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December 21 - 22 2013
Carmel, CA


Tournament Overview

The Tour Championship is now open to all players who satisfy the handicap requirements. Join one of four fields, including scratch, senior scratch, and net competition. NOTE: Tee times are 11:30am shotgun on Saturday, and 8:00am shotgun on Sunday.

The Tour Championship is an official "NCGA Points" and "Senior Points" event.

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Format: Stroke Play
Categories: Men, Men Senior, Women
Regions: Northern California, Southern California


Quail Lodge Golf Club Quail Lodge Golf Club
8000 Valley Greens Dr
Carmel, CA  93923-9515
phone: (831) 620-8808 or (888) 828-8787

Tournament News

16869137Luke VivoloCarmel, CA
27069139Evan McLeodPebble Beach, CA
37269141Shintaro BanSan Jose, CA
47272144Sebastian CramptonPacific Grove, CA
47371144Niles WrightLONG BEACH, CA
67274146Joey RussoMonterey, CA
67472146Sunny YanMonterey, CA
87671147Brandon MaiPoway, CA
87869147Nicolas NoyaSouth San Francisco, CA
107375148Joe HustonMonterey, CA
117475149Bradley PeilRescue, CA
117673149Austin RobertsCarmichael, CA
137476150David OberRiverside, CA
147873151David LaskinElk Grove, CA
147675151Nicholas SimmonsCarmel, CA
167382155Ryan KnopLos Angeles, CA
167976155Mathew PotterLa Mesa, CA
187977156Peter DavisonWest Hartford, CT
198377160Jacob DexterGilroy, CA
207984163Eric CondryFresno, CA
218183164Uri NievesFairfield, CA
228784171Brandon HughesPacific Grove, CA
23wdwdJustin GohSan Francisco, CA
2381wdwdDave RathjenSan Jose, CA
Senior Championship
17376149Jeff BrittonCarmel, CA
27677153Kenny MillerNipomo, CA
38371154Pete WlodkowskiSan Diego, CA
48077157Ken NoonanPacific Grove, CA
57880158Kevin GaughanDanville, CA
68377160Michael DonovanPebble Beach, CA
783wdwdPat CowellIndian Wells, CA
17875153Vincent SteeleConcord, CA
27979158Chris LaddSanta Rosa, CA
38178159Lyle CovinoBrisbane, CA
48283165Scott CarelliMenlo Park, CA
48382165Bart GoldieMill Valley, CA

Pairings for Round 2 on Sunday December 22 follow.

Tee #10A 08:30 AM
Shintaro BanSan Jose, CAChampionship
Evan McLeodPebble Beach, CAChampionship
Joey RussoMonterey, CAChampionship
Luke VivoloCarmel, CAChampionship
Tee #11A 08:30 AM
David LaskinElk Grove, CAChampionship
Nicolas NoyaSouth San Francisco, CAChampionship
Austin RobertsCarmichael, CAChampionship
Nicholas SimmonsCarmel, CAChampionship
Tee #11B 08:30 AM
Sebastian CramptonPacific Grove, CAChampionship
Joe HustonMonterey, CAChampionship
Ryan KnopLos Angeles, CAChampionship
Niles WrightLONG BEACH, CAChampionship
Tee #12A 08:30 AM
Jacob DexterGilroy, CAChampionship
Brandon HughesPacific Grove, CAChampionship
Uri NievesFairfield, CAChampionship
Tee #12B 08:30 AM
Brandon MaiPoway, CAChampionship
David OberRiverside, CAChampionship
Bradley PeilRescue, CAChampionship
Sunny YanMonterey, CAChampionship
Tee #13A 08:30 AM
Michael DonovanPebble Beach, CASenior Championship
Bart GoldieMill Valley, CANet
Pete WlodkowskiSan Diego, CASenior Championship
Tee #13B 08:30 AM
Jeff BrittonCarmel, CASenior Championship
Kevin GaughanDanville, CASenior Championship
Kenny MillerNipomo, CASenior Championship
Ken NoonanPacific Grove, CASenior Championship
Tee #14A 08:30 AM
Scott CarelliMenlo Park, CANet
Lyle CovinoBrisbane, CANet
Chris LaddSanta Rosa, CANet
Vincent SteeleConcord, CANet
Tee #14B 08:30 AM
Eric CondryFresno, CAChampionship
Peter DavisonWest Hartford, CTChampionship
Mathew PotterLa Mesa, CAChampionship

Shintaro BanSan Jose, CA
Eric CondryFresno, CA
Sebastian CramptonPacific Grove, CA
Peter DavisonWest Hartford, CT
Jacob DexterGilroy, CA
Justin GohSan Francisco, CA
Brandon HughesPacific Grove, CA
Joe HustonMonterey, CA
Ryan KnopLos Angeles, CA
David LaskinElk Grove, CA
Brandon MaiPoway, CA
Evan McLeodPebble Beach, CA
Uri NievesFairfield, CA
Nicolas NoyaSouth San Francisco, CA
David OberRiverside, CA
Bradley PeilRescue, CA
Mathew PotterLa Mesa, CA
Dave RathjenSan Jose, CA
Austin RobertsCarmichael, CA
Joey RussoMonterey, CA
Nicholas SimmonsCarmel, CA
Luke VivoloCarmel, CA
Niles WrightLONG BEACH, CA
Sunny YanMonterey, CA
Senior Championship
Jeff BrittonCarmel, CA
Pat CowellIndian Wells, CA
Michael DonovanPebble Beach, CA
Kevin GaughanDanville, CA
Kenny MillerNipomo, CA
Ken NoonanPacific Grove, CA
Pete WlodkowskiSan Diego, CA
Scott CarelliMenlo Park, CA
Lyle CovinoBrisbane, CA
Bart GoldieMill Valley, CA
Chris LaddSanta Rosa, CA
Vincent SteeleConcord, CA

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Quail Lodge Resort
8000 Valley Greens Dr.
Carmel, CA 93923

Quail Lodge & Golf Club's Carmel Valley accommodations include 77 guestrooms and 14 suites featuring spacious California Ranch style d├ęcor including hardwood floors and a balcony or patio. Choose from accommodations with either a king bed or 2 queen beds that feature pillow top mattresses and sumptuous duvets. Included in all rooms are complimentary high-speed wireless Internet access, complimentary continental breakfast and overnight guest parking. Room amenities include an oversized bathroom, iPod docking station, and a premium coffee maker with complimentary coffee and tea. All accommodations are non-smoking.

Contact Information

Brandie Hammontree, Tournament Coordinator, Inc.
6965 El Camino Real #105-631
Carlsbad, CA 92009

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6965 El Camino Real 105-631
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