to store it. With the Players 4 you have one. Thanks to a magnetic closure, you never have to worry about your rangefinder pouch popping open or a zipper wearing out. With the 2021 version of the Players 4 bag, you can carry your bag comfortably knowing that your rangefinder isn’t going anywhere.

A Pocket Just for Your Tees

There are seven pockets on each version of this bag, all of which serve a specific purpose. One of, if not the most under appreciated is the tee pocket. No one wants their pockets cluttered with extra tees that poke your hand every time you reach into your shorts or pants.

The way Titleist prevents this from becoming a problem? A tee pouch that can easily be accessed saves your fingers, prevents overcrowded pockets and takes something off a long list of things that can go wrong on a golf course.


What protects a golf bag from the elements? High quality, waterproof materials and pockets water cannot get into. In this regard, there is no better option than the Players 4 StaDry Stand Bag. If you like to carry your bag, it’s a case of the rich getting richer. Easy to carry, the capability to hold everything you need with easy access and a design that keeps your possessions dry no matter the forecast. That’s what you get with the 2021 Titleist Players 4 StaDry stand bag.


You pay for what you get in the golf world. A brand with a reputation like Titleist did not come overnight. Titleist became what it is today by consistently producing high quality products, and while they might run on the expensive side, they are a worthy investment.

We talk a little bit about investing in good protection for your golf supplies and this is another example of this. A rangefinder can’t be ruined due to water damage if it’s in a water-tight pocket (putting these in rice doesn’t quite work like it does an older cell phone). You won’t have to replace your backup golf gloves after they become drenched since they’ll avoid the water to begin with. The list goes on and on, but by choosing the bag with the best quality materials possible, you save money and aggravation in the long run.

Seam-sealed zippers

A lot of bags have materials that repel water. What makes this an all-around great option for keeping everything dry are seam-sealed zippers. While a lesser bag might ignore this design aspect, Titleist prioritizes it.

Magnetic closures, zipper closures, it doesn’t matter. Titleist Players 4 StaDry stand bags keep the elements outside your bag and your possessions safe and dry.

The StaDry Difference

Now compared to the normal Players 4 bag, the StaDry version will cost a few extra dollars. Those extra few dollars are money well spent when you’re a golfer that isn’t scared off by a little rain.

Picture this. Forecast calls for rain, it scares a lot of golfers off and there’s plenty of tee times open at your favorite course. You look at the radar and don’t think it’s going to be as bad as everyone believes. You go for it.

Well, you get there and play the front side without any trouble. As you head down the 11th hole, the skies open up and it starts to rain. You paid for 18, you’re going to get 18 in. With a normal bag, your golf supplies, cell phone, keys and wallet all get soaked. With the Players 4 StaDry Stand Bag, everything inside your bag stays dry, just as if the skies were blue and only good shots were hit that day.

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