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January 06 - 07 2019
Carlsbad, CA


Tournament Overview

The San Diego Amateur will once again return to Aviara Golf Club in Carlsbad. Once again we are going to be treated like pros at one of the best venues in Southern California, Aviara Golf Club -- as seen on TV during the LPGA's Kia Classic played in March!

Your entry fee includes 2 rounds of golf with cart, prizes, trophies for division winners, and the opportunity to play a Tour-proven golf course in a competitive setting. The San Diego Amateur is part of the SCGA player rankings.

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Format: Stroke Play
Categories: Men, Men Mid-Am, Men Senior, Women
Regions: Pacific, Southern California


Aviara Golf Club Aviara Golf Club
7447 Batiquitos Dr
Carlsbad, CA  92011-4732

Tournament News

17273145Tyler SchaferLong Beach, CA
27769146Cullen PloushaCarlsbad, CA
37576151Alex LockeWentzville, MO
37774151Krando NishibaSan Diego, CA
58073153Erick LiscioMurrieta, CA
57974153Shiryu (Leo) OyoSan Diego, CA
77579154Joshua DiazDiscovery Bay, CA
77876154Jake NewmanMission Viejo, CA
97877155Kyle MaspatSan Diego, CA
107581156Matt FryLaguna Niguel, CA
107977156Andrew WidjajaChino Hills, CA
128474158Jack SperlingFresno, CA
138178159RJ CesarioSan Marcos, CA
147487161Jake ElliottTrabuco Canyon, CA
148576161Sebastian WinfieldMurrieta, CA
167984163Connor O'HernTustin , CA
178580165Quentin HillLaguna Beach, CA
178481165Cameron MarshallRamona, CA
178679165Jack ZiltzPhoenix, AZ
208581166James JohnsonWalnut, CA
218979168Cole DorfmanSan Diego, CA
218187168Lawrence Youngcoto de caza, CA
239179170Brett RobinsonTustin, CA
248788175Matt WezniakCarlsbad, CA
25DQDQJamie CheathamRancho Santa Fe, CA
17771148Forbes Collins IILake Forest, CA
27673149Redmond LyonsSan Francisco, CA
38372155Chris HunterBillings, MT
48078158Chris DonnellySan Diego , CA
58082162Kyle RectorPhoenix, AZ
68578163Dustin GornikSan Diego, CA
78084164Kyle HaasRancho Cucamonga, CA
88089169Haydon BogardFullerton, CA
98685171Mikey BrownSan Diego, CA
109084174Matt Marchand SAN DIEGO, CA
1189NCNCRamzi KhaledVisalia, CA
Senior Championship
17176147Jeff BrittonCarmel, CA
27479153Nicholas BockTustin, CA
27776153Michael HardingEncinitas, CA
47777154Gene WalshSan Diego, CA
57778155Steve DonnellySalinas, CA
58075155David OasCarlsbad, CA
58372155Jim ReamCerritos, CA
87680156Michael HoranMurrieta, CA
87878156Edward SusolikNewport Beach, CA
108176157Charley BlackTemecula, CA
118078158Michael MurphyOakland, CA
118177158David UjiharaBrea, CA
138277159Cyrus WhitneyOro Valley, AZ
148476160Don EklundSan Diego, CA
147882160Stephen FriendTorrance, CA
167983162Niclas LuthmanCarlsbad, CA
168577162Pete WlodkowskiSan Diego, CA
188481165Jay MarschallBozeman, MT
198584169Vic CalicchiaCarlsbad, CA
198485169Bobby ForsterHuntington Beach, CA
218783170Frank CensulloVista, CA
218684170Ian LindsayDel Mar, CA
238992181John StegerAltadena, CA
2482NCNCMark MillerMarina, CA
17269141Dorothy DonnellySalinas, CA
27571146Chris LaddSanta Rosa, CA
38072152Ernest NewlunPomona, CA
47581156Korsen YuSanta Cruz, CA
58179160Joe MillerVista, CA
68082162Frank AngeloMoraga, CA
17771148Jaime JacobEncinitas, CA
27477151April RanchesSan Diego, CA
37975154Georgia LaceyDel mar, CA
47778155Daniela AnastasiLa Jolla, CA
57878156Tori JamesLafayette, CA
57779156Brianna StegerALTADENA, CA
78275157Macey MillsBakersfield, CA
88278160Christina TrujilloVisalia, CA
98181162Zoe WalkerVinemont, AL
108380163Marie DeanMontrose, CA
118183164Jackie WhiteleyPullman, WA

Pairings for Round 2 on Monday January 7 follow.

Tee #10A 11:45 AM
Nicholas BockTustin, CASenior Championship
Jeff BrittonCarmel, CASenior Championship
Michael HoranMurrieta, CASenior Championship
Tee #10B 11:45 AM
Joshua DiazDiscovery Bay, CAChampionship
Jake ElliottTrabuco Canyon, CAChampionship
Tyler SchaferLong Beach, CAChampionship
Tee #11A 11:45 AM
Niclas LuthmanCarlsbad, CASenior Championship
Michael MurphyOakland, CASenior Championship
David OasCarlsbad, CASenior Championship
Tee #11B 11:45 AM
Steve DonnellySalinas, CASenior Championship
Stephen FriendTorrance, CASenior Championship
Edward SusolikNewport Beach, CASenior Championship
Gene WalshSan Diego, CASenior Championship
Tee #12A 11:45 AM
Charley BlackTemecula, CASenior Championship
Don EklundSan Diego, CASenior Championship
Jay MarschallBozeman, MTSenior Championship
Tee #13A 11:45 AM
Mikey BrownSan Diego, CAMid-Amateur
Dustin GornikSan Diego, CAMid-Amateur
Kyle RectorPhoenix, AZMid-Amateur
Tee #13B 11:45 AM
Michael HardingEncinitas, CASenior Championship
David UjiharaBrea, CASenior Championship
Cyrus WhitneyOro Valley, AZSenior Championship
Tee #14A 11:45 AM
Bobby ForsterHuntington Beach, CASenior Championship
Jim ReamCerritos, CASenior Championship
Pete WlodkowskiSan Diego, CASenior Championship
Tee #1A 11:45 AM
Brett RobinsonTustin, CAChampionship
Jack SperlingFresno, CAChampionship
Matt WezniakCarlsbad, CAChampionship
Sebastian WinfieldMurrieta, CAChampionship
Tee #2A 11:45 AM
Cole DorfmanSan Diego, CAChampionship
James JohnsonWalnut, CAChampionship
Jack ZiltzPhoenix, AZChampionship
Tee #2B 11:45 AM
Vic CalicchiaCarlsbad, CASenior Championship
Frank CensulloVista, CASenior Championship
Ian LindsayDel Mar, CASenior Championship
John StegerAltadena, CASenior Championship
Tee #3A 11:45 AM
RJ CesarioSan Marcos, CAChampionship
Quentin HillLaguna Beach, CAChampionship
Cameron MarshallRamona, CAChampionship
Lawrence Youngcoto de caza, CAChampionship
Tee #4A 11:45 AM
Kyle HaasRancho Cucamonga, CAMid-Amateur
Chris HunterBillings, MTMid-Amateur
Matt Marchand SAN DIEGO, CAMid-Amateur
Tee #5A 11:45 AM
Tori JamesLafayette, CAWomen
Georgia LaceyDel mar, CAWomen
Zoe WalkerVinemont, ALWomen
Tee #5B 11:45 AM
Daniela AnastasiLa Jolla, CAWomen
Jaime JacobEncinitas, CAWomen
April RanchesSan Diego, CAWomen
Brianna StegerALTADENA, CAWomen
Tee #6A 11:45 AM
Frank AngeloMoraga, CANet
Joe MillerVista, CANet
Ernest NewlunPomona, CANet
Tee #6B 11:45 AM
Marie DeanMontrose, CAWomen
Macey MillsBakersfield, CAWomen
Christina TrujilloVisalia, CAWomen
Jackie WhiteleyPullman, WAWomen
Tee #7A 11:45 AM
Dorothy DonnellySalinas, CANet
Chris LaddSanta Rosa, CANet
Korsen YuSanta Cruz, CANet
Tee #8A 11:45 AM
Jake NewmanMission Viejo, CAChampionship
Connor O'HernTustin , CAChampionship
Shiryu (Leo) OyoSan Diego, CAChampionship
Tee #8B 11:45 AM
Haydon BogardFullerton, CAMid-Amateur
Chris DonnellySan Diego , CAMid-Amateur
Erick LiscioMurrieta, CAChampionship
Andrew WidjajaChino Hills, CAChampionship
Tee #9A 11:45 AM
Matt FryLaguna Niguel, CAChampionship
Alex LockeWentzville, MOChampionship
Redmond LyonsSan Francisco, CAMid-Amateur
Tee #9B 11:45 AM
Forbes Collins IILake Forest, CAMid-Amateur
Kyle MaspatSan Diego, CAChampionship
Krando NishibaSan Diego, CAChampionship
Cullen PloushaCarlsbad, CAChampionship

RJ CesarioSan Marcos, CA
Jamie CheathamRancho Santa Fe, CA
Joshua DiazDiscovery Bay, CA
Cole DorfmanSan Diego, CA
Jake ElliottTrabuco Canyon, CA
Matt FryLaguna Niguel, CA
Quentin HillLaguna Beach, CA
James JohnsonWalnut, CA
Erick LiscioMurrieta, CA
Alex LockeWentzville, MO
Cameron MarshallRamona, CA
Kyle MaspatSan Diego, CA
Jake NewmanMission Viejo, CA
Krando NishibaSan Diego, CA
Connor O'HernTustin , CA
Shiryu (Leo) OyoSan Diego, CA
Cullen PloushaCarlsbad, CA
Brett RobinsonTustin, CA
Tyler SchaferLong Beach, CA
Jack SperlingFresno, CA
Matt WezniakCarlsbad, CA
Andrew WidjajaChino Hills, CA
Sebastian WinfieldMurrieta, CA
Lawrence Youngcoto de caza, CA
Jack ZiltzPhoenix, AZ
Haydon BogardFullerton, CA
Mikey BrownSan Diego, CA
Forbes Collins IILake Forest, CA
Chris DonnellySan Diego , CA
Dustin GornikSan Diego, CA
Kyle HaasRancho Cucamonga, CA
Chris HunterBillings, MT
Ramzi KhaledVisalia, CA
Redmond LyonsSan Francisco, CA
Matt Marchand SAN DIEGO, CA
Kyle RectorPhoenix, AZ
Senior Championship
Charley BlackTemecula, CA
Nicholas BockTustin, CA
Jeff BrittonCarmel, CA
Vic CalicchiaCarlsbad, CA
Frank CensulloVista, CA
Steve DonnellySalinas, CA
Don EklundSan Diego, CA
Bobby ForsterHuntington Beach, CA
Stephen FriendTorrance, CA
Michael HardingEncinitas, CA
Michael HoranMurrieta, CA
Ian LindsayDel Mar, CA
Niclas LuthmanCarlsbad, CA
Jay MarschallBozeman, MT
Mark MillerMarina, CA
Michael MurphyOakland, CA
David OasCarlsbad, CA
Jim ReamCerritos, CA
John StegerAltadena, CA
Edward SusolikNewport Beach, CA
David UjiharaBrea, CA
Gene WalshSan Diego, CA
Cyrus WhitneyOro Valley, AZ
Pete WlodkowskiSan Diego, CA
Frank AngeloMoraga, CA
Dorothy DonnellySalinas, CA
Chris LaddSanta Rosa, CA
Joe MillerVista, CA
Ernest NewlunPomona, CA
Korsen YuSanta Cruz, CA
Daniela AnastasiLa Jolla, CA
Marie DeanMontrose, CA
Jaime JacobEncinitas, CA
Tori JamesLafayette, CA
Georgia LaceyDel mar, CA
Macey MillsBakersfield, CA
April RanchesSan Diego, CA
Brianna StegerALTADENA, CA
Christina TrujilloVisalia, CA
Zoe WalkerVinemont, AL
Jackie WhiteleyPullman, WA

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Contact Information

Brandie Hammontree, Tournament Coordinator, Inc.
6965 El Camino Real #105-631
Carlsbad, CA 92009

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